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If you love Jimmy Choo, you probably know the name Tamara Mellon. She’s the co-founder of the iconic line, having come up with a business plan for the company while going through personal challenges. This seems to be the theme for Tamara. Like many other business people, it’s not always an easy road, but her story is a good example of why it’s important to keep working toward your goal, whatever that goal might be. Read on to learn a few lessons from one of the biggest people in fashion accessories.

The Jimmy Choo Co-Founder

Tamara is an English-born woman who has some interesting genetics. Her father, according to Wikipedia, was a stunt double, and her mother was a model for Chanel. She’s credited this for her drive and mind for business in several interviews. Her father, in fact, was the one who eventually relented and gave her the money that would allow her to start an iconic fashion brand after seeing her business plan and how dedicated and persistent she was in getting things together. She talked about that a little more in-depth in an interview with Into the Gloss, and in her memoir, which was discussed on Bloomberg.

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She began her fashion career as a photographer who was determined to shoot a different type of shoe than what was available at the time. This led her to future business partner, Jimmy Choo. While the publications career eventually faded away, she’d already put the next challenge in motion by giving the designer exposure.

Tamara Mellon Leaves Jimmy Choo

There’s nothing more terrifying at times than taking that step into the unknown, which is what Mellon did when she eventually left the company due to various stresses and issues. It’s a lesson in taking stock of your career/or personal situation and deciding what you’re willing to stick with and what doesn’t serve you anymore. She wrote extensively in her book about her days with the company and has given many interviews about the situation, including that Bloomberg feature, and a Forbes interview.

Tamara Mellon

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While she decided she was making the right choice to leave, it apparently wasn’t an easy road, which is sometimes the case with huge career changes. She went bankrupt with her next venture, her own line that was being sold in the traditional retail sense, something that still wasn’t quite fitting the vision she had for herself. Once the dust settled and she’d taken stock of what she learned, she moved on to the next phase.

Tamara Mellon Shoes

She admitted in several interviews about not liking the norms of the fashion industry schedule, and how it’s delivered to consumers. By finally getting clear on, and committing to her vision, she found the perfect fit. She now has her own line of bags, boots, sandals, and more that she sells directly to her customers from her own website, TamaraMellon.com.

Tamara Mellon

 Traveling Tips by Tamara Mellon

  • Wear basic pieces
  • Pack a good pair of shoes
  • Wear cashmere socks
  • Use packing pouches
  • Use tissue paper between garments to prevent wrinkles

This has allowed her to fulfill every one of the visions that she had when she originally opened the line originally, including continuing online growth, which she had insisted for a while was something vital in the industry. To that end, you can connect with her on twitter as @tamaramellon, on Instagram as @tamaramellon, and on facebook as Tamara Mellon (@TamaraMellonBrand)

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