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    (Frankie Bikini Coco Bottom Print in Hamptons Color)


    Bikini season is quickly approaching, and it's time to start getting an idea in what you want to be wearing on the beach this year. There are so many options to choose from that sometimes just the sheer number of them can be really hard to take in. A lot of women and teens go shopping with fellow girlfriends that they think will be able to help them pick a flattering style, and while that happens to a lot of teens (on which every style looks amazing), women over the age of 18 can sometimes find it hard to find the perfect one. In fact, with all the options out there today, there is sure to be a style that flatters all kinds of body shapes, but the hardest part is picking through all the wrong ones. You need someone that is professionally good at this kind of thing, right? Never fear, we are here to help you through the tough decisions by providing you with our expertise on one of the newest, hottest styles our there this season. One of these amazing options is the brand new, explosive line of bikinis by the young and talented owner, Francesca Aiello, called Frankie's Bikinis.


    This sparkling new company has been breathing some fresh air into the world of bikinis with the use of social media. Since Francesca is only 18, social media is the perfect way for her to spread her business. Interested customers are all over the internet via social media and it is very easy to share ideas that you like through it. As well, Francesca has the right tools to make sure her products get out into the world. Not only is this not an excellent way to get her products out into the world, it is also an amazing way to make sure that everyone knows when there is a Frankie's Bikini sale.

    (Frankies Bikinis Ocean Side Available in Blue as Well)

    Francesca Aiello has the unique approach in designing swimsuits that are entirely seamless to make the suit more comfortable and not itchy in those awkward places. In this way, we can see how she aims to make her swimsuits comfortable enough that you can wear them as normal clothes, which a lot of teens do that live near the beach in the hot months. Her goal is to make them totally comfortable so that you'll want to be wearing them all year around.

    Perhaps the best part about Frankys Bikinis is that she knows the way into her customer's hearts. Not only does she provide many styles that you find on our website here at Bikini Luxe, but also understands that they need to be of high quality spandex and nylon that is sure to hold up for the most sporty wearer. All of Francesca's styles are meant to support her surfing lifestyle, and she ensures that they will not lose their stretch or “movability” over time. After all, for some of us, buying a bikini can be an investment, even if they aren't a lot of money. The idea is that we don't always want to go through the struggle of finding a new one every year. For this reason, the styles are versatile and, though they cater to the fashionable styles of the time, they can also be considered a classic style as a bikini won't go out of fashion.

    (Frankies Bikini Kaia top & bottom in Chambray)

    As mentioned, the best part of these suits is that they are meant to actually move around in, and not just lie in the sun, though they're great for that, too. Frankie's bikini style is versatile and easily integrated into any interested customer's wardrobe due to these wonderful features. Basically, when looking at all the options, picking out the right swimsuit is easy.

    So, now that you're all excited about all of the possibilities that these new and diverse bikinis may offer the buyer of any shape and size, I bet you're wondering about how you can get a look at these wonderful pieces, right? Well, luckily for you, our loyal customers, we are dedicated to bringing you exactly what you want. This is why we offer a selection of Frankis Bikinis on our website for you to choose from. The best part? They come with a promo code on Frankie's Bikinis. This is to make them as accessible to our wonderful, driven customers, as possible. It also means that you can look around freely with this high end bikinis and maybe even get a couple sets that you can mix and match with out awesome coupons. Let's take a look and see what we're going to have to offer you for this coming summer.


    (Franky Bikini Marina Top & Bikini Bottom in Lava Red)


    Almost at the Frankie Bikini Discount Code, If you Made it This Far Read On!

