• Style Icon Yoyo Cao

    Yoyo Cao

    This influencer might be familiar. If she is, there’s a good reason for that. Yoyo has made history more than once in her career, and she’s sure to continue to do so as she keeps pushing her personal boundaries. She’s one of the earlier influencers who jumped on the Instagram train before it became the massively popular network it is now, and that has not only given her some online fame, it’s also helped her as a business woman to expand and grow in a competitive industry. Let’s take a look at what makes this fashion influencer a must-follow, and where you can keep up with her adventures.

    Yoyo Cao

    There’s not really much to say about Yoyo’s early days. Various interviews and articles talk about her being born in Macau, but not much else is really known about her and her family background. According to an 8days.sg slideshow detailing four things followers may not know about her, but she declined to say what her parents do except for that they are business owners. Not surprising, considering what she’s managed to accomplish.

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    The same slide also talked about how she was living on her own since the age of eighteen, and other interviews detailed her starting a clothing store back in 2010. To learn a few more of these surprising facts, look the article up!

    Singapore Fashion Influencer

    Another thing that comes up multiple times when looking up info about Yoyo is that she, like many other influencers who have made it big, had an early love of clothes that has been the foundation of her business decisions. She studied for years and earned a degree before opening her retail store back in 2010. She talks often about how she saw a niche that was not being filled and set out to make sure her store filled it. A great lesson for any budding business owner out there.

    Yoyo Cao

    From there, she took to Instagram and her blog, yoyokulala.com to share her style philosophy and promote her business. She also talks lifestyle and beauty. Since then, she has attracted attention from some major brands like Chaumet, Tiffany & Co., and Tommy Hilfiger. Her unique combinations are what really attract attention, and led her to being asked to style a fashion show. This is where she took another natural turn, as she mentioned in several interviews that designing the outfits herself seemed like a logical choice. The result was Exhibit, a brand that she has been working hard to take further each year.

    A fun tidbit? Her website bio lists her as being the first digital influencer to become a cover girl in Singapore.

    • Age: 27 years old
    • Lives: Singapore
    • Career: Fashion designer

    Yoyo Cao
    Instagram is obviously the platform of choice for the influencer, as she was one of the first to start using it. She takes it seriously, talking about her process for finding locales in the 8days.sg slideshow mentioned above. The hard work has paid off, as she has over 260 thousand people following her @yoyokulala handle.

    There, followers learn about her latest blog posts, partner brands, and her adventures. Her images also make it evident she works hard to find that perfect backdrop for each shot.

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  • Emitaz Fashion Tricks

    Emitaz Fashion

    Emelie Natascha Lindmark, better known as Emitaz, is one of many people making their passion their paycheck. She takes her personal style and love of beauty to connect with followers and make money at the same time. Through her stylish and chill Instagram account, she’s managed to attract enough attention to be a major player in the social media world. Brands are lining up to work with her, as you can find out from her posts.

    So what has attracted people to this Swedish-born blogger? Let’s take a look at what she’s all about and where you can follow her.

    Emelie Natascha Lindmark

    It’s amazing to think just how recent those were. The twenty-six-year-old only began blogging in 2015! She started loading videos of her beauty finds, and tutorials. She added in some lifestyle content, and people flocked to her account. In less than two years, she’s earned an impressive number of subscribers and views. More about that later.

    A few more tidbits about her: She’s Sri-Lankan and Swedish, and grew up in Gothenburg. She and her brothers spent a lot of time traveling to Sri Lanka, which surely fueled her love of new places. She’s got Barcelona-born boyfriend who is also her photographer, helping her capture all the stunning images she shares on her blog and social media.


    Her blog, which she’s had since May of 2015, features her favorite spots in Barcelona, Interior design, food, travel adventures, much more. One section of her blog is devoted to her modeling work. The most recent post in that section is from March of 2017 and features a day on the set of a Tommy Hilfiger campaign. She combined behind-the-scenes pics with English and Swedish commentary about the experience.

    Emelie Natascha Lindmark

    Another post talked about her shoot for Billabongs, where she got to spend several days in Waikiki. The trip helped start a love of Hawaii that is evident in her social media. She’s also worked with GUESS and Urban outfitters, according to a profile on wearecube.se.
    Her inspiration section shows some of her favorite new looks, and what she’s wanting in her own home. Occasionally, it includes sale information and people she works with. Meanwhile, the food and training section is a collection of her favorite healthy choices, including Green Tea, fruit bowls, and chia pudding.

