Yoyo Cao

This influencer might be familiar. If she is, there’s a good reason for that. Yoyo has made history more than once in her career, and she’s sure to continue to do so as she keeps pushing her personal boundaries. She’s one of the earlier influencers who jumped on the Instagram train before it became the massively popular network it is now, and that has not only given her some online fame, it’s also helped her as a business woman to expand and grow in a competitive industry. Let’s take a look at what makes this fashion influencer a must-follow, and where you can keep up with her adventures.

Yoyo Cao

There’s not really much to say about Yoyo’s early days. Various interviews and articles talk about her being born in Macau, but not much else is really known about her and her family background. According to an 8days.sg slideshow detailing four things followers may not know about her, but she declined to say what her parents do except for that they are business owners. Not surprising, considering what she’s managed to accomplish.

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The same slide also talked about how she was living on her own since the age of eighteen, and other interviews detailed her starting a clothing store back in 2010. To learn a few more of these surprising facts, look the article up!

Singapore Fashion Influencer

Another thing that comes up multiple times when looking up info about Yoyo is that she, like many other influencers who have made it big, had an early love of clothes that has been the foundation of her business decisions. She studied for years and earned a degree before opening her retail store back in 2010. She talks often about how she saw a niche that was not being filled and set out to make sure her store filled it. A great lesson for any budding business owner out there.

Yoyo Cao

From there, she took to Instagram and her blog, yoyokulala.com to share her style philosophy and promote her business. She also talks lifestyle and beauty. Since then, she has attracted attention from some major brands like Chaumet, Tiffany & Co., and Tommy Hilfiger. Her unique combinations are what really attract attention, and led her to being asked to style a fashion show. This is where she took another natural turn, as she mentioned in several interviews that designing the outfits herself seemed like a logical choice. The result was Exhibit, a brand that she has been working hard to take further each year.

A fun tidbit? Her website bio lists her as being the first digital influencer to become a cover girl in Singapore.

  • Age: 27 years old
  • Lives: Singapore
  • Career: Fashion designer

Yoyo Cao
Instagram is obviously the platform of choice for the influencer, as she was one of the first to start using it. She takes it seriously, talking about her process for finding locales in the 8days.sg slideshow mentioned above. The hard work has paid off, as she has over 260 thousand people following her @yoyokulala handle.

There, followers learn about her latest blog posts, partner brands, and her adventures. Her images also make it evident she works hard to find that perfect backdrop for each shot.

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