    The first of the styles is the Koa top in the Hamptons style. This excellent top is really unique and full of patterns that are sure to catch the eye of the beholder you desire. The top is really unique and is sure to stay in place. Leaving a lose “net” for the chest to bounce and breathe in, the wearer can rest assured that everything will be staying exactly where it is supposed to. The unique neckline allows for an equally unique style that may interest those who don't like the typical bikini neckline. Also available from Bikini Luxe, is the Coco bottom prints also in the Hamptons style. This combined with the top above will make a killer, original look that is sure to get the attention you deserve on the beach. These bottoms are sure to make your lower half look great with a unique cut, and a low waist line to allow for lower tan lines, and more skin to be shown. They also accentuate those narrow hips and the body you worked hard for. After all, a bikini is all about looking your best, so go ahead and show your stuff.

    The next excellent set that we plan on bringing to our extensive store, is a discounted price on the lovely Oceanside top and matching bottom, both in a beautiful Catalina blue that is sure to make heads turn. This majestic colour makes anyone look good and it will give you a real summer flair as you walk along the beach and find matching hues in the deep waters. The bottom shows the perfect amount of skin for those who are looking for the sexy appearance, and it also easy to wear if you need to wrap up in a sundress. The lines would be minimal under a cover up, which is always great for wearing swimsuits on the move. Using the Frankie's Bikinis discount code, there will be plenty of money left in the bank so that you can get a great cover up to go with it, be it out of necessity, or just something that's fun to wear. That's the joy of a bikini, you can wear anything with it, and still look like a super model! This set is a must have, and at its low price, how can you say no to that?

    As we continue on down the line of our offerings, it's important to remember that all of our pieces are the exact same quality of Frankie's Bikinis because they are literally the same suits, we're just retailing them. The difference between getting them directly from Frankie's is that our website is dedicated to giving you the lowest price possible, by using multiple discount coupons, promo codes, and sales. This is how we treat our customers, because you are the reason that we're still in business. Right, now that we've got that all squared away, let's get back to our options.


    (Frankies Kaia Bikini Top & Bottom in Chambray)

    Next, is the Kai top and bottom, both offered in Chambray. This colour is great for keeping the sun reflecting off of you while letting you tan on the beach. Some of you may be thinking, “wait a minute, it's white and that means it'll be see through,” but remember, these are high end suits that have been engineered to ensure that nothing is showing that isn't supposed to be, so your coverage fears are safe with us. What makes this suit top so original and amazing is that the lacing on the back will ensure that the straps stay on your shoulders, without having to worry about getting your hair stuck in them! The fabric is soft and smooth so the hair just flows over it and leaves your fashion statement in peace. The bottom is also an excellent choice, as it provides plenty of coverage to prevent sunburns on those sensitive spots, as well as an excellent cut that helps you strut your stuff and make an impression. The best element about these two pieces is that it provides a suit for those of us that are more comfortable fading into the background without wearing “granny suits”.

    For those wearers are ready for the bold and exciting choices, we at Bikini Luxe bring you the Marina top and bottom in the energizing Lava red colour. This choice is great for those that just need colour and lots of it on the beach, and this is one of the best style options, too, which is already looking great. This style is perfect for those that don't want a lot of strings or “frills” or anything other than a nice, plain bikini. The only ornamentation – which adds to the piece without making it full of extra features that may annoy some wearers – is the interesting weaving of the straps on the back. This will make sure that the straps stay perfectly in place, which is great for those that are wearing them often and want to be able to move around without something falling down or coming off entirely. The bright colour will be great for luring in the younger demographic, which will also mean that moms and dads will be happy because they'll be easily spotted on a crowded beach with this colour. It is not extremely revealing, so this too will appeal to concerned parents.

    (Frankies Bikini Kalani Top & Bottom also available in Jet Black)

    The last of our wonderful available options at this time is the Kalani top and bottom that is sure to make your heart warmer just at the sight of this beach-ready outfit. We offer this in Jet black, a colour that many women seem to love over all the others. As always, black is forgiving on those bodies that aren't quite as skinny as we'd like, as well as the fact that it draws the attention of others due to the dark hue in a world of bright colours. Whether you are a fan of black or not, this suit may change your mind. The three straps at the back of this top are sure to keep the suit in place, and the covering, yet sexy bottom is sure to make all eyes turn your way when you pass. If that's the look you're going for, then this is the right outfit for you. This colour attracts the heat, so it is something to keep in mind, but that also makes it a great piece to wear when looking for the perfect tan. It will also dry quickly in the sun, so there is no need for extra towels.

