• Best Looks For a Summer You Won't Forget

    It’s time to send your style into overdrive as summer hits its peak heading into August. There’s no better time to gear up for exciting events and activities you’ll miss when you’re bundled up in cozy sweater reminiscing about your past season’s memories.

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    For the Pool Party …

    red one piece 

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    The California One Piece suit from Solkissed was made for the girl who lives to stand out. The 70s style cut bottom leaves your legs looking miles long, while the plunging, open back adds a dramatic touch. The unique hand-painted bull design makes you feel like you just walked out of Coachella and onto the rooftop pool. Most of all, the siren call color of red will set you apart and show you off like the star you are.


    For Swim and the Sand …

    yellow swimsuit

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    Let’s not forget one of the most important parts of summer: soaking up the sun. Whether you’re gunning for a goddess-like tan or simply a suit to swim in, Dbrie’s Daisy Set is the perfect match. The top’s sweetheart cut bandeau with adjustable shoulder ties coupled with the bottoms offered in a range of coverage lets you choose your style and comfort. The simplistic and flattering look is one that can’t be missed.


    For Brunch …

    pink romper

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    Cheers to bottomless mimosas and perfecting this feminine yet daring Sunday morning look. You’ll be even more excited for brunch when you can show off Lolli’s Flirty Romper. The adorable frill cap sleeves and bottom cut make this look cute, while the center cut and saucy neckline captivate. Being sexy and girly never looked so effortless.


    For the Outdoor Barbecue …

    red two piece set

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    Nothing says summer more than outdoor grilling with your favorite people on a warm summer evening. Keep cool (and chic) in Soah's Sunny Red Wrap Blouse (to be paired with Coco Red Culottes Pants). The soft silk/cotton blend material paired with the deep V neckline makes it a season staple. Better yet, throw it over your bikini and make it your go-to cover up!


    For the Gym …

    chic sports bra

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    It’s so much easier to motivate yourself to hit the treadmill if your outfit is as killer as your abs. Michi’s Le Mans Bra leaves you strapped in and ready for high impact action without sacrificing style. The deep colors make the even lightest or deepest summer tans pop while the modern bondage style cut provides high support but keeps the shape slim and streamlined. Two words: elegant yet edgy; the Bikini Luxe way.


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  • Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Runway Show

    A movement has been spreading more and more with each year that has changed the modeling industry. Instagrammers, consumers, and models have come out to break the picture-perfect standards that usually dominate the covers at your local supermarket. This movement, which you can see posts about by searching the tag #effyourbeautystandards, emphasizes that women can be beautiful in various shapes and sizes. They can be quirky. They can be what you see when you walk down your street (or look in the mirror).

    Body Positive Blog

    One of those people, Instagram's Sonny Turner, challenged the industry to make suits for women of all sizes. She illustrated that with a post featured on mic.com of her wearing the largest suit available in the store she was in. This attracted over 20 thousand reactions and she’s continued being an advocate for changing body standards. She was even invited to speak at a Fashion summit by Facebook and Instagram to speak on the topic of diversity.


    Plus Size Swim


    Another instagrammer, Megan Jayne Crabbe, was featured on the FOX News website’s Lifestyle section talking about the topic as well. The author and bodyposipanda.com owner is a self-described anorexia conqueror and has been working hard to spread the message of being okay with your body as it is. The movement has gotten loud, and people are taking notice.

    Trendy Plus Size Bathing Suits

    According to a Today article, a recent study found that the average American woman is nowhere near the usual model size. So what happens when advertisers and companies are no longer aligning with most of the buying public? It opens a whole new market that enterprising creatives are rushing to be a part of.

    One brand, Swim Sexy by fashion blogger GabiFresh, launched back in 2015 and has continued to attract consumers with its wide variety of plus sizes that will help woman support their bodies and feel comfortable while out in the sun. It’s become so popular, GabiFresh has partnered with another brand, SwimSuitsForAll, to create a new line that includes both one-piece and-two-piece suits, as well as cover ups. The line and GabiFresh were featured on Seventeen.com’s site, which included a video showing off some of the designs.

