History's Greatest Swimsuit Models

Sports Illustrated first came out in 1964. Since then it has grown and become to one of the most popular swimsuit magazines in the world featuring over 120 models and celebrities. Here are the top Sports Illustrated top Swimsuit Models of all times.

Kate Upton

In truth, Kate Upton is easily one of the sexiest women in stardom. She is way beyond the casual understanding of 21st Century concept of beauty. She has been variously and severally referred to as the "sexiest woman alive. She is ranked among the highest on the list of Sports Illustrated's top 10 Swimsuit models. Upton appeared with her striking looks and remarkable body on the last two Swimsuit issues. Her young age is a great advantage that will provide the leverage she needs in her obviously great future as a renowned model.
A few cynics believe that Kate Upton went under the knife to improve the appearance of her bust, but the rumors have not subtracted from her growing fame.

Paulina Porizkova

Paulina Porizkova's journey as a model of international acclaim began with the innocent efforts of her photographer friend way back in 1980. The manager of Elite Modeling Agency, John Casablancas was greatly impressed by Porizkova's photos when her friend sent them to the agency. 1984 and 1985 proved to be the best years in Porizkova career following a rare consecutive appearance on Sports Illustrated. She proved that her great moments in stardom were not by fluke when she continued decorating the flashy covers of other magazines with her infectious smile, pretty face, and a great figure that shows in her swimwear. Porizkova has transformed into a great woman with a very bold approach on Hollywood beauty standards. She declared her aversion towards plastic surgery when she attacked fellow models, Heidi Montag and Kate Upton for allegedly opting for plastic surgery to enhance their looks. Some tabloids have attempted to associate her with a nose job in the past. There might be no good cause to doubt her sincerity but the grapevine never yields easily.

Bar Refaeli

Refaeli's journey as a model was prepared and paved with the influence of her mother, Tzipi Levine, who was also a celebrated model in her own right. She basks in the glory of a pioneer, as she is the first Israeli model to appear on any Swimsuit Illustrated Issue. The 29-year-old made her maiden appearance in 2007. She is considered as one of the brightest stars in the modeling fraternity due to the numerous campaigns she has led. Refaeli has a marvelous charm and a body that fits perfectly into Hollywood's conventions of beauty. The remarkable fame she has earned is only diminished by some rumors of a nose job and a possible boob surgery. She is yet to come out plainly on the speculations, but critics and supporters are still pulling on all directions about the matter. Nonetheless, she enjoys every great moment that comes with inching closer to the helm of stardom.

Christie Brinkley

Climbing and staying on the highest rungs of Swimsuit fame is not for the weak. Brinkley showed a streak of consistency three times when she appeared on Swimsuit Illustrated not once but three times in a row. She colored the pages of the magazine between 1979 and 1981. In many respects, she is considered a trailblazer because of the way she fits so easily in her swimwear. Brinkley has an enormous appetite for traveling, and loves to enjoy great photography moments on pristine beaches around the world. Her toned body is partly the result of her vegetarian diet and strict adherence to a fitness program. Like many other former models, the mother of three has never won the war of rumors of plastic surgery. She still struggles with allegations of Botox treatment and rhinoplasty, which critics think helped to improve her looks. However, she takes great pride in her lovely face and an astonishing body, which many women of her age would envy.

Brooklyn Decker

Brooklyn Decker impressed the world with her fine assets when she appeared on the Swimsuit Illustrated in 2006. As if that was not enough, she maintained her impression on the magazine for six consecutive issues. Many analysts and celebrity watchers often reserve very lofty adjectives to describe the astonishing combination of her pretty face and figure. She has a near-perfect bikini body and does not mind to flaunt some cleavage and curvy body. Her slim body and a bra size of 36DD have always attracted mixed reactions from the celebrity world. The grapevine believes that Decker went under the knife to increase the size of her boobs, but she has always counted on the love and support of her fans to brush aside such rumors.

Cheryl Tiegs

The 67-year-old Tiegs has always hogged the limelight for many marvelous reasons. She is roundly considered as one of the greatest news to have happened in the fabulous world of modeling. In fact, Tiegs is considered as the ideal supermodel. She is a great mother of three and seem to have mastered the art of holding tight to her beauty. Tiegs has retained much of the splendor that thrust her to stardom. Her great looks have earned her three Swimwear appearances. She has also been covered by other celebrity magazines. Over the times, Tiegs has fought rumors of cheek implants and breast surgery, although some of her ardent supporters believe that years of proper dieting and regular exercises have played a big role in keeping her in perfect shape.