    Finally I thought This Was Some Kind of Trick Where's the Frankies Bikinis Sale?

    At checkout simply enter the promo code "FRANKIES65" for the discount coupon on your order!

    Whether you are someone who is familiar with the world of bikinis or not, these selections will surely grab your attention. There are so many various choices available that it's not going to be hard to find one, it's going to be hard to choose one! As mentioned, though, Bikini Luxe brings all of these great options to you at such discounts, that you'll have a full cartload before you know it, and soon you'll have ten different variations sitting in your closet. What's “worse,” is that you won't know which one you'll want to wear first! That's the best thing about bathing suits, though, there's always great places to wear them to, and you can never have enough of them! With our amazing discounts, promo codes and sales, you're sure to find the exact style that you want. All you have to do is take that first step and start looking.


    frankie's bikinis promo code


    For any questions about the Frankie's Bikinis Collection please we would love to hear from you!,

    Simply click the "Live Chat" button or email us at support@bikiniluxe.com



  • Didikini: Designer Swimwear for Athletic Women


    Didikini Swimwear: Luxury Swimwear for Athletic Women

    Finding the right swimsuit is a lot of work, not to mention that it so frustrating that a lot of people just give up after a few tries. The most important part about buying a swimsuit is going to the right place. A lot of the shops in modern day cater only to size 0 women that want to be showing as much skin as possible. While there is nothing wrong with that, of course, there need to be other options so that women of all sizes and shapes can feel comfortable with their own bodies when wearing a swimsuit. Shops that offer different styles and sizes are to sure to attract the most amount of customers, so they tend to get the most business for this reason. 



    Didikini is run by Kavita Channe and Jenna Franklin, two college friends that believe in creating fashionable styles for every girl out there. The fashion sense that Kavita and Jenna create is a tomboy comfort (not compromising comfort for fashion) with a seriously fashionista appeal to it. They believe that all women should feel comfortable in their own bodies and they make their suits to do just that. Their motto is “Dream it. Do it” and this confidence and motivation help make everything the best it can be. Didikini swimwear is made out of high quality material and is sure to make each and every woman comfortable in what she's wearing.


    Sporty DIDIKINI Swimwear

    Well known for their ultra popular Miami Dolphins Swimwear, Didikini brings sporty swimwear to light in all the best ways. Their two Professional series swimsuits are called the MIA Pro Reversible Miami Dolphins bikini, and the MIA Pro Vintage Bikini Set. Let's take a look at the sporty suits that are available. All of the options are similar in the way they look, but are very unique when looked at in detail. For example, the first of the unique bikini sets is a beautiful, vibrant blue that will tie you in with the beach if you wear it to stroll around and wade in the water. The fabric is stretchy and made for comfort. The top allows for lots of space for the chest without leaving an unflattering gap, or allowing anything to slip out of its covering. Since these suits are classified as sporty, the fabric is right over the chest so that nothing is able to move out of place or make it hard to swim in a pool. Nothing gets squished or constricted to the point of discomfort, so there is no need to worry if you have a bigger chest. Didikini is here to make sure you find the perfect suit for you.

    This beautiful blue suit is given a girly flair by ties that hold it around the neck. There are three strings, each a different color which allow for maximum fashion choices when picking out accessories to match the suit. This also allows for the wearer to be able to choose their accompanying jewelry a little easier and make sure that the suit matches their eyes and/or hair in some way, too. The decorative strings are not purely for looks, as they make sure that suit stays in place and doesn't come loose when moving around. But, the options of color choices and the delicate appearance give it a girly flair, thus we can see how Kavita and Jenna's style options and choices come back into play: a tomboy comfort with a seriously fashionista appeal to it.


