• How To Model Swimwear

    black fringe one piece simwear

    Swimsuit Modeling Tips

    Looking to be a stand out of the season and get a little online influence? There are many things you can do to get the best shots possible for Instagram, or look your best while walking down the beach. Whether you favor a more adventurous style, some something simple and classy, there is something here for you. Check out some of these choices and see how we can help you rock them right.

    Before you make that swimwear choice, you should make sure you’re choosing something that you personally like, and you need to make sure you’re comfortable in it. If you feel good and can move freely without being self-conscious, you are on your way.

    Also, start by taking a look at our current clothing/suits and see what colors look the best with your skin tone and hair color. The wrong color for your skin tone can mess up your look and leave you feeling less than confident.

    Swimsuit Photoshoot Tips

    white striped one piece swimwear


    Finally, be sure to bring something new to the table. Chances are, you might be finding a suit someone else already is wearing to that beach day, party, etc. So accessorizing is key to making a look all your own, and expressing your personality. Isn’t that part of what makes fashion fun?


    Also, if you’re looking for some great Instagram shots, make sure you have a background that’s free of unnecessary distractions and photo-bombing. You’ll also want to try shooting at different times of day in different light so you can see what looks the best.

    How to Become a Bikini Model

    Consider looking up some Instagram tips online to get even more help on setting up the perfect shot. Some sites might even have filters you can download that will add more of a unique touch.

    Once you’ve found the suit that makes you feel good and look good, whether it be a one piece, bikini, or a more sporty style, you’re ready to start accessorizing and make the look your very own. Let’s take a quick look at some of the coverups, jewelry, and other items available here that can help you express your personal style.

    Beach Cover Ups

    These are not only something to add a little style, they can help give you extra coverage out there in the hot sun. Try an open look, like the Marine Reptile Beloved Cover Up by Malai Swimwear, or cover a bit more with their Marine Reptile Brisky Kaftan.

    If you don’t want to go with a more traditional beach cover-up, try the lush lace pants by Sauvage, the Cleo Stripe Jumpsuit by Agua Bendita, or the the Luxury Lace Shorts by Sauvage. There are also skirts, dresses, and caftans that you’ll want to check out here as well.

    Bahama mama lace cover up


    Noting adds a great touch to a look like jewelry, and there is plenty to choose from here, ranging from earrings like the Mia Leaf and Sun Statement earrings by Tess and Tricia, to the Bikini Luxe Grecian Princess Ring, our Triple Body Chain, or the ‘90s Tattoo Choker Jewelry Tree Piece Set. Bring some good vibes to your look with a Tai Evil Eye Necklace or their Horseshow Earrings. There’s no limit to the types of jewelry and styles featured here, so check them out and get creative.

  • Lauren Summer Career

    Lauren Summer lives and works as an editorial model in the Miami area of Florida. She has appeared in major magazines such as Lions, Lucky and Fuse Magazines, as well as Playboy. She also appeared on the cover of Celebrations.

    Lauren  Summer Model

    lauren summer barret

    In addition to being a model, Lauren runs a blog on her self-named website. Her blog covers uplifting topics such as the things in life that make her happy. She is also very open about the struggles she faces in her personal life, such as suffering from a panic disorder. Many of her blog entries detail the ways in which she manages her own anxiety, in the hopes that she can help readers manage theirs. Lauren also shares with her readers how and why she decided to work in the modeling industry.

    She reveals that as a student she was a tomboy who secretly dreamed of being a model. While her childhood and teenage years showed no outward signs of her wanting to become a model, in her nightly dreams she was everything from a sexy model to a powerful Bond girl. For Lauren, dreaming of becoming a model was the most empowering thing she could do for herself.

    Lauren Summer Panic Struggles

    Lauren’s personal struggle with panic disorder began after an event with her friends in which she passed out while attending a concert. This sent her and her mother to a doctor for some answers. After countless doctors’ appointments and tests, Lauren was finally discovered to be suffering from a panic disorder.

    Though medication was used to treat the disorder, Lauren was still suffering on an almost daily basis. Years later she would come to find out that she also had a condition called Serotonin Syndrome. It was battling this condition that ultimately led her back to modeling.


