how to do handstands

Working out is good for you, not only for your health, but also for your general well being as well.

However, just the thought of hitting the gym on a daily basis can be a put off for many people, considering the fact that physical exercises are somewhat draining.

In addition, you have to keep up with the monthly subscription at the gym to enjoy unlimited access to workout equipment.

Nevertheless, do you know that you can keep fit without necessarily going to the gym? Indeed, you can save yourself from all the hassle by working out at the comfort of your home or even the office.

All you need to do is select one of the best gymnastic tumbling mats from your favorite sports store and you are good to go.

Wondering what next? Well, you can start out with handstands before moving to other advanced workout routines.

So what are handstands?

Just as the name suggests, a handstand is an act of supporting your body in an inverted position.

Essentially, you have to balance on your hands with your feet in the air or against a supporting wall.

Handstands are a common act among gymnasts and yoga enthusiasts, but they can be performed by anyone regardless of age or body size.

They offer a great workout alternative, especially if you want to strengthen your core muscles and energize your body without lifting weights.


Handstand Techniques and Strategies

Doing handstands is an act that you can learn and perfect at home without the input of an expert. You just need to have self-confidence that you can actually do it, to pull it off effectively.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to perform your first handstand.

Step 1: Firstly, look for a wall that will offer you sufficient support when attempting your first move.

Additionally, the area should have plenty of ample space, with no obstacles around. Also, make sure your gymnastics tumbling mat is well in place to offer you protection.


In case you hit the floor while trying your first headstand, it is advisable to engage an instructor or seek

support from an expert.

Step 2: Move four or five feet away from the wall, place your hands up in the air then lunge forward while placing your hands on the floor and your feet on the wall one at a time.

Make sure you are one foot away from the wall to give you ample space to move your feet appropriately.

Step 3: Work on your body position by tightening your stomach muscles and keeping your legs straight.

Preferably, your toes should point towards the ceiling while your shoulders and arms ought to be fully extended.

Nevertheless, do not stick your head out to avoid losing your balance.

Step 4: Repeat step 1 to 3 severally until you get it right. After enough practice, try performing a handstand without the support of a wall.

The secret to executing a perfect handstand is to avoid being nervous. Always ooze the confidence of a professional, and you will be on your way to greatness within no time.

Safety Tips

Just like any other workout routine, handstands come with various risks, especially for beginners. You may fall over several times and get injured if you are not careful enough.

For this reason, it is advisable that you take precautionary measures before trying out this yoga, workout routine.

Below are a few safety tips to help you perform handstands safely

  • Stretch your wrists frequently to avoid spraining your hand
  • Pregnant women should not perform handstands
  • Newbies are advised to practice in pairs, or in the company of an expert. This helps in minimizing accidents

Benefits of doing handstands

    Boosts Your Mental Health

      Balancing in an inverted position sends blood to the brain, subsequently relieving stress and improving mental clarity.

      Seemingly, when blood flows to the brain, it stimulates the adrenal glands and slows the production of stress hormones, thereby producing a calming effect.

      This effect will not only enhance your moods but also re-energize your body as you tackle everyday challenges.


        It Helps to Enhance Your Physical Strength

          Handstands enhance your energy and build your core strength. It improves your body muscles, spinal cord, hamstrings and hip flexors, giving you the much-needed strength for a well-balanced body.

          If performed correctly, your body’s resilience will also increase significantly, allowing you to carry out heavy tasks effortlessly.

            Increases Your Balance

              Besides building core strength, handstands increase your body balance for various situations.

              Free standing handstands, in particular, require you to make small adjustments to find the perfect balance in order to avoid falling over.

              In addition, your body will become flexible and you will have full control over your muscles, for physically demanding tasks.

                4. Improves Blood Circulation, Breathing and Help in Bone Health

                  Handstands help to improve breathing and blood circulation.

                  In essence, they stimulate the endocrine system, which is responsible for breathing, blood circulation, metabolism, tissue development and repair and other bodily functions.

                  You will be able to breathe better even in high altitude areas. Furthermore, the fact that you will have stronger bones makes you less susceptible to disorders such as osteoporosis and arthritis.

                    Boosts your Self-Confidence

                      Interestingly, doing handstands plays a key role in boosting your spirituality and self-esteem.

                      By performing handstands regularly, you will have the confidence to tackle any daring routine without fear.

                      Furthermore, performing yoga poses that involve handstands also improves your awareness and builds your connection to the spirit world.

                      Bottom line

                      As technical as they might seem to be, handstands are very easy to learn.

                      You do not have to be a gymnast to do a handstand, as it is one of the easiest yoga poses that you can learn by yourself at home.

                      With a little bit of practice and proper guidance, you too can balance on your hands like a legendary Olympian. Try it today and let us know how it goes!

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