    • Age: 26 years old
    • Born: Gothenburg, Sweden 
    • Birthday: June 6th 
    • Career: Fashion model & YouTube Vlogger

    For people looking for some workout inspiration, she runs down her training routine, her personal tips for staying motivated, and playlists. Check out emitaz.com to see more of what she has to offer.

    Emitaz YouTube

    Her main home is popular social app, Instagram. Known as @emitaz there, she’s attracted over 600 thousand followers to her account. Her shots have a simple, relaxed feel to them while taking followers on a journey through Barcelona. She features favorite eats and locales. It’s not Barcelona on her Instagram, either. She shows off her work and fun travels, while also showcasing some of her favorite people and brands. Occasionally, she runs contests that can earn her followers some awesome products.

    If you’re looking for something a little different, you can find Q&A, Coachella talk, haul videos, and travel vlogs. You can find her there under Emitaz, where she has over 100 thousand subscribers and more than five million views. She’s also on Facebook as Emitaz and has over seven thousand likes.

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  • Megan Williams for Guess

    She’s a name now, having joined the ranks of GUESS girls, but Megan Williams has humble beginnings that you might be surprised by. In her career, this rising star has quickly gained the attention of huge, iconic brands. Not to mention tons of social media followers. Read more about her to see what has made her one of Instagram’s big influencers.

    Megan May Williams

    Megan May Williams

    The 23-year-old model was born and raised in England, where she attended boarding school, according to Wikipedia. While her childhood sounds relatively typical, her teen years were anything but. She spoke with FOX news once about how she was discovered while eating fast food. It sounds like something out of old Hollywood legend, but Megan swears it’s true. This chance meeting gave her the opportunity to take part in a mall show, and things took off from there. Soon, she was signing up with Storm Agency, a company she’s still represented by years later. She’s also represented by numerous other agencies across the globe.

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    Her story is proof that you never know where opportunity will strike, so you’d better reach out and grab it when it presents itself.

    Fashion Model

    If her start sounds too good to be true, the way her modeling career has unfolded makes it sound even more so. Since that fateful burger run, This 5’10 model with 32-23-34 measurements has become associated with some of the biggest and most iconic brands in fashion. She’s been a GUESS girl since 2013, and has done at least seven different campaigns for them between then and 2015. She’s also began modeling for Victoria’s Secret and Ralph Lauren back in 2016. Also on the print front, she’s been featured in magazines like Vouge Mexico, GQ Italia, and Vulkan Magazine.

    Megan May Williams

    Her runway credits are about as impressive. She took part in the Victoria’s Secret 2016 Fashion show, as well as Cushnie et Ochs S/S 17 show, and the Polo Ralph Lauren F/W 16 presentation.

    Besides all that, she’s been featured on Stylecaster.com, where they asked her to spill some of her health and beauty secrets, as well as random facts about herself, like her taste in music. She even spills about what social media influencer she loves to follow. She was also interviewed by Maxim Magazine, and took part in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit 2015 casting call, where she competed with tons of models for the chance to be featured in the coveted issue. She was also featured on a Polish website showing off a variety of pieces from Agua Bendita in 2017.

    Megan William's Measurements

    • Height: 5'10"
    • Born: January 3rd 
    • Age: 23 years old
    • Body measurements: 32.5-23.5-35
    • Dress size: 4-6 US
    • Bra size: 32C
    • Shoe size: 7 US
    • Hair color: Light blonde
    • Eye color: Blue

    As with a lot of today’s influencers, Instagram is her go-to place to share with her followers. She keeps her over 270 thousand followers updated on her latest jobs, travel adventures, and more there. She’s known as @meganmayw there. By the way… her followers also get peeks into her life off the runway and away from the cameras.

    Megan May Williams

    If you’re not an Instagram type, you can join over 7K people by following her on Twitter. You’ll get a lot of the same info. There, she goes by @meganmayw as well.

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  • Modeling tips by Chantel Zales

    Chantel Zales

    Chantel Zales

    As a successful model, Chantel Zales has also done some TV work and some music videos. Chantel has filmed commercials for Acura and Pepsi. She also had a role in the 3D movie Piranha, where she played a bikini girl.

    Chantel has been working as a model since her teenage years when she lived in Arizona. She went on to study at Arizona State University and then worked as a boxing company account executive after she graduated. Her future goals include building a brand of her own after she has completed her modeling career.

    Now living in Los Angeles, she fills her life with activities that she finds fulfilling. This includes cardio exercises and similar activities. In her free time she tailors and sews her clothes.

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    Chantel has appeared in many magazines such as FHM and Maxim. In addition she has worked as a swimsuit and lingerie model all over the world. Since she is such a beautiful woman she is very popular on social media.

