There’s one thing that usually separates the successful from the dreamers. They’re usually fearless pursuers of their dreams and are willing to take big chances. Her story is a great example of that principle. What else would you call it when a seventeen-year-old girl decides to leave her home country to pursue a difficult profession in the big apple?

Vita Sidorkina

That is exactly what Vita did, and her big gamble has paid off.  Today, she’s a successful model and social media personality. Let’s get to know a little more about Vita and how she’s using her social celeb status.

Victoria's Secret Model Vita Sidorkina

According to Wikipedia Vita was born in Khabarovsk, Russia, where she was raised until she moved to New York. Born in 1994, this 23-year-old had some quick success upon her arrival in America. According to Wiki, she landed her first big runway gig the same year she moved here, and she hasn’t slowed down since.


She’s been credited with various shoots in magazines such as Oyster, French Revue des Modes, and even Vanity Fair’s Italian edition.  She also did a campaign for Sauvage Swimwear, showing off their Como 2017 Collection. Those aren’t her biggest gigs, though. This 5’8 cover girl has also walked the catwalk for Victoria’s Secret multiple times, even doing a feature in Harper’s Bazaar to show off how one gets ready to participate in such an iconic fashion event. Most recently, she became a 2017 Rookie for Sports Illustrated’s Swimsuit issue. The online version of the publication featured her in their Rookie of the Year contest as well.

That same feature revealed her beginnings working in a bakery, and that she is learning Italian. Look it up to learn even more about her and why she’s shown an interest in that language.

By the way, she is also listed as one of Popsugar’s models to follow on snap chat.

What to Wear in Italy

Vita Sidorkina

Vita recently got married with Italian millionaire Valerio Morabito on Italy's Amalfi Coast. For your next Italy trip, wear a beautiful two piece like Vita Sidorkina.

Vita is one social celeb and model with a drive to do good, having attached herself to the Voss foundation. The charity is dedicated to making sure that the people of Sub-Saharan Africa have access to safe, clean water as well as proper sanitation.

The organization featured her as one of their supporters, sharing how her love of a healthy lifestyle is part of what attracted her to the organization. They also shared a quote where she talks about how lucky other places are to have such access and why she thinks it is so important to help. She’s even going to take part in a cocktail party on July 3 to benefit the organization.

Vita Sidorkina Diet

To prepare for Victoria's Secret fashion show, Vita followed a strict diet and beauty routine. During the morning, she prepared yogurt with mixed berries for energy and an avocado for snack. Also, She would wake up each day at 6:30 am for a quick workout. 

  • Born: March 20th
  • Age: 23 years old
  • Height: 5'8"
  • Nationality: Russian
  • Hair color: dark blonde
  • Weight: 115 lbs
  • Eye color: blue


The IMG model is obviously social savvy, making a home on three of the big networks: Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Her Instagram, @vitasidorkina, has attracted over 800 thousand followers who want to see what she’s wearing and what she’s up to next. She also gives them a look into her every day routine, sharing snaps while she’s out and about. One showed off her coffee break before hitting the gym for some Pilates.

You can also find Vita on Facebook by searching for Vita Sidorkina. She has over 400 thousand likes there.

Finally, she’s on Twitter as @vitasidorkina, where she has over 59 thousand followers. This is one of the lesser-used accounts, though, as the latest tweet there is from February.

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