• Meet the Beauty with Brains Xenia Van Der Woodsen

    If you're not up to speed on popular style blogger Xenia Van Der Woodsen, you're welcome for the introduction. She’s ranked by famous birthdays as one of the most popular German authors, as well as one of the most popular authors of her age group. She’s a multi-talented influencer who has made a huge impact on Instagram.

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    Read on to learn more about this lifestyle and fashion influencer who also bares her soul to her audience, and find out where to follow her.

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    Xenia is a 25-year-old German born blogger who runs XeniaOverdose. The fact she has turned her blog into a big business isn’t surprising, as she’s listed on famous birthdays as having a business degree. Yes, sometimes is takes a little more than a way with words and a good camera to make it in the competitive social media world. She’s an avid traveler as well.



    Reading her site, it’s become very clear why her audience has connected with her. Yeah, the fashion spreads are fun, and fashionistas would not get bored scrolling through her various looks. People who adore stocking up on the latest beauty products are also going to find a ton of stuff on her site to keep them busy (while possibly filling their shopping cart!) The travel photos are also something that is surely attracting web users who can’t get enough of stunning imagery. Still, in a cluttered field with tons of accounts to choose from, you need to offer something a little different.

    Her thoughts section of her website is where things go from fun, pretty products and locales to deeply personal. She speaks openly about depression and anxiety, and getting herself back on track when the anxiety is paralyzing. She talks about her host family and how the mother inspired her to get all the things done early in the day. Xenia also speaks openly about her reaction to terrorism and tragedy, and her struggle to understand. Adding some more value, she also gives readers tips that will help them to be more productive and reach their goals.

    In the fitness section, she has an interesting three-part series on Intuitive eating that encourages the reader to drop the traditional diet mindset and start honoring their body. She goes over each on her intuitive eating principles in detail, offering a great perspective on getting healthy.

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    Xenia Van Der Woodsen is easy to find online. Her Instagram is @xeniaoverdose and is followed by more than 900 thousand users who are looking to see her next style choice, or see where she’s traveling next. Her account is filled with travel shots, fashion, food, and partner brands.

    On Facebook, she’s Xenia Van Der Woodsen. It’s easy to know it’s her, because she has a verified account, and has over 170 thousand likes.

    Finally, you can subscribe to her Xenia Van Der Woodsen YouTube channel, where her videos have attracted over 300 thousand views and fourteen thousand subscribers. Some of her videos are in her native German, while others are in English. She talks about her first Coachella, her competitive nature, and a Cannes road trip.

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