The Queen of Wanderlust:  Fashion Travel Blogger Jessica Stein

 Travel Inspo by Blogger Jessica Stein


Tuulua Vintage is a popular blog run by Jessica Stein. She describes the blog as her diary of her fashionable wardrobe and her passion for traveling. Though she is based in Australia her blog covers her adventures in places such as Croatia, Denmark, Germany, Italy, Mexico, Poland, Spain, Sweden, Turkey and the United States.


The avid traveler has admitted the place she visits have a large impact on her inspiration for her own personal wardrobe. London, New York, Berlin and other cities have been a driving force in the styles that Jessica loves the most.



Tuula Vintage - Popular Fashion Travel Blog


What Started Tuula Vintage?

Tuula Vintage dates back to 2010 when Jessica decided to become a blogger at a time when blogs were beginning to rise in popularity, especially in the fashion industry. However, the original intent of the blog was simply to allow Jessica to share her love of travel with the world. The growth of the blog made it what it is today.

Her passion for traveling is surpassed only by her passion for fashion, as anyone who reads her blog can see. In fact, Teen Vogue named her as a Blogger of the Moment and spoke to her about what her blog is all about. Jessica explained that the name of her blog is one version of the word “wind” in the Finnish language. She said she chose the name because she likes to “go with the wind.”



Tuula Vintage Boho Style


Jessica’s take on style is based on the idea of less being more. For example, she often takes designer clothing and wears it with some type of vintage or high street item. Her passion for style is especially strong for Australian designers Zimmerman and Lover among others. Timeless fashions recommended by Jessica include flowing maxi skirts. She has also stated she would like to see resurgence in the popularity of wide legged pants.


Fashion Style Inspiration - Tuula Vintage


Jessica Stein is a fashion and travel blogger from Tuula Vintage. It’s those credentials that makes her the perfect candidate to produce the ultimate swimwear collection. She is forever travelling, topping up her tan, and generally sports white swimwear. Tuula Vintage is likely best known for the Instagram posts that strike jealousy in the heart of even the calmest person, as well as her idyllic travel photos.

Instagram Fame And More

Jessica Stein’s Instagram has well over two million followers, and she’s the most popular blogger in Australia. Her popularity is so advanced, that her following is greater than Delta Goodrem, Guy Sebastian, and Jessica Mauboy combined (those are major Australian pop stars, by the way- and combined their Instagram following is just over a million). That’s not too bad for a fashion blogger from New South Wales’ Central Coast, is it?

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Her online presence started in 2010, and originally, it was intended to be a site where friends and family could keep track of her travels. Her readership grew, as did her reputation for having a seriously impeccable sense of style. Now? Well, she is one of the world’s most influential and popular fashion bloggers! Stein managed to combine her two greatest loves, travel and fashion, and create a booming business!

She has worked with Victoria Secret, in fact, when they posted a pic of her in their swimwear and tagged her, she picked up over 9 million new fans. She also works with numerous hotels, fashion companies, and even tourism boards, across the world.

Her Instagram account has over two million followers, and she can also be found across a variety of social media platforms. What can you expect to find from her feed? Stunning locations and exotic food, as well as a healthy mix of her solo and accompanied ventures. The photos are as inspirational as they as aspirational. Remember, though, she, like many other social media influencers, were just regular people who took their passion projects to the next level.

jessica stein

In February, she announced that she was seven months pregnant. It was an unexpected turn of events, especially for her and her husband, as she had long believed that she would be unable to carry a child after a being hit by a car in her teen years. The pregnancy was difficult and her risks were great, which is why they waited until such a late date to announce the bundle of joy. Despite that, though, she continued to share stunning photos, she still successfully rocked a bikini, showing off her growing bump. Her baby girl arrived in April, and both are healthy and happy.

She isn’t very active online right now, she’s taking time to enjoy her little one, but you can guarantee she won’t be gone for too long.

As a popular and widely read blog, Tuula Vintage has taken the world of social media by storm.

  • Currently more than two million Instagram members follow the blog’s page @tuulavintage
  • More than one million follow the blog on Facebook @ tuula
  • Jessica and Tuula Vintage have 40 thousand followers on Twitter @tuulavintage
  • She also runs a video diary on her Youtube channel. Fans can get a glimpse of her adventures as she traveled the world.

Especially in Australia, her blog is particularly popular. She is one of eight bloggers the country considers its most elite. Jessica is truly a trend watcher and trend maker in her home country. She often shares with her readers the way in which she chooses her daily outfits, inspiring many of them to think as she does. Not only is she excellent at advising her readers about what to wear she is equally as excellent when sharing with them her favorite stores to shop at.

With a passion others can’t come close to meeting, Jessica Stein works every day to further the reach of her blog and use it to educate and inform women all over the world.


Social Media Influencer - Jessica Stein