MyFashDiary is a blog and website founded by Tala Samman. The accomplished DJ was born in Chicago but raised in Dubai. She grew up to become a passionate blogger and fashion influencer. While attending high school she wrote for its newspaper, contributing to the style section.

Tala Samman


After graduating from the London College of Fashion she went on to launch My Fash Diary. It was the United Arab Emirate’s first blog, which made history when it launched in 2009. Since then My Fash Diary received a Dubai awards nomination for Ahlan!’s best magazine. The blog was also nominated for awards by Twitter and Marie Claire magazine. On a personal note, Tala had the honor of winning 2011’s Dubai’s Hot 100 as well as the 2011 Grazia award for Best Blog. One year later she was honored with The Grazia Middle East Award for Fashion Personality of the Year.

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Dubai Fashion Blogger

The MyFashDiary blog includes sections for fashion, beauty, food and travel. The fashion section includes entries on the top brands in women’s clothing, seasonal style guides and fashion based interviews. The beauty section includes blog entries on dental hygiene, skin treatments and much more.

Tala also includes restaurant reviews in the food section of her blog. She reviews her favorite Dubai restaurants and encourages her readers to try them if they are ever in Dubai. The travel section of the blog includes reviews of hotels all over the world, including in Dubai, New York City, Turkey and Shanghai. She even includes pictures of some of her favorite dishes at these restaurants. Fans that want to keep up with all the latest blog entries in MyFashDiary can always subscribe to its free newsletter.

  •  Age: 28 years old
  • Studied: The London College of Fashion
  • Birthday: June 8th
  • Blog: My Fash Diary

Having done many interviews for her own blog, Tala also gives interviews to other bloggers. She told the Inside Out Style blog that she recommends wearing cozy outfits when traveling. Tala encourages her readers to wear layers and travel in leggings, soft sweaters and loose t-shirts. She also said that a staple in her wardrobe is her Acne biker jacket.

Tala Samman Contributions

Tala has had much success with MyFashDiary. Her passion for style is contagious as she has inspired similar passions in women all over the world. At the age of 28, she has already become a significant influencer in the fashion industry. Her work with magazines and newspapers such as Marie Claire and The Guardian, as well as her contributions to the Huffington Post has gone a long way in helping her become the powerful influencer she is today. With a following all over the world, Tala has proven that she is a great source of fashion information.

Tala Samman

Fans are encouraged to follow MyFashDiary on social media. The Instagram page, where she often posts pictures of her performing her favorite workout routines can be found @myfashdiary and has 122,000 followers. The Twitter page can be found @myfashdiary and has 19.1 thousand followers. The Facebook page can be found @Myfashdiary and has 15,532 followers.

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