    Didikini Tally Tie Sides Bikini Set $88


    The bottom of this Didikini Bikini follows the same rules as the the top. The fabric covers all that it needs to, but doesn't compromise on the fashion. It follows the shape of your body so that it is flattering and accentuates the right part, without being skin tight and making the wearer uncomfortable. This combined together with the top, we can see how the tomboy comfort doesn't show in the fashionable appearance of this suit. For this reason, it is a popular choice for those that want comfort and practicality but not at the price of looking like a five year old or something else that is not age appropriate. These designer bikini sets are full of options, and the blue one that we just looked at also comes in green and a deep red. They are all excellent choices and are sure to make the color-crazy personality type happy as well.

    Another option for a sporty-style bikini from Didikini is a beautiful, vibrant teal option that has a few different features than the one we already looked at. This one ties around the neck with a more secure and simple tie, a thick lace that is the same color as the body of the suit. The bottom is the same way, tying at the sides with thick, elasticized laces that are sure to keep everything where it should be.

    For those of us that prefer a more traditional style bikini, this might be the best style option for you. All of the Didikini bikini options are sure to hold up over time and keep every part of you body comfortable and looking great, but this teal piece is a great investment because of the security that it will provide. For those of us with bigger chests, sometimes the bikinis with the thin and looser ties, like on the ones we just talked about, don't provide enough support, even when tied as tight as possible. The thicker and stronger tie of the teal bikini can give you that strength that is needed to keep the chest where it should be so that it is comfortable.


    Didikini MIA Pro Miami Dolphins Bikini Set $88


    The bright color can suit those wearers that love the brightness, but it is easy to match with jewelry and various hair colors. There is no need to worry about attracting too much attention, because the bright blue is sure to meld into the bright reflections at the beach as well as the vivid color of chlorinated water. Due to its bright hue, it is bound to keep the sun reflecting away, which will ensure that your Didikini swim fabric will stay bright and looking brand new.

    The last unique option in this line of suits is a unique and brightly colored suit that is a little crazy for those ones that just want to blend in with everyone else. While it has the traditional style tie ups, like the earlier style we looked at, this one has wild streak in it with the coloring. On the top, one half is a bright teal, and the other one is a muted, pastel orange. The combination of the two together give it a real summer feel, so that you can always look season-appropriate as you stroll along the beach. Though this one is not as sturdy as the teal one that we discussed previously, this is a good option for those that like to take a leisurely swim and just wander around, or tan in the sun.

    The bottom of this suit is more frilly than the other styles, so that may deter those that just want a straight swimsuit that has a more tomboy feel to it. That being said, this is an excellent option for those that want a little added frill without making the jump to the exotic styles that we will look at next. So, whether you know what you want for sure, or are not entirely certain about the frills versus non-frills, or just want to try something a little different for a change, this may be a good suit for you to look at.


    Exotic Swimwear

    They all almost identical to the last model that was discussed, but in varying colors. There is pink and off white, light blue and turquoise, and purple and pink. That combined with the orange and teal option provides a lot of customized color options that are sure to make every potential customer look their best. These exotic styles offer more girly flair than the other model we saw that was frill-free. These more feminine styles will also be very comfortable for the wearers, so there will be some peace in knowing that the girly-girl will not have to suffer from choosing a more feminine style in the comfort section. Therefore, we can see how this is good for all potential customers. It's clear that Didikini offers as much comfort as possible while still retaining fashionable additions for those who choose them.


    Didikini Islamorada Scrunch Butt Bikini Set $88


    All of Didikini's pieces are examples of high end swimwear. Each one is made of high quality fabric that will hold up as you wear it time after time. The website is home to detailed washing instructions that will help ensure you keep your bikini looking its best at all times, even years after you've bought it. They take good care in maintaining quality over quantity, so that each customer gets a carefully inspected suit that is sure to make you feel and look your best. That's the most important job of a bathing suit, after all.

