• Meet the Fashionable Jenn Im

    If you’re in a fashion or beauty rut, and you’re looking to break free, we just might have the fashion inspiration you’re looking for. This one comes to you from California, with roots in Korea. She has been in the online game for almost ten years, but has built an impressive resume in that time.

    Jenn Im

    From dealing with change, to empowering herself, to dealing with the haters, Jenn has continued to keep her eyes on her goal. That focus has been a game-changer in her life, and might provide some extra inspiration. Read on to learn more about her and what she does. You’ll also see the different online homes that will help you to benefit from her tips and style.

    Jenn Im YouTube

    The California native’s got fashion in the blood, it seems. According to Wikipedia, her father works in clothes manufacturing. She started her path in life in a way that doesn’t exactly scream social influencer and YouTube celebrity. She studied at a community college before moving on to a Communications Degree from the University of California.

    This is especially unusual, as she admits in an interview with  i-d.vice.com that she struggled in class with finding her voice in those days. She credits starting a channel with a friend with helping her to gain confidence.

    As with many people making it big, the channel was merely a creative outlet that the friends were passionate about. They were real, and stuck with it. To learn even more about that, search for the interview.

    Jenn Im Clothes Encounters

    Miss Bish did a feature with Jenn about her journey as being one of the first wave of people who took to YouTube as a way to express themselves creatively and build an audience. She talks about her feelings on how YouTube has changed the lives of a their creators, building an empire, and her personal style. She also talks about the power of being real and sharing yourself authentically with your audience.

    Jenn Im

    So what is this empire? First, we have the YouTube channel: Clothes Encounters. It’s an over two million-strong channel that she now runs alone. She has also moved into creating the looks instead of just talking about them, with a couple of capsule collections through partner brands. She also recently started her own line, Eggie.

    Eggie, according to Eggie is all about being inclusive and affordable with each piece. She adds on the about page that it’s all about pushing fashion boundaries and express themselves.

    Jenn Im

    Besides that, Wiki credits her with a makeup collection via ColourPop, and partners with brands like Target, Calvin Klein, and more. One of her more interesting gigs recently was getting to interview athletes for NBC during the Olympic Games, creating a challenge that was designed to test their K-beauty knowledge. The full video is available on her YouTube.

    • Age: 27 years old
    • Birthday: September 22
    • Career: Fashion blogger
    • Nationality: Korean-American
    • Height: 5'1

    If you want to see the kind of content that has made some of the biggest brands come to her for her unique style, you can follow her as @imjennim along with over a million other users. She uses the same handle on Twitter, where she has over 130 thousand followers. Besides that, the 27-year-old vlogger, represented by Rare Global has a Facebook account, Clothes Encounters.

  • Reality TV Star Turned Nurse: Meet Jessica Parido

    This next influencer we’re introducing you to, doesn’t just tell you what she thinks is cool, she’s helping create it. In addition to this, she’s got a surprising other career that’s a rarity amongst the influencer community. If you’re looking to discover a new brand and see what products a fashion mogul loves, you’ll have to check her out.

    Jessica Parido

    Read on to learn about the other projects she’s been involved in, her brand, and where you can follow her online. You’ll also discover her not-so-unusual step in her road to fame.

    Shop her favorite looks here:

    Glam Parido

    Jessica Parido is a California-born influencer, businesswoman, and reality star. She’s currently 29 years old, and has been running her own brand, Glam Envy.
    Jessica might be known best for her part in the sometimes controversial reality series Shahs of Sunset, where her then-husband Mike Shouhed was part of the main cast. She is credited on their Wikipedia page as being in seasons 2-6 of the series, first as a friend, and then as a guest.

    She made lots of headlines with the end of her marriage to cast member Shouhed, which came with some drama and rumors of a reconciliation. She was also featured on Inquisitor for her relationship with celebrity jeweler Mr. Flawless.

    Jessica Parido Nurse

    Following her stint on reality TV and divorce, she’s kept her eye on the future, showing the strength and determination she learned at a young age after a serious health crisis. If you want to learn a little more background on that, look her name up on Liverumpup.

    Her childhood experience would lead her to pursue a career in nursing, which she has apparently kept up with, even after dabbling in acting as a kid and starring on the Bravo TV show. Her Instagram profiled lists her as being an RN and holding a BSN degree.  

    Jessica Parido

    Her main work these days is a brand she started, Glam Envy. The site, glam envy, was started by Jessica and fashion designer Sahar Hersel. They began the brand in 2013, and have since taken their online store to the brick and mortar world. The store opened in 2016, according to the company’s ABOUT page. They discuss their desire to create an affordable brand that is accessible to a variety of bodies, something that can be a rarity in the fashion world.