    Lauren Summer Social Media

    The best way for fans to keep up with Lauren is to follow her on social media. She can be found on Instagram @heylaurensummer, where she has 371,000 followers. Her Facebook page can be found @HeyLaurenSummer, which has 12,518 followers. She can also be found on Twitter @HeyLaurenSummer, where she has 10.5 thousand followers.

    Strappy bikini set

    Anyone struggling through life can turn to Lauren Summer for inspiration. By reading her refreshingly honest blog, many people can benefit from her words and her experiences. She has brought to light a condition that many people suffer from silently.

    Lauren is doing her part to contribute to the world and to help spread happiness to everyone she meets. She has no shame in sharing sensitive details of her personal life in the hopes of helping others. Her future looks bright as she continues to do her part to make the world better. She is committed to providing valuable insight on her blog so that its readers can gain insight into what makes her tick. With so much good in her, Lauren is sure to change the lives of her fans and blog readers around the world.

  • Most Popular Swimwear Trends 2019

     Types of Bathing Suits

    Swimwear for when you want to keep it simple and classy, or want more support. A lot of people favor a more daring and revealing style early on, but as they get older they lean more toward extra coverage and support, or they want simple designs that aren’t too flashy. Well, if that’s you, there are plenty of options available on the site from a variety of designers.

    If you browse the tops and bottoms collections, you might even be able to get creative and put together a combination that will be unique to you by mixing and matching the various pieces. And, let’s not forget all the great cover-ups and bottoms available to add even more unique touches to your beach look. But, obviously, it’s all gotta start with the swimwear. Here are a few great choices that are available now.

    Classy Full Coverage Bikini

    Classy full coverage


    One of the best choices (especially if you want to keep it really simple) is to choose a one piece. There are tons of great looks to pick from. One of those is the Estivo Pink Halter One Piece. It features removeable cups, and comes in a range of sizes. It’s a stylish, cut that looks fun and provides great support and coverage.

    If you’re looking for basic black, the Black Long Sleeve One Piece by Malai Swimwear is a great choice. It’s got tons of coverage, but also features some cut outs on the sides for a little bit of a daring touch. There’s several sizes available, and it’s great for those who like to keep active on the beach.

    Thong Swimsuits


    Mapale thong


    If you’re wanting to show a little more skin on the beach, but aren’t comfortable in thongs or other similarly skimpy cuts, there are also some fun options on the site. Let’s start with the Beauty Queen Pink Bikini Set by Mapalé. This one offers some bold, bright color perfect for a day outside, while also having a classic, supportive cut that will be sure to flatter. Among the pluses here? The top is adjustable, so you can be sure to get a comfortable, secure fit. There are several different sizes on the site as well.

    Black Bikinis

    Not loving bright colors? Well, how about the Cueva Bikini Set from Agua Bendita? This is one of the hottest brands out there, and it’s specifically made with simple elegance in mind. There is an underwire cup, too.

    Looking to mix and match (or get a set)? There is a top and bottom sold separately that could be a great combo, or matched with something else. It’s the Montce Cabana Ruffle Short Bikini Bottoms. They’re tie-up and can be adjusted to your comfort level, and the ties are strong, and irritation free.

    The bottoms also feature a bold design and a ruffled waistband that looks fun and stylish.

    cueva bikini set



  • Shannon Lawson Influencer

    Shannon Lawson represented by W model managment

     Less than two years ago, she caught gq.co.za’s eye as a model who’s light up Instagram this summer. In the two years since the article’s publication, this influencer has definitely kept herself busy, and continued building an impressive social following. If you’re looking for some fashion inspiration from Down Under, this is one person who should be on your list.

    Keep reading to learn more about her and her online/modeling work, as well as where you can follow her to see her must-wear clothes, travel destinations, and more. You’ll also get a few interview tidbits and where to read the full interviews to get an even better picture of the model and whether her vibe works for you.
    The basics

    Shannon Lawson Fashion Influencer

    So, let’s start with a bit of basic background information. According to her famous birthdays page, she is a Sydney-born model who recently turned 27. They also note how she’s been posting on an influencer’s favorite site since 2012, and she’s gotten quite a bit of media notice.