    One of the best parts of buying a bathing suit is that you can mix and match to make the perfect suit for you. By buying a reversible bikini, the customer is able to create a few different variations to find the right one, as well as have other style options down the road when they want a change in style or need a new bikini but don't have the money in the budget for it. All of the suits are offered in Small and Medium to provide the best comfort and size for the customer. Each suit has a series of different photos that be perused to ensure that you are getting the suit of your dreams.


    Didikini Mykonos Exotic Bikini Set $88

    In order to check and see if Didikini is the brand for you and to get more information, check out our selection of designer swimwear . Bikini Luxe provides plenty of photos, reviews, and different styles of outfits so that you can make the right bikini choice.

    Whether you are new to Bikini Luxe and it's wonderful, customer-oriented website, or you have shopped here before and just love spreading the word around, go ahead and check out all of the different options and see if you can find the right outfit for you. Who knows, you may find your dream bikini just waiting for you with the perfect colors and straps. If so, snap it up before it's gone, and wear your suit with pride!

  • Choosing the Perfect Dress Styles for Plus Size Women

    Dress Styles for Plus Size Women

    There are many dress styles for plus size women available today, but do you know which ones are perfect for your body type? This is the biggest problem that curvier women face when it comes to looking for a dress for an important occasion. Sometimes the variety and choice of dresses can be an obstacle, especially if you’re not a particularly decisive individual.

    You’ll find sites online – and in the shopping malls – that have many dresses to choose from, but you’ll still need to know which one is right for you before you invest your hard-earned cash. Some will make you look great, but you need to choose your style of dress very carefully. What looks great on one person doesn’t necessarily look nearly as good on someone else.

    Styles for Plus-Sized Dresses

    There are three popular types of dress that will fit differently, but look amazing on you. You can fill up your wardrobe with various styles and always have something for a formal or semi-formal occasion.

    1. The first type is the A-Line plus size women’s dress. This type of dress resembles an A, and isn’t meant to fit any part of you. The A-Line does not fit tightly to you, so your heavier areas won’t stand out. You can hide certain parts of yourself. There are some plus size dresses that showcase a cinched waist, and also some that come with beautiful matching sashes. When you wear this type of apparel, the top and bottom will look equal, so it’s suitable for any figure. Even plus size women’s apparel can be figure-flattering, and this style does the job incredibly well.
    2. Another suitable style is the shirtdress because of how well it can cover up any of your bodily imperfections. Just like a shirt, it can have pockets as well as buttons. Some have decorative buttons to look even better than a casual dress. It may also have a zipper on it or a combination of the two. This style of dress can be worn with a belt, and any casual shoes will make it stand out. There are also a variety of patterns to choose from if you don’t want just a single solid-color dress. Try floral material dresses, or even plaids and stripes.
    3. You can also choose the empire waist dress. This style has a seam that is higher to support a full-figure body and bust. It’s loose, just like the other mentioned styles, so you look like you don’t have any imperfections on your body. The beauty of this style is that no matter how full you are around the mid-section, it won’t be noticeable because of how this style of dress flows. All the negativity is literally wiped away, so you are left looking amazing.

    Styles That Flatter Your Figure

    You need to find plus size clothes for women that flatter your shape and make you look great. Keep in mind the type of shape you have. Some women are pear or apple-shaped, and others are rounder. Get something that suits you perfectly, and in a color that is right for your complexion. Don’t make life more difficult for yourself by choosing a dress that look good on the model, but not on you.

    Even if what you like for yourself doesn’t fall into one of the styles outlined above, you can still use other ideas that will make your choice a lot easier. Don’t think that not quickly finding a dress style for plus size women is going to impossible because sometimes it can take time to find the look that you desire.

