What My Boyfriend wore is a unique blog/fashion diary set to take the world by storm. The author of this fashion diary is Sergio Ines, a popular influencer in the fashion industry. He is one of the few male bloggers to conquer an industry primarily dominated by women.

Sergio Ines

Fashion Influencer

The idea for "What My Boyfriend Wore" came about when a past girlfriend of Sergio decided to document every outfit he wore and posted a picture of each one to her Instagram account. Those posts garnered so much attention and became so popular that Sergio was inspired to create his own fashion dairy.

What My Boyfriend Wore

Men’s fashion isn’t discussed nearly as much as women’s fashions are, but this blog is changing that. It covers basic fashions that any man can embrace. The blog is presented in diary fashion and lacks a complicated layout that could slow readers down. Instead, it simply lists entries on topics such as product reviews and items that Sergio has personally used in his life. It even includes his thoughts and recommendations on classic cocktails and culture inspired dishes, as well as physical challenges.

Much of the blog focuses on changing up the traditional men’s wardrobe to make it more interesting. In one entry he explains how men can successfully mix multiple patterns within the same outfit for a pulled together and polished look. In another, he gives his thoughts on the typical men’s business suits and provides suggestions on how to create a unique but desirable style for any professional outfit.

In the course of his travels, Sergio also shares with his readers, critiques of some of the hotels he stays in along the way. Each entry includes photos of the hotel’s amenities, such as fine dining establishments. Readers can use this information to help plan their own worldwide travel.

  •  Blog: What My Boyfriend Wore
  • Career: Fashion influencer
  • Favorite fragrance: Fierce by Abercrombie and Fitch

Fans can follow Sergio and his blog on social media sites. The Instagram account for the blog can be found @whatmyboyfriendwore, which has 229,000 followers. The Facebook page can be found @whatmyboyfriendwore, which has 22,502 followers. Fans can also follow Sergio personally, on Instagram @sergio_ines, where he has 12.3 thousand followers. His Twitter can be found @whatmybfwore, which has thousands of followers as well.

Men's Fashion

Sergio is not afraid to use What My Boyfriend Wore to share his thoughts on men’s fashions with the world. He believes in helping every man find his own personal sense of style. He has had much success in an industry that has not always been kind to men. Through his blog and social media sites, he shares his passion with the world in an unapologetic way. He is a trailblazer for men who are interested in fashion but don’t know what to do. He can serve as an inspiration to men who want to embrace fashion as much as many women do. The future looks bright for What My Boyfriend Wore, as well as for Sergio.

Sergio Ines

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