    The brand features plus-size clothing, accessories, robes, backpacks, shoes, and more. They even feature a sizing guide to that customers can easily pick the right fit from their home.

    • Age: 29 years old
    • Spouse: Mike Shouhed
    • Birthday: December 12th
    • Nationality: American

    Her Instagram, @jessica___, has over 400 thousand followers who are looking to get style inspiration. She shows off her company’s designs, as well as favorite brands like @beautybyella and @mvmtforher. She also shows off her personal side by sharing pics of her dog, adding cute captions to her snaps, as well talking about how a certain brand has helped her to improve her health. She also shows a charitable side by praising one of her favorite brands, @diffeyewear for their donation of reading glasses for every sale. You can also find her on Twitter as @JessicaParido, where she has over 40 thousand followers.

    Shop her Bikini Looks Now!

  • A Blogger Who is Creating Fashion: Meet Marcel Floruss

    This influencer is for all the guys out there looking to get some style inspiration, although I’m sure females will also enjoy his account. It’s not too often men are represented in the influencer world, so it’s interesting to come across someone who’s making his own space in that industry. 

    Marcel Floruss

    Read on to learn a little bit about how he came to part of the fashion world, why he’s so influential, and where you can find him across social media. You’ll also learn what his latest venture is.

    Marcel Floruss Bio

    The 26-year-old style influencer used to live in Germany, but decided to make the move to NYC to study the field that had always captured his attention: fashion. He talks a bit about that move, and the differences he saw between the two places, as well as why NYC fit him so well in an interview with GQ Magazine. Look it up to see a cute moment that happened with his mother as a result of all the hard work he put in after arriving in the city.


    Before becoming a style influencer, his website bio also lists modeling and photography as two of the things that occupied his time. These pursuits led to the creation of his popular blog.

    One Dapper Street

    His bio encourages people to share their passion, and he talks about how he hopes the site will serve as inspiration for others. The site’s divided into style and lifestyle sections, topics not so uncommon for a blog in the industry. What’s unique is coming from a male point of view, as well as the fact he was one of the first men to get into the fashion blogging game.

    The lifestyle section deals with topics like giving your hair a break from the heat during summer time, upgrading the bachelor pad, and smart luggage.  He also talks packing and shows off his NYC apartment.

    On the style side, he shares about being inspired by architecture, Summer menswear, swimwear, and more.

    His style and vibe have gotten him the attention of sites like The Huffington Post, who chatted with him about everything from what should be in every man’s closet, to favorite trends and inspiration.

    Ankari Floruss

    Like many fashion influencers, Marcel hasn’t been content to just talk about fashion, he wants to help create it. To that end, he partnered with fellow influencer Moti Ankari to create a shoe collection that has the perfect shoe for almost any occasion. They describe the line as being inspired by the days of the week. You can find the line at Ankari Floruss, and learn a little more about the line’s origins, as well as the other half of the line.

    Marcel Floruss

    • Age: 26 years old
    • Birthday: August 8th
    • Career: Fashion blogger 
    • Nationality: German

    His @MarcelFloruss Instagram account is the obvious place to go, as it’s got over 300 thousand followers, and is pretty active. He shows off his style, calls out favorite brands, and gives followers a glimpse into life in the city. He also shows off his travel destinations and latest videos.

    On YouTube, he’s One Dapper Street, and has over 60K subscribers. Videos include ‘90s inspired fashion, a thrift store style challenge, and beach-ready looks that can be worn on the street. On Twitter, he is @OneDapperStreet, and has over four thousand followers. He goes by the same name on Facebook.

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    Men Swimwear

  • Discover the Best Corners of the World with Nicole Isaacs

    Once again ready to learn about one of the big social media influencers who have people talking? Well, this one is slightly different than some of the others you've read about. While she is sure to show off some interesting styles in her pictures, fashion isn't the focus of her platform. No, this influencer is for those who have a passion for travel and food. 

    Nicole Isaacs

    Nicole Issacs is a bit different than some of your other social influencers in another way, too, but you'll hear about that in a second. For now, get ready to learn why she might be the right choice if you're looking for some travel and food inspiration. You'll also learn where to find her across social media.

    A post shared by Nicole Isaacs (@nicoleisaacs) on


    Nicole Isaacs Bio

    Nicole wasn't always influencing people's vacation choices. According to her famous birthday's profile, she actually has a background in dance. She was even part of a girl group who worked in Germany for a time. Eventually, she decided going back to school in LA was the right choice and began a different career path, a path that has led to a lot of interesting adventures (and food).  