    As mentioned above, there’s SwimSuitsForAll that has been pushing the size boundaries and opening up the modeling game. Because of these brands and their campaigns other brands are beginning to look outside the typical model box when planning a spread.

    Sports Illustrated Swim

    Now, let’s be realistic. Plus-size modeling isn’t exactly a brand-new thing. According to express.co.uk, iconic brand Yves Saint Laurnet helped to spark the movement back in 2000. The article also pointed out how the plus-size model opportunities have grown a lot, particular after 2009 when Crystal Renn came onto the scene. Only a couple of years later, and there were many new brands utilizing models of different sizes, even putting them on the runway. But there’s one big gig that opened up only this year that’s really changed the game.

    Sports Illustrated’s Swimsuit Issue is probably the most coveted gig in the industry, and Hunter McGrady has been making lots of headlines for having broken that barrier earlier this year with her feature in the issue. The magazine even had the first curvy woman to be featured on their cover (one of three that Refinery29 says the magazine put out to celebrate different types of models) this year.

    In fact, according to People, the entire issue was all about celebrating body diversity, something that McGrady was quoted as saying she really appreciated. The article goes on to talk about how the issue included different ages, and even had more athletes in it.

    Another article showed how landing the SI gig was an even bigger victory for McGrady: it highlighted an Instagram post where she talked about how hard it was for her to make it as a model because even when she was really skinny, the industry still considered her too big to work. Having landed such a coveted shoot, she likely doesn’t have to worry much about booking jobs anymore! And now, many other models who don’t fit the traditional box have more of a shot too.

    Body Positive Swimwear Brands

    Sports Illustrated

    Sports Illustrated debuted its swimsuit runway show during Miami Swim Week on Saturday July 22nd with women in all shapes and sizes. The show was a real hit, presenting the latest trends and designs with curvy, athletic and skinny models. The models showcased sexy swimwear while showing the audience that any woman can wear a sexy bikini no matter her size if she wears it with confidence. 

    One pieces, monokis, and bikinis in all colors and sizes were modeled by the industry top athletes and models. The audience was in shock once plus-sized model Tabria Majors walked the runway modeling a one piece bathing suit. She walked with confidence and a fun personality down the runway. I think the swimwear industry needs more of this type of woman. 

    During the show we saw popular trends like the high-waisted bikini, V neckline, mesh fabric, halter top, and minimal coverage. The show crossed boundaries no one ever expected. It was about time to have plus size models modeling bikinis. The models presented were competing for a spot in February's Issue of Sports Illustrated. 

    The models also showed a variety of resort wear such as jumpsuits and crop tops. Sarina Nowak modeled a beautiful two piece bathing suit in turquoise with laced details. She is an example that embracing your curves is the way to go. 

    Sports IllustratedSports IllustratedSports Illustrated

    Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Release Date

    Sports Illustrated swimsuit collection will bring a variety of designs including tropical prints, high-waisted bottoms, metallic one pieces, super high cut briefs, and tiny tops. The collection will be released in early 2018 with swimsuit styles up to size 20 with prices between $40 to $160. 

    At the end of the show models, Hailey Clauson and Samantha Hoopes jumped into the pool to celebrate women's body freedom. With a recent boom of curvy models in social media, designers are taking a new approach and serving those in need. Sport Illustrated will bring sexy back!

    Sports IllustratedSports IllustratedSports IllustratedSports Illustrated


    Sports Illustrated Models


    1.  Tabria Majors
    2. Hailey Clauson
    3. Samantha Hoopes
    4. Sarina Nowak
    5. Keyeriah Miles
    6. Kayla Fitz
    7. Olivia Jordan
    8. Kate de Paz
    9. Stefanie Rachel
    10. Iyonna F
    11. Michelle Vidal
    12. Steph Mi
    13. Camille Kostek
    14. Shelby Mclean
    15. Allie Ayers
    16. Haley Kalil
  • Find Out Why Paige Watkins Has Everyone Talking

    The Model In The Spotlight


    Frankies Bikinis Kaia Top and Bottom - Raspberry


    It’s hard not to be influential when you are reportedly dating Leonardo DiCaprio, as is the case with Paige Watkins. DiCaprio aside, Paige is turning heads on her own. This Windermere, Florida born model is 5’8 with brown hair and blue eyes. At 25 years old she has already landed a contract with the Next Models Miami modeling agency.