    • Solid color plus size apparel is an amazing option for you. There are many dresses available that fit you perfectly and have a flowing skirt. This style is perfect for the curvier woman. In this case, consider selecting something that is a wine or chocolate color. Another option for a single color dress is something with a crisscross shape in the center. This will make you look slimmer and quickly and easily hide any bodily imperfections that you’d rather not share.
    • You can also try something that has only a single sleeve or a sleeveless dress too, to remove attention from your stomach. Add some accessories, like a necklace, that matches or something with a contrasting color that goes well with the primary color of your outfit.
    • V-Neck dresses can draw attention to the upper part of your body, mainly to your face. Pear shaped figures will do well with this style as it is very flattering. Buying something with ruffles on it will look really good on you. Sleeve styles will vary, and you can wear any style sleeves with this type of dress. You can get a softer look with this style of plus size dress.
    • If you have an hourglass shape, you can try the bias cut dress. This can be a nice addition for a special occasion, and you can get something in which the sleeves flow nicely. The lower cut neckline will suit you well so the attention is brought up to an area that doesn’t have any flaws. This will add a feminine touch to how you look and feel.

    There is so much more that you can do to add a personalized touch to your dress, and accessories will definitely accentuate how beautiful you look. You can decorate the dress yourself with sequins and also add some color to make it look even prettier. Much will depend on your personal design skills, but you’re bound to know someone who can make a few alterations for you.

    There are so many accessories; these include brocade pins, hair accessories, bracelets, earrings and also necklaces to make the neckline stand out. Accessories can also take away attention from the belly if you don’t want this to be the focal point of your outfit. Don’t be afraid to show off your legs in a short dress or even wear a formal gown if it suits you well. Go all out to make yourself look perfect. 

    Recent Fitness Update!! 

    The Bikini Luxe 30 day workout program is designed to help you get on the road towards your ultimate bikini body. By using a variety of intense workout techniques including Tabata, HIIT, and Metabolic Conditioning, you're going to train your body just like the professionals do. This 30 day program focuses on reducing stubborn body fat, adding lean muscle mass, and sculpting your body into a lean, mean, bikini-wearing machine! Get started today with the ultimate transformation program and get on the fast track to the bikini body of your dreams!

    This Bikini Luxe Workout Plan is absolutely free! There is no obligation at any time!


  • Where to Buy Brazilian Bikini Bottoms Online

    Brazilian Cut Bikini Choices

    There are many styles of swimwear with the growing expanse of online shopping. Our options are no longer limited to seasonal shopping options in stores that only offer restricted style options. There are some stores, that while they try to offer an expansive selection, are still limited in the styles. One style that was not seen up until recently in stores is the Brazilian style swimwear. However, this brand has been popular online for quite some time, including here at Bikini Luxe. There are several different variations on this style and how it can be worn, especially in the ever popular bikini option.

    Brazilian swimwear in general is popular due to its lack of material in the swimsuit. Even though bikinis are known for their lack of coverage (in a good way, of course), these ones are more advanced in that area. This means that while the the Brazilian bikinis remain stylish and sleek on the skin, they allow for the maximum amount of skim exposed for better tanning, sunbathing, or attracting attention from passers-by.

    Perfect for Minimal Tan Lines

    Styles that are found on Bikini Luxe are smooth to the touch and have little accents on them to make them unique to each customer. There are the options of pastel colors that are decorated with small, intricate braids for example, that trail from the front of the suit bottom to the back. These accent the slimness of the wearer and add a little flair to the fashionable suit. These tops of these spectacular pieces offer a sexy gap between the parts that cover the breast, allowing for the minimum tan lines. They also offer an accented band along the bottom which draws the eye to the breasts that are well supported in the top but showing their stuff to those who look.

    Other Brazilian bikinis have a wild flavor to them, being the preferred choice for those who just want to go crazy and have an equally careless and carefree attitude. This option allows for even more skin to be shown for the onlooker and is a popular choice for the teen on the lookout for a young, vibrant fashion option. On the bottom and top, the white lacing around the pattern accentuates the thinness of the wearer as well as making the pattern brighter and make the sun pick up the bright colors easier. This particular suit is not meant for the meek and mild wearer, it takes a fierce, confident person to pull off a suit this wild and carefree.