    Let’s check out some of her interviews to get an even better look at the person behind the account. According to that GQ interview mentioned above, she ended up moving to London to get her modeling career going before making yet another move. At the time of the interview, she’d had about 16 thousand Insta followers.

    During that interview, she talked about her favorite part of Australia, why she loves reading Instagram comments, and what she likes to do when she’s not working. Spoiler alert: this involves some marathon action, and no, we are not talking the running kind. She also talks about what she’d be doing if she wasn’t a model. She also talked about travel essentials and the good and bad that comes with a modeling career. Look up the full interview to learn more.

    Getting to Know Shannon Lawson

    SomethingYouSaid offered further insight a few years before that, where she talked about her life then, the good and bad of being tall, her educational background (spoiler alert: it’s something that helps her as an influencer and blogger on Tumblr), the rejection on faces in her line of work, and some surprising facts about herself that includes being in a major artist’s music video. She also talks about what she wants for the future, both professionally, and on a personal level. Look up the interview to learn more.

    You can find Shannon on her @Shannon_Lawson account. Since that interview nearly two years ago with GQ, her following has grown from 16K to over 90K followers.

    Shannon Lawson represented by Next miami models

    Shannon Lawson is lighting up Instagram

    She offers people a glimpse behind the scenes of shoots and other events, lots of travel photos, and has a bunch of featured stories on her account that share workout tips, a look into Miami Swim Week, and recipes for Butternut Soup and Courgette Pasta. In one post, she gets real about adult acne and loving your skin, while another talks about gymshark pool parties.

    She’s represented by Scoop Models, Lenis Models, and Next Models Miami, and has a depop shop linked to her account where you can get some great swimwear and other clothing.

    Shannon Lawson una diosa escultural


  • Heather Hogrefe Fashion Influencer

    Heather Hogrefe Blogger

    Heather Hogrefe Influencer

    As Sports Illustrated readers know, Heather Hogrefe was named the Lovely Lady of the Day in December 2014. This beautiful sought after model is also known as the blogger behind Love DaDa.

    More than just a model and a blogger, Heather has brains to back up her beauty. Though she is a passionate and enthusiastic fashionista, she also holds a Bachelors of Science in Nursing and is a registered nurse licensed to practice medicine.

    The Heather Hogrefe Instagram @msheatherlynne 

    Heather Hogrefe Bikini Picture
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    Based on her love of and passion for style and fashion; Heather created LoveDaDa for female readers of all ages. Her goal is to use the blog to inspire women everywhere no matter what their background is or the kind of life they have lived. She does this through the advice she offers, which is never sugarcoated or influenced by the media, major brand biases, or anything else.

    Heather is known for her signature style that everyday women can relate to because it doesn’t involve designer brand names and combines both modern and vintage clothing.

    The meat and potatoes of Heather’s blog are women’s fashion. Readers can browse pictures and blog entries on pants, denim, dresses, jewelry, shoes and tops. Each section contains style guides personally written by Heather. She shares with her readers how to make certain styles look good on them, helping women everywhere feel comfortable and confident in their wardrobe choices.

    Readers can get advice on putting together everything from a casual outfit to one perfect for a night out on the town. Heather gives readers several options for each outfit, so they can find the one that is right for them and tailor it to their own personal style and preferences.

    Readers can also get advice on how to wear different styles of dresses and how to style any particular type of dress to fit the occasion they are wearing it for. This is the type of advice that Heather gives that other fashion bloggers do not. Her raw honesty is rare in the industry and helps her stand out from her fellow bloggers.

    However, that does not mean she holds herself in higher regards than them. In fact, she makes it a point to interview other bloggers for Love DaDa. She does her best to promote those bloggers that she feels are as passionate about what they do as she is about what she does.

    Love Dada Blog

    Fans of Heather and of Love DaDa need look no further than social media in order to keep up with her and the blog. She can be found on Instagram @msheatherlynne, where she has 460,000 followers. The blog has its own Instagram @lovedadablog, which has 3,644 followers.

    Heather brings a breath of fresh air to the world of blogging. Readers will find that it is a great resource for getting honest and real fashion advice. Love DaDa is one blog that women all over the world can use to help them discover their own style.