People hang posters of Tanya Mityushina on their walls.

Mit Tanya

Tanya Mitushina Age

Russian model Tanya Mityushina is a 23 year old Frankies Girl who has appeared in ad campaigns for brands such as Victoria’s Secret, Intimissimi and Guess Lingerie. She has also been featured in Sports Illustrated, which she credited with changing her modeling career.

Sports Illustrated discovered Tanya when she was visiting her storage unit in a New York City facility.

Tanya had moved from New York to Los Angeles and returned to New York to have her belongings shipped to her new home. At the time, Tanya’s agent advised her to go to the headquarters for Sports Illustrated while she was in the city.

She took her agent’s suggestion and within one week she had been invited to pose for the magazine. Now based in Los Angeles, Tanya began modeling in Russia after a fashion model friend of hers showed Tanya’s picture to the Elite Modeling Agency.

Shortly afterwards, she settled down in the United States. Tanya is never afraid to show off her body in public. Her confidence in her appearance is obvious as she is known for attending red carpet events sans bra.


Frankie's Girl Tanya

As a Frankies Girl, Tanya is someone young women all over the world can look up to. She is the epitome of feminine beauty and is proof that modeling can be an inspirational career. Tanya’s passion for modeling has led to some acting gigs as well.

She also mingles with celebrities and recently attended an Academy Awards Viewing Party hosted by Elton John to benefit his AIDS Foundation.

Tanya Mityushina Instagram

Not one to shy away from social media, Tanya can be found on Instagram @mit_tanya, where she has 200,000 followers. She also has thousands of followers on Twitter, where she can be found @tanyamiytushi. Fans can find her on Facebook @timityushina, where she has over 231,000 followers.

Using social media Tanya is able to keep up with her fans and followers as she continues to inspire them. Tanya’s refreshing honesty in interviews shows that she is not afraid to be herself. This confidence has helped her achieve success in her modeling career.

Tanya is a down to earth young woman who has not let her modeling career go to her head. She remains humble and modest about her success in the industry so far. As she continues her modeling career, Tanya makes it a point to serve as an inspiration for young women by remaining upbeat and positive. Her determination to succeed in a very competitive industry is a testament to her work ethic and the kind of person she is.

Since she became a Frankies Girl, Tanya has been enjoying a successful career. Her time in the spotlight has been positive and has continued to motivate her to achieve her modeling goals. Tanya continues to enjoy her time in the spotlight. Her modeling career has been moving at a respectable pace and she still has more to conquer. Her passion for what she does is obvious in every photo shoot she poses for.