     (click picture for more)

    Choosing a Brazilian Bikini Bottom

    The brazilian bikini bottom is mostly twined laces that trail around the body in a hip-hugging fashionable belt. The fabric that does cover the pieces of the body that are essential, is tastefully applied so everything is covered, yet the maximum amount of skin is exposed. Though the laces would leave multiple tan lines on the skin, this particular suit would be great for a meander along the beach or a wade in the water. The bright colors will prevent the suit from being see-through, so it's great for a full on swim in the salty ocean if the need arises.

    Another excellent option that falls into the Brazilian cut bikini section would be the Brazilian bikini bottom with a more traditional tops. The bottoms would sport the bright, young patterns that are so popular in the younger wearers, and those same patterns would be seen in the various style tops that may offer more comfort for different shaped women. After all, some people prefer halter top to strapless, etc. For example, you are able to get tops that resemble a cropped tank top, or a sports bra. They offer coverage and comfort, but also sexiness in the amount of cleavage that is pushed up from tight, restrictive material of the top. Strings trail and cross-cross across the back to prevent the straps from slipping off the shoulders.

    The bottom in some of these suits is unique and also great for swimming in. A thick elastic band in the fabric keeps the bottom in place while allowing the fabric below to expose the skin and keep everything covered where it should be as well. This combination of practicality and sexiness is hard to find in some suits, but Brazilian bikinis do a great job at hitting these marks.


     (click picture for some examples)

    Advantages of Brazilian Bikini Swimwear

    Brazilian bikinis with halter top options make a great option for those who want to show off their chest. Halter tops are notorious for accentuating a woman's chest, and these Brazilian versions make this even stronger and more flattering. The strings are able to secure tightly at the nape of the neck and the string that holds both pieces of the top together is exaggerated, offering the maximum view on the chest in true Brazilian style. The bottom of these models also have the string looping from side to side and offering lots of exposed skin but also keeping everything securely in place. Basically, these particular types of swimsuits are popular for security and comfort. The only possible downfall would be that kids could easily untie the laces from behind, making the whole top fall off in one motion. So, a mom or sister may want to think twice about the halter top option if they have kids, or they will have to ensure that they tie the knots very tight!

    Key Points for Brazilian Swimwear

    • Accentuate more than Regular Swimwear
    • Less Coverage for a better tan
    • Very Comfortable
    • High Quality Brazilian Hand Made Material 

    Overall, Brazilian style swimsuits including bikini bottoms and the Brazilian bikini cuts, offer much to the modern woman of any age. They are flattering for many figures and many top and bottom options are available, and the option exists to find the right combination of top and bottom. This kind of personalization and variety of selections make the entire swimsuit buying process more fun, entertaining, and also allows a higher success rate to finding the exact right combination for your next extravaganza to the beach. From start to finish, shopping is an easier experience online, from the variety of options to the extensive combinations of tops and Brazilian bikini bottoms that often aren't seen in stores.

  • Bikini Fashion, Shapes and Styles to Compliment any Body

    The Best Swimwear Styles for Every Body Type

     Soah Ruffle Bikini Top

    While the bikini can be seen on most beaches and swimming pools around the globe, its history and how it came to be so popular is unknown by most. This bathing suit style dates back to ancient history in Rome where bikini-like garments first appeared during athletic competitions.

    More modern bikinis appeared in the 1940s but were frowned upon by more religions more conservative in nature and were considered to be scandalous and improper attire for women. This resulted in the bikini being banned from many places and events only regaining popularity in Western societies with the emancipation of women and the women’s rights movements. Since its shaky beginnings, the bikini has become the most popular swimwear type and has pawned the creation of other business services such as bikini waxing. This type of bikini waxing is also more commonly known as a "Brazilian bikini wax". This is the  removal of all of the hair in the pubic area. It was first made popular by actresses in adult movies but has since transcended the social gap and become more of a norm for the every day woman. Made even more popular by several articles in popular womens magazines such as Cosmopolitan and Vogue. 

