• Kalani and Oleema Miller Prove that Sometimes Family and Net Worth Go Hand in Hand

    Sister duo Kalani and Oleema Miller take on the world of swimwear

    There’s no shortage of dynamic duos and solo stars making their name (and brands) using social media. There are, however, few that are keeping it in the family. That’s the case with Kalani and Oleema Miller, the creative force behind swimwear brand Mikoh. The name is actually a combination of the family name, as well as the first names of the owners and their other sister, Hana.

    Recipe for Success

    The girls mention in their bio how they grew up in a home that nurtured their creative instincts, which can’t help but stimulate an entrepreneurial spirit. Their childhood by the ocean where they were exposed to surfing and design. These all helped to shape a brand that has attracted a lot of media attention and is sold in big chains

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    They feature a photo of Jessica Alba wearing one of their designs in Hawaii on the website, showing they are real style influencers. They’ve also been featured in Marie Claire, Self, Elle, and many more. Besides that, they have been interviewed by publications like Elle, where they shared their Hawaiian favorites, and Boneri. There, they talked about their beach background, the fitness favorites, diets, guilty pleasures, and more. With so many places interested in their brand and them, it’s easy to see why they’ve been considered one of the top swimwear influencers.

    The attention they’ve garnered as allowed them to expand to many other beach essentials, such as sunglasses, dresses, tunics, totes, towels and more.

    Balance is Key

    Creative energy is great for inspiring business ideas, which both have to spare. Kalani is a painter, while Oleema brings her love of fashion and travel to the table. Kalani also has a business degree, which helps to keep the company growing. Oleema’s described on their website biography as the creative half of the business.  

    Both are also well-traveled, which has served Mikoh well in not only the business aspect, but the creative side. Their designs are inspired by their travel adventures and the many cultures they have explored.  

    Social Influence

    Their website does much more their sell swimwear. The girls feature their interviews where they give followers insight into their own favorites in fashion, food, and more. They get personal by talking about the holiday favorites, travel tips to make exploring the world easier, and announcing new ventures with the brand.

    Their Instagram, @mikoh, has attracted over 300K followers with their stunning beach shots and features of their designs. These are usually combined with fun captions that give people a look into the personalities behind the brand. They also use their platform to raise awareness for things they care about, such as their support of Lifeguards in Hawaii and how a law under consideration would negatively impact them.

    They also have their own individual accounts. A quick google search shows why Kalani’s has earned over 82K followers. People want to know about her relationship with surfer Kelly Slater (speculation about their possible engagement is flying, with a mention on the Daily Mail) and her age. For the record? She’s 29. You can follow her and her adventures on her Instagram, @kalanimiller.

    Oleema can be found at @oleemamiller on the site. Her over 33K followers are treated to some great landscape shots, food pics, and lots of behind-the-scenes looks in her travels and her work.


     Instagram: Company- @mikoh

                        Kalani- @kalanimiller

                        Oleema- @oleemamiller


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