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Who Reads Who Wore What?

Created by Danielle Bernstein, We Wore What is a unique fashion blog that aims to help women easily choose their daily outfits. In the beginning, the blog was simply meant to provide inspiration to women struggling to figure out what to wear every day. It quickly morphed into a reliable, yet aspirational look at how women can use their clothes to present themselves to the world.

We Wore What isn’t just for women though, as it also includes helpful tips for men who want to look their best. The blog also dives into the idea of interior design, inspiring its readers to express themselves through their home décor and furniture as well.



Instagram Style Influencer - Danielle Bernstein


In addition to her passion for helping women plan the perfect stylish outfit, Danielle also strongly believes in preserving the environment through efficient use of plants. This is an important issue that many young people overlook, but it is Danielle’s goal to make every one of them stop and think about what they can do to help the environment.


At 24 years old Danielle Bernstein is a trailblazer in the fashion industry, having even been interviewed by the New York Times in January 2016. Having launched her blog while she was attending New York City’s Fashion Institute of Technology, Danielle has taken what was once a hobby and turned it into her full time career.




We Wore What Style Blog


Fashion Trailblazer - Making A Unisex Style Blog

We Wore What is divided into four main sections; outfits, interior, men’s and lifestyle. The outfits portion of the blog shows women how to make even the most casual outfit look stunning. The interior portion of the blog includes Danielle’s recommendations for furniture such as coffee tables and bar carts.


The men’s portion of the blog includes advice on choosing shorts that are just the right length and sweat suits that can be worn stylishly. The lifestyle portion of the blog is where Danielle shares stories and pictures of her travels with her many readers and fans. It also includes tips on how to pack clothes for a vacation in any type of climate with the goal being to combine style with comfort.




Top Style Influencer - We Wore What


Top Social Media Influencer

Following We Wore What on social media is easy to do. Here are the stats:

  • The blog’s Facebook page can be found @weworewhat and has over 185,000 followers
  • Its Instagram can be found @weworewhat, where it has 1.6 million followers
  • Danielle and her blog also have a presence on Twitter @WeWoreWhat, with more than 37 thousand followers
  • With over 22,000 followers on Pinterest @weworewhat, Danielle has made quite an impact on people all over the world
  • Danielle can also be found on the popular app Snapchat @weworewhat 


Since 2012 the industry has taken notice of her as a blogger, when popular website Refinery29 choose Danielle as the “Next Big Style Blogger.” As a result, she was able to work with Macy’s to form a brand partnership in which she helped promote a label sold exclusively by the company. Her career has taken off since then and continues to do so successfully.




Fashion Blogger Turned Fashion Designer


 More About Danielle Bernstein


  • She's the designer of Second Skin Overalls
  • She took on this design project by herself
  • Her line made $70,000 3 hours after the launch! Impressive!
  • She makes up to $15,000 per Instagram post
  • She was featured on Forbes 30 Under 30 List
  • She was profiled in a video documentary called The Creative Influence
  • She's a Gemini