    How Paige Watkins Began Her Modeling Career

     In 2014 Paige became the gorgeous face of Ellipse, a lingerie company. But before she became a model she never had any aspirations to do so. In her younger years she had a mouth full of braces and a head of big curls. Until Paige became a model she never thought she fit in with others well enough to make that happen. She has stated that she became a model after she was spotted by an agent while she was frequenting a local taco stand, eating a burrito. She credits her rise to fame with her subsequent appearance in GQ Magazine. Paige has also done a photoshoot for C-Heads Magazine.


    Luli Fama Frilly Top and Wavey Brazilian Tie Sides Bottom - Naughty Girl

    Paige has credited modeling with teaching her a lot about herself. Her work ethic became stronger as a result. She feels that timing and personality are what it takes to successfully become a model. Paige enjoys being a model because she likes telling stories and working with artistic people. She also values education more than modeling, so she wouldn’t go into the industry until she had completed her studies at The University of Florida, in the hopes of working in journalism and public relations. She has stated that she doesn’t know when she may want to put her degree to use but that she would work in communications, possibly for a hospital, due to her self-proclaimed passion for the field of medicine.


    Paige Watkins Gives Fashion Advice


    From a fashion perspective, Paige has admitted that she always makes it a point to wear outfits that show off her lean, long legs and a kick ass pair of high heeled shoes. She describes her personal style of fashion as hippie clothes meets boyfriend clothes. Paige also swears by high top converse shoes and vintage jewelry.


    This influential face has her fair share of followers on social media. She can be found on Instagram @paige_watkins, where she has 108,000 followers. Paige also has hundreds of followers on Facebook, where she can be found @Paige Watkins. Fans can keep up with her photo shoots by following her Facebook page for pictures.


    Paige Watkins Lives Every Girls Dream

    Paige is living proof that even little girls who don’t think they are model material can grow up to become successful in the field. Her commitment to having another career path to fall back on only strengthens her influence over young women throughout the country. She can serve as an inspiration for any woman who is afraid to follow her dreams. With the success Paige has already had as a mall, she is likely to have a bright future. This dedicated beauty is a role model for girls and women of all ages and races.


    More About Paige Watkins

    • Birthday: December 17, 1991
    • Birthplace: Windermere, FL
    • Age: 25 Years Old
    • Birth Sign: Sagittarius
  • Where to Buy Brazilian Bikini Bottoms Online

    Brazilian Cut Bikini Choices

    There are many styles of swimwear with the growing expanse of online shopping. Our options are no longer limited to seasonal shopping options in stores that only offer restricted style options. There are some stores, that while they try to offer an expansive selection, are still limited in the styles. One style that was not seen up until recently in stores is the Brazilian style swimwear. However, this brand has been popular online for quite some time, including here at Bikini Luxe. There are several different variations on this style and how it can be worn, especially in the ever popular bikini option.

    Brazilian swimwear in general is popular due to its lack of material in the swimsuit. Even though bikinis are known for their lack of coverage (in a good way, of course), these ones are more advanced in that area. This means that while the the Brazilian bikinis remain stylish and sleek on the skin, they allow for the maximum amount of skim exposed for better tanning, sunbathing, or attracting attention from passers-by.

    Perfect for Minimal Tan Lines

    Styles that are found on Bikini Luxe are smooth to the touch and have little accents on them to make them unique to each customer. There are the options of pastel colors that are decorated with small, intricate braids for example, that trail from the front of the suit bottom to the back. These accent the slimness of the wearer and add a little flair to the fashionable suit. These tops of these spectacular pieces offer a sexy gap between the parts that cover the breast, allowing for the minimum tan lines. They also offer an accented band along the bottom which draws the eye to the breasts that are well supported in the top but showing their stuff to those who look.

