Brazilian Cut Bikini Choices

There are many styles of swimwear with the growing expanse of online shopping. Our options are no longer limited to seasonal shopping options in stores that only offer restricted style options. There are some stores, that while they try to offer an expansive selection, are still limited in the styles. One style that was not seen up until recently in stores is the Brazilian style swimwear. However, this brand has been popular online for quite some time, including here at Bikini Luxe. There are several different variations on this style and how it can be worn, especially in the ever popular bikini option.

Brazilian swimwear in general is popular due to its lack of material in the swimsuit. Even though bikinis are known for their lack of coverage (in a good way, of course), these ones are more advanced in that area. This means that while the the Brazilian bikinis remain stylish and sleek on the skin, they allow for the maximum amount of skim exposed for better tanning, sunbathing, or attracting attention from passers-by.

Perfect for Minimal Tan Lines

Styles that are found on Bikini Luxe are smooth to the touch and have little accents on them to make them unique to each customer. There are the options of pastel colors that are decorated with small, intricate braids for example, that trail from the front of the suit bottom to the back. These accent the slimness of the wearer and add a little flair to the fashionable suit. These tops of these spectacular pieces offer a sexy gap between the parts that cover the breast, allowing for the minimum tan lines. They also offer an accented band along the bottom which draws the eye to the breasts that are well supported in the top but showing their stuff to those who look.

Other Brazilian bikinis have a wild flavor to them, being the preferred choice for those who just want to go crazy and have an equally careless and carefree attitude. This option allows for even more skin to be shown for the onlooker and is a popular choice for the teen on the lookout for a young, vibrant fashion option. On the bottom and top, the white lacing around the pattern accentuates the thinness of the wearer as well as making the pattern brighter and make the sun pick up the bright colors easier. This particular suit is not meant for the meek and mild wearer, it takes a fierce, confident person to pull off a suit this wild and carefree.


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Choosing a Brazilian Bikini Bottom

The brazilian bikini bottom is mostly twined laces that trail around the body in a hip-hugging fashionable belt. The fabric that does cover the pieces of the body that are essential, is tastefully applied so everything is covered, yet the maximum amount of skin is exposed. Though the laces would leave multiple tan lines on the skin, this particular suit would be great for a meander along the beach or a wade in the water. The bright colors will prevent the suit from being see-through, so it's great for a full on swim in the salty ocean if the need arises.

Another excellent option that falls into the Brazilian cut bikini section would be the Brazilian bikini bottom with a more traditional tops. The bottoms would sport the bright, young patterns that are so popular in the younger wearers, and those same patterns would be seen in the various style tops that may offer more comfort for different shaped women. After all, some people prefer halter top to strapless, etc. For example, you are able to get tops that resemble a cropped tank top, or a sports bra. They offer coverage and comfort, but also sexiness in the amount of cleavage that is pushed up from tight, restrictive material of the top. Strings trail and cross-cross across the back to prevent the straps from slipping off the shoulders.

The bottom in some of these suits is unique and also great for swimming in. A thick elastic band in the fabric keeps the bottom in place while allowing the fabric below to expose the skin and keep everything covered where it should be as well. This combination of practicality and sexiness is hard to find in some suits, but Brazilian bikinis do a great job at hitting these marks.


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Advantages of Brazilian Bikini Swimwear

Brazilian bikinis with halter top options make a great option for those who want to show off their chest. Halter tops are notorious for accentuating a woman's chest, and these Brazilian versions make this even stronger and more flattering. The strings are able to secure tightly at the nape of the neck and the string that holds both pieces of the top together is exaggerated, offering the maximum view on the chest in true Brazilian style. The bottom of these models also have the string looping from side to side and offering lots of exposed skin but also keeping everything securely in place. Basically, these particular types of swimsuits are popular for security and comfort. The only possible downfall would be that kids could easily untie the laces from behind, making the whole top fall off in one motion. So, a mom or sister may want to think twice about the halter top option if they have kids, or they will have to ensure that they tie the knots very tight!

Key Points for Brazilian Swimwear

  • Accentuate more than Regular Swimwear
  • Less Coverage for a better tan
  • Very Comfortable
  • High Quality Brazilian Hand Made Material 

Overall, Brazilian style swimsuits including bikini bottoms and the Brazilian bikini cuts, offer much to the modern woman of any age. They are flattering for many figures and many top and bottom options are available, and the option exists to find the right combination of top and bottom. This kind of personalization and variety of selections make the entire swimsuit buying process more fun, entertaining, and also allows a higher success rate to finding the exact right combination for your next extravaganza to the beach. From start to finish, shopping is an easier experience online, from the variety of options to the extensive combinations of tops and Brazilian bikini bottoms that often aren't seen in stores.