    There are several different styles and types of bikinis and string bikinis, each of which offers its own set of appealing characteristics. Choice of the proper bikini for each body type can play up those curves you want and play down the ones you don’t leaving you feeling confident and sexy for your day on the beach.



    The String Bikini
    This is one of the smallest bikinis and tends to look best on women with a smaller bust or women with athletic figures. Unless your larger breasts defy gravity you should stay away from this style as the lack of support can cause your chest to look a little on the saggy side and don’t really offer up the best in the chest shape you end up with. This again really depends on the style of bikini top that you choose there are more than a few too choose from. The string bikini creation is credited to Rose de Primallio, who was said to have accidentally created it when she sewed some material on to her bikini for a photo shoot because of it having insufficient fabric. Talk about the start of a revolution!\

    Black bikini set

    The Tankini
    This bikini styles is made up of a smaller bikini bottom with a fuller coverage. This style suits any body type and is particularly flattering to women who are uncomfortable bearing their tummy area.

    Halter Top Bikini
    This particular style is great if you are planning to be active in your swimsuit. The cut, style, and fastening type of this bikini helps to provide some support and keeps your top firmly in place while you play beach volleyball or play with the kids.

    Halter Bikini Top

    Bandeau Top Bikini
    If you have a large chest this may be your bikini solution. This top type provides a minimizing effect and coverage for an ample bosom. If you are worry about it slipping down, choose a bandeau top which includes spaghetti straps to hold it in place.
    As for bikini bottoms, the types and styles available range from barely there to full coverage and have a shape and style for any would-be beach goer. What you will be doing while wearing your bikini and your comfort level with your body will help you determine which style you wish to go with.

    String Bikini Bottom
    Much like the string top, this bikini bottom provides ample skin exposure and is best for leaner or more athletic body types. Some of the more popular styles of bikini bottoms these days have double strings or even triple strings on the side. This adds to the allure and style at the same time.

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    Brazilian Bikini
    This option appears to be just a standard bikini bottom in front but has minimal coverage in the back and exposes significant portions of the buttocks. This option is for those with nicely shaped butts who are comfortable with showing them off. The Brazilian cut bikini first originated by most accounts in Ipanema beach in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. This style of Brazilian Bikini Swimwear quickly made its way to the beaches of Los Angeles and Miami Beach. Miami was first, having a large population of Brazilian visitors and tourists and being geographically closer to Brazil. Since then this style of swimwear has become popular the world round. That being said, in Europe full bottom coverage is still much more popular.


    This bottom is the one that most think of when they hear the word bikini. This bottom provides moderate coverage and is similar to the average underwear purchased in most stores.

    White Bikini
    This style sits low on the hips, often like your favorite pair of low-rise jeans, exposing as much of the abdomen as possible. This type is best worn on those with flatter or more toned belly areas. This type would not be good for anyone who is uncomfortable bearing their midsection and better options are available if you have a larger midsection.

    High Waist and Extra Coverage Swimwear

    This bottom style generally sits higher on the waistline and may even hit the belly button area. These designs often offer shapes which accentuate but balance sexy curves and are appropriate for those not comfortable with wearing skimpier bottom types. This style may have higher hip lines to still give a bit of a minimalist feel to the suit while covering the lower abdomen, or may appear as boy shorts or full coverage briefs and can often incorporate sassy little skirts or other elements to provide ample coverage, balance out your figure, and play up your assets to their best.

    Regardless of your shape, there is a bikini out there for every body type. Try on multiple styles with these coverage ideas in mind to help you find the bikini which has you both looking and feeling your best for your day at the beach or poolside.