    Other Brazilian bikinis have a wild flavor to them, being the preferred choice for those who just want to go crazy and have an equally careless and carefree attitude. This option allows for even more skin to be shown for the onlooker and is a popular choice for the teen on the lookout for a young, vibrant fashion option. On the bottom and top, the white lacing around the pattern accentuates the thinness of the wearer as well as making the pattern brighter and make the sun pick up the bright colors easier. This particular suit is not meant for the meek and mild wearer, it takes a fierce, confident person to pull off a suit this wild and carefree.


     (click picture for more)

    Choosing a Brazilian Bikini Bottom

    The brazilian bikini bottom is mostly twined laces that trail around the body in a hip-hugging fashionable belt. The fabric that does cover the pieces of the body that are essential, is tastefully applied so everything is covered, yet the maximum amount of skin is exposed. Though the laces would leave multiple tan lines on the skin, this particular suit would be great for a meander along the beach or a wade in the water. The bright colors will prevent the suit from being see-through, so it's great for a full on swim in the salty ocean if the need arises.

    Another excellent option that falls into the Brazilian cut bikini section would be the Brazilian bikini bottom with a more traditional tops. The bottoms would sport the bright, young patterns that are so popular in the younger wearers, and those same patterns would be seen in the various style tops that may offer more comfort for different shaped women. After all, some people prefer halter top to strapless, etc. For example, you are able to get tops that resemble a cropped tank top, or a sports bra. They offer coverage and comfort, but also sexiness in the amount of cleavage that is pushed up from tight, restrictive material of the top. Strings trail and cross-cross across the back to prevent the straps from slipping off the shoulders.

    The bottom in some of these suits is unique and also great for swimming in. A thick elastic band in the fabric keeps the bottom in place while allowing the fabric below to expose the skin and keep everything covered where it should be as well. This combination of practicality and sexiness is hard to find in some suits, but Brazilian bikinis do a great job at hitting these marks.


     (click picture for some examples)

    Advantages of Brazilian Bikini Swimwear

    Brazilian bikinis with halter top options make a great option for those who want to show off their chest. Halter tops are notorious for accentuating a woman's chest, and these Brazilian versions make this even stronger and more flattering. The strings are able to secure tightly at the nape of the neck and the string that holds both pieces of the top together is exaggerated, offering the maximum view on the chest in true Brazilian style. The bottom of these models also have the string looping from side to side and offering lots of exposed skin but also keeping everything securely in place. Basically, these particular types of swimsuits are popular for security and comfort. The only possible downfall would be that kids could easily untie the laces from behind, making the whole top fall off in one motion. So, a mom or sister may want to think twice about the halter top option if they have kids, or they will have to ensure that they tie the knots very tight!

    Key Points for Brazilian Swimwear

    • Accentuate more than Regular Swimwear
    • Less Coverage for a better tan
    • Very Comfortable
    • High Quality Brazilian Hand Made Material 

    Overall, Brazilian style swimsuits including bikini bottoms and the Brazilian bikini cuts, offer much to the modern woman of any age. They are flattering for many figures and many top and bottom options are available, and the option exists to find the right combination of top and bottom. This kind of personalization and variety of selections make the entire swimsuit buying process more fun, entertaining, and also allows a higher success rate to finding the exact right combination for your next extravaganza to the beach. From start to finish, shopping is an easier experience online, from the variety of options to the extensive combinations of tops and Brazilian bikini bottoms that often aren't seen in stores.

  • Bikini Fashion, Shapes and Styles to Compliment any Body

    The Best Swimwear Styles for Every Body Type

     Soah Ruffle Bikini Top

    While the bikini can be seen on most beaches and swimming pools around the globe, its history and how it came to be so popular is unknown by most. This bathing suit style dates back to ancient history in Rome where bikini-like garments first appeared during athletic competitions.