    Nicole Isaacs Travels

    Nicole is a girl who loves adventure, and travel is her outlet for this. She loves it so much, she built a blog and social media presence all about it. According to her web bio, she is on a mission to discover the greatest sights and tastes in the world, and she takes her readers along for the ride.

    Her blog doesn't discriminate, as she likes to highlight both upscale places, as well some of the cheaper places her destinations have to offer. She also provides plenty of tips for how to live life on the go.

    She focuses on travel, food, and lifestyle, highlighting every topic with some stunning photos and video.

    In the lifestyle section, she offers a refreshing dose of reality by devoting a blog to the behind the scenes stories that don't always make the best face on Instagram. It might not be pretty, but it's travel reality that things can go wrong from time to time, and she wanted her audience to see that. She also talks making life changes, skin care, and documents her trip to Coachella back in 2017.

    Nicole Issacs

    Travel Blogger

    Some of her travel section destinations include Carnival 2018, Hawaii, and Spain, among many others. In the food section, she talks about places from each of her destinations, and what she thought of the sometimes unique dishes she samples.

    Nicole Issacs

    She's also credited with writing for Haute Living Magazine, and owning her own multi-media creative agency. She's also worked as a producer, and she's been featured a lot by outlets like Revolve, Galore Mag, and Trazee Travel. Seriously? You should look up the last two if you want some fun tips, and really crazy travel stories. You might also be surprised by how adventurous her palette is.

    • Age: 31 years old
    • Birthday: August 24th
    • Birthplace: Los Angeles
    • Career: Food and travel blogger

    Besides her @nicoleisaacs instagram, she also runs @hungryape. You can also find her on Twitter as @nicoleisaacs, and on YouTube as Nicole Ashley Isaacs.

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  • Meet Italian Blogger Mariano Di Vaio

    The fashion influencer world is largely a female place, but there some men that have gotten into the game as well. Mariano Di Vaio is arguably one of the most successful ones, and someone you should check out. Read on to learn more about him, his brand, and the surprising other talents he brings to the table. You’ll also learn where to follow him online.

    Mariano Di Vaio

    Mariano Di Vaio Biography

    Mariano has attracted so much attention with his brand, he made the Italian Elle website. They talked a bit about his background. According to their profile, the twenty-eight-year-old began his career a decade ago with a bold move to Italy to pursue modeling. Eventually, he would also study film, something that will also play a part in his story later on.

    A post shared by Mariano Di Vaio (@marianodivaio) on


    NOHOW Style

    That modeling career, according to the Elle profile blew up quickly, something that seems to be a theme for Mariano. His blogging career also took off fairly quickly, something that’s a bit unusual in the blogging world. Sometimes, it takes years to get even one comment, much less build a big audience. This wasn’t the case for MDV's Style. His thoughts on the latest collections, street style, fashion week adventures, and more resonated with his audience and he jumped on the opportunities the blog brought along, while also expanding the content to offer suggestions for children’s and women’s fashion, gifts, and more.

    Since he started the blog, he’s worked with brands like Levi’s, Sculpt Mode, and more, promoting their brands through content that stays true to his audience. He also creates fashion instead of just talking about it. He’s got several brands, ranging from shoes to jewelry. He even has a line of products for men’s hair, and an e-commerce site called NOHOW Style.

    Back in 2016, he also jumped into television, taking part in an Italian program called, Selfie: Le cose cambia. According to Bubino blog, the show had a great premise in the digital age, helping several participants to confront their insecurities and make positive changes to improve their self-image. Mariano served as a mentor on the show.

    MDV Style

    He’s not just into fashion. According to the Elle profile, Mariano marked his 28th birthday by jumping into the music world. He released the video, “Wait For Me”, which is currently on the homepage of his website, MDV Style. He was also credited as appearing in Deported. He’s also an athlete, talking about his for being active in an interview with Americanoize. Look it up to see a bit more about him and his favorite things.

    Mariano Di Vaio

    He’s unusual in the social world in that he and his wife have made the social thing into a family affair. On his Instagram (@marianodivaio), he links to an account for his young son that’s managed by his wife, Eleonora Brunacci Di Vaio. While the profile isn’t even near his dad’s 6+ million followers, he’s got a surprising more than 200 thousand followers.

    • Age: 28 years old
    • Nationality: Italian
    • Height: 6'1
    • Net worth: $4 million


    The account gives a more personal look into Mariano’s life and family, something he also brings to his own account, as shown in a post where he talks about the fears he feels about leaving his child for work-related trips. You can also find him on Twitter under the same handle, and on Facebook as Mariano Di Vaio. He has over 130K followers on Twitter, and more than three million likes of Facebook.