    She can be found on Twitter @chantel_zales, where she has 28.7 thousand followers. She can also be found on Instagram @chantelzales, where she has 4.4 million followers. Chantel’s Facebook page can be found @chantelzal, where she has thousands of eager followers. Fans that follow her on Facebook can get her latest videos sent to them if they send her a private message.

    Chantel’s beauty has inspired women all over the world. She is not afraid to show off her body and makes sure she is always in good shape so that she can be a role model to her many fans. Through her work as a model and her TV and movie work, she has been able to show the world just how talented she is.

    Bikini Model

    Whether is posing in a dress or a bikini, Chantel is a sight to see. Fans all over the world of all ages admire her for her beauty and grace. She is an amazing woman who proved that models can be successful as long as they care about how they present themselves to the world.

    Chantel Zales

    Chantel has a bright future ahead of her thanks to her passion for what she does. Her career has shown young women throughout the world that they can make their dreams come true just like she did. She continues to work hard to be a role model and to show women that anyone can look beautiful if they take care of themselves.

    • Age: 27 years old
    • Height: 5'7"
    • Current town: Los Angeles
    • Ethnicity: Latina
    • Birthday: January 6th

    Through her social media pages Chantel keeps in touch with her many fans and followers. She interacts with them whenever she can and is committed to helping them discover their own inner and outer beauty. Fans can ask her questions and get fashion advice from her. She can also help her fans learn how to break into the modeling industry just like she did. Chantel has a face that women everywhere strive to copy. Her personal style has inspired many women to create their own personal style of dress.

    Whether is posing in a dress or bikini, Chantel does it with glamour. Check our similar and favorite styles from Chantel Zales.

  • Israeli Blogger Korin Avraham

    Ya Salam Fashion Blog

    Sometimes, a person has a “a-ha” moment that changes their life in an unexpected way. It doesn’t have to be a huge earth-shaking event that happened. Sometimes, it can be something as simple as hearing a certain phrase, or seeing something on television. Sometimes, all it takes is a random thought to flip that switch on. For Korin, it was the latter.

    She goes into detail on her blog about having a moment where, in the face of a breakup, she realized that every girl should have the special breakup dress that she uses to make herself feel good and show what the guy is missing. That one random thought made her go home and create her blog. If you haven’t seen Ya Salam, or checked out her style yet, get ready to learn!

    Korin Avraham

    Korin is an Israeli blogger whose love of fashion goes back a long way. On her “why ya salam” page, she talks about how a memory of a childhood insistence on wearing a favorite outfit to her kindergarten graduation ended up naming her new blog. The story shows off the spirit that is the backbone of how she expresses her love for style and beauty. Who can resist some positive energy, right?

    Korin Avraham

    According to her blog bio, she has an extension background and education in finance and law, each of which have helped her build and maintain Ya Salam since 2011. Besides being a busy blogger making the rounds of fashion events, she says she works for Marquer Agency as a visual brander. Advertising, business, and law knowledge? How could her venture not succeed?

    Ya Salam Fashion Blog

    As mentioned, the blog started in 2011 as a hobby that would allow Korin to express her love of all things fashion-related, as well as lifestyle and travel. It’s a popular, crowded niche, but she’s managed to set herself apart from the crowd and turn her hobby into a career.


    Her work on the blog led a major publication to name the most popular Israeli blogger as well as being one of It Girls’ top five in the country. She’s also ranked highly among Instagrammers. She’s worked for big name brands and covered some of the biggest events in fashion.

    The popular blog is divided into several sections: fashion, lifestyle, and branding. She illustrates each post with high-quality photography that adds to the story told. She encourages readers in one post to not wait until New Year’s or some other special occasion to make a plan or enjoy some champagne. Check yasalam.com to check her style.

    Israeli Fashion

    Korin Avraham

    You’ve see how big an impact her blog has had in her area, and in the industry in general. This has spread to her @yasalamfashionblog account in Instagram, where she’s attracted over 52 thousand followers. Her account photos favor a lot of blues and greens, adding to a vibrant feeling. She adds in some interesting backdrops to make each image pop even more. She’s standing in traffic in one, lounging in water in another.

    • Lives: Tel Aviv
    • Career: Digital Marketer
    • Blog: Ya Salam

    To follow her elsewhere, you can check her Twitter (@YaSalamBlog), or check Facebook (YA Salam – fashion blog) The former don’t get used much, but the latter is updated regular and has over six thousand likes.

    Korin is always in an exotic place and taking fabulous pictures during her travels. We have selected our favorite picks from the week. Check the latest style and get ready for a trip to Tel Aviv.