    More modern bikinis appeared in the 1940s but were frowned upon by more religions more conservative in nature and were considered to be scandalous and improper attire for women. This resulted in the bikini being banned from many places and events only regaining popularity in Western societies with the emancipation of women and the women’s rights movements. Since its shaky beginnings, the bikini has become the most popular swimwear type and has pawned the creation of other business services such as bikini waxing. This type of bikini waxing is also more commonly known as a "Brazilian bikini wax". This is the  removal of all of the hair in the pubic area. It was first made popular by actresses in adult movies but has since transcended the social gap and become more of a norm for the every day woman. Made even more popular by several articles in popular womens magazines such as Cosmopolitan and Vogue. 

    There are several different styles and types of bikinis and string bikinis, each of which offers its own set of appealing characteristics. Choice of the proper bikini for each body type can play up those curves you want and play down the ones you don’t leaving you feeling confident and sexy for your day on the beach.



    The String Bikini
    This is one of the smallest bikinis and tends to look best on women with a smaller bust or women with athletic figures. Unless your larger breasts defy gravity you should stay away from this style as the lack of support can cause your chest to look a little on the saggy side and don’t really offer up the best in the chest shape you end up with. This again really depends on the style of bikini top that you choose there are more than a few too choose from. The string bikini creation is credited to Rose de Primallio, who was said to have accidentally created it when she sewed some material on to her bikini for a photo shoot because of it having insufficient fabric. Talk about the start of a revolution!\

    Black bikini set

    The Tankini
    This bikini styles is made up of a smaller bikini bottom with a fuller coverage. This style suits any body type and is particularly flattering to women who are uncomfortable bearing their tummy area.

    Halter Top Bikini
    This particular style is great if you are planning to be active in your swimsuit. The cut, style, and fastening type of this bikini helps to provide some support and keeps your top firmly in place while you play beach volleyball or play with the kids.

    Halter Bikini Top

    Bandeau Top Bikini
    If you have a large chest this may be your bikini solution. This top type provides a minimizing effect and coverage for an ample bosom. If you are worry about it slipping down, choose a bandeau top which includes spaghetti straps to hold it in place.
    As for bikini bottoms, the types and styles available range from barely there to full coverage and have a shape and style for any would-be beach goer. What you will be doing while wearing your bikini and your comfort level with your body will help you determine which style you wish to go with.

    String Bikini Bottom
    Much like the string top, this bikini bottom provides ample skin exposure and is best for leaner or more athletic body types. Some of the more popular styles of bikini bottoms these days have double strings or even triple strings on the side. This adds to the allure and style at the same time.

    A post shared by Bikini Luxe (@bikiniluxe) on

    Brazilian Bikini
    This option appears to be just a standard bikini bottom in front but has minimal coverage in the back and exposes significant portions of the buttocks. This option is for those with nicely shaped butts who are comfortable with showing them off. The Brazilian cut bikini first originated by most accounts in Ipanema beach in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. This style of Brazilian Bikini Swimwear quickly made its way to the beaches of Los Angeles and Miami Beach. Miami was first, having a large population of Brazilian visitors and tourists and being geographically closer to Brazil. Since then this style of swimwear has become popular the world round. That being said, in Europe full bottom coverage is still much more popular.


    This bottom is the one that most think of when they hear the word bikini. This bottom provides moderate coverage and is similar to the average underwear purchased in most stores.

    White Bikini
    This style sits low on the hips, often like your favorite pair of low-rise jeans, exposing as much of the abdomen as possible. This type is best worn on those with flatter or more toned belly areas. This type would not be good for anyone who is uncomfortable bearing their midsection and better options are available if you have a larger midsection.

    High Waist and Extra Coverage Swimwear

    This bottom style generally sits higher on the waistline and may even hit the belly button area. These designs often offer shapes which accentuate but balance sexy curves and are appropriate for those not comfortable with wearing skimpier bottom types. This style may have higher hip lines to still give a bit of a minimalist feel to the suit while covering the lower abdomen, or may appear as boy shorts or full coverage briefs and can often incorporate sassy little skirts or other elements to provide ample coverage, balance out your figure, and play up your assets to their best.

    Regardless of your shape, there is a bikini out there for every body type. Try on multiple styles with these coverage ideas in mind to help you find the bikini which has you both looking and feeling your best for your day at the beach or poolside.