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Get That Bikini Body Ready

Summer is finally here! We all know what that means, it's time to slip into our favorite bikinis. While summer is the season of relaxation, some of us stress about what to do in order to to look good in our teeny bikinis. Each year the trend seems to angle towards smaller and smaller bikinis. Full coverage bikini bottoms are a thing of the past, cheeky bikinis have taken over. So how do you keep up with the trends and get your body ready for these itsy bitsy bikinis? 

Time To Squat

Squats are always the answer. Squats are the perfect way to get your body toned and make your leg and butt muscles look stellar in any bikini, especially super cheeky ones. Squatting on the daily is is the perfect way to keep your hip joints healthy while shaping a flawless bikini body. Squats are more complicated than you would think. There are countless different techniques and ways to squat.


Switching up the types of squats you do can actually work more muscles at different angles, getting you toned all over. Having a variety of squats in your workout routine is a sure way to get your thighs and butt looking better than ever. Before you go squat crazy, remember to check your stance, put pressure on your core, keep your head and spine straight, and sit back

Our Favorite Techniques

Body Weight Squat

No gym needed! Squatting just your body weight is awesome because you can literally do them anywhere. There are no excuses for not doing body weight squats. Start by aligning your feet with your hips, and then squat down until you have reached a 90 degree angle (sitting position) then push yourself up to standing position. The most important thing to remember for this squat is to keep your back straight.


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Dumbbell Squat

Grab your dumbbells, it time to get toned. Get into basic squat position. Hold your dumbbell vertically so that you can grab the top weight of your dumbbell with both of your hands. Put pressure in your core, then squat down to a 90 degree angle. Test yourself by trying to hold this position as long as you can before you push back to standing position. 


Inner Thigh Squat

 For this squat, your feet need to be more spread out. Position your feet further than hip length apart and angle your feet outward. Make sure to keep your back straight. Now you going to bend your knees at an outward angle which tones your inner thighs significantly. If you really want to feel the burn, this is a perfect squat to do with weights or dumbbells!


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Double Dumbbell Squat

Now you need not one, but two dumbbells. Hold the dumbbells with your arms relaxed at your side and your palms inward. Put your right foot in front of your left, a stride lengths apart, and then lower your body as far as you can. Then push back up quickly, switch legs, and start over. 

Get creative when doing your squat routine. The best thing to do is mix it up and have fun with it. A good idea would be to add intervals of cardio in between squat sets. Maybe do twenty body weight  squats go for a five minute run and then do another twenty inner thigh squats. Keep in mind that the best workout plans are those that increase in duration and intensity as time progresses. To see huge results increase the amount of squats you do each day. By following a workout routine with squats and eating right, you'll love the way you look in your bikini this season.