A well- shaped hot physique is not worth until it is shown off to the world. One of Hollywood’s hottest celebrity beach bodies are possessed by the ones who are bold enough to show to the world what they’ve got. These hot celebrities have been in the center of controversy in various plastic surgery blogs. And whether it’s due to pure work of nature or a successful plastic procedure, the tantalizing shapes and curves have truly driven us crazy. A list of the most appealing beach bodies belonging to Hollywood is summed up by us. These are the exotic celebrities from Hollywood who have been alluring us with their exquisite looks on the beaches.

Katy Perry

Katy Perry’s offstage sizzle is a lot more magnetic than her onstage charm. With an ideal beach body, this celeb shows off her perfect curves whenever she gets a chance to portray her hotter side. Her attractive looks have always made the hearts of millions skip a beat. Counted amongst the sexiest women on earth, Katy Perry continues to top the charts for the hottest celebrity beach bodies.


Jennifer Lawrence

Soaking up the sun in a high end two piece brazilian style string bikini while on a beach, this actress has all the rights of being called an attention grabber. Lawrence is an example of an attitude meets beauty. This lady is bold enough to flaunt a designer bikini with utmost accuracy of her curves. She is bound to be making a place amongst the hottest celebrity beach bodies Hollywood possesses. 

Michelle Lewin

This fitness model from Venezuela is fantastic muscular beauty as is revealed from her innumerable photo shoots. Her ABS grabs all the attention as she shows them off while in a high end bikini. The amount of hard work this lady puts in for that hot body can be easily witnessed through her perfect curves and captivating muscles at the right places. Michelle Lewin is rightly one of the hottest celebrity beach bodies of Hollywood. 


Zoe Kravitz

Zoe Kravitz is a busy talented actress and singer. But whenever she gets that bit of time for herself while touring the most beautiful beaches around the world, she does not let go off the opportunity to flaunt what she has got. Her hotness pours out from her curves when witnessed in a brazilian bikini. This singing sensation is an ultimate charmer when it comes to showing off a perfect body. She is indeed one of Hollywood’s hottest celebrity beach bodies.