• What Happens When A Crazy Cat Lady Goes Viral?

    A Cat Named Mushroom Pizza

    One day our dear friend Angela Flatland was surprised with a gift from her boyfriend, who knew her taste all too well. It was a small package including two sweatshirts, one in her size and a teeny tiny one. The smaller sweater was for her adopted cat named Mushroom Pizza. These weren't just any sweaters, they were custom made with love, each featuring a cartoon face so Angela could wear cut little Mushroom Pizza on hers, and Mushrooms sweater featured a cartoon version of Angela. I know, pics or it didn't happen, right? Well here you go!

    Bikini Luxe Kickstarter

    Angela and Mushroom Pizza in their custom sweaters


    The internet blew up.

    This photo went viral overnight, and Angela and little Mushroom Pizza were now internet celebrities. People wanted to know who, what, where when, and of course WHY!? The answer is simple. Why not? The most important question was, "Where can I get these made?" Because let's face it, we all love our fur babies and want to wear matching sweaters. #yolo #crazycatlady #ootd Come on people! Overnight this photo had 4,700 upvotes on Reddit, 175,000 Likes on the Chive's post, 60,000 comments, and 138,000 shares. 

    That's crazy. All of the publicity didn't even get to Pizza's head, but something else happened. Our Founder Candice Galek and the lovely Angela Flatland sometimes discuss business and overall world domination, and the conversation led to how to create these much obsessed over matching sweaters and donate the proceeds. Women should lift each other up, be a springboard to success and help to better the world. It's nice to have someone to bounce ideas off of, and us women need to stick together! Angela took this tiny idea and is making it happen. She's a total #BossBabe and we love it. 


    Donating to Charity for the Holidays

    Angela Flatland brought this idea to life, creating a Kickstarter to fund the Charity Project, with hopes of achieving their goal and having the sweaters shipped by Christmas. All funds will be donated to the No Kill Shelter in which Pizza was adopted from, or if you have another Charity which might need some help, please let us know. What a great gift idea! Do something good this holiday season, and donate to charity. Give the gift that will provide endless hours of laughter and fun! Do it for Mushroom Pizza.

    This is what she has to say,

    "About this project

    After this photo of me and my cat, Mushroom Pizza, went viral, I had a ton of messages asking where to buy the sweatshirts. 

    The answer? You can't. At least not until now. 

    The squad sweatshirts in the photo were made by my very clever boyfriend who bought the hoodies separately, had our faces cartooned, took the hoodies to a local printer with cartooned images on a zip drive and then had to endure the judgment of the printer when he explained what he wanted. 

    Let me go through the process so you and your fur baby can have customized hooded sweatshirts sportin' each other's beautiful faces. 

    Once the project has $500 pledged then you will receive an email requesting shirt sizes and shipping address. In addition, you'll need to send the images you'd like to have cartooned on the sweatshirts with the full name you used for payment.

    My goal is to get all sweatshirts ordered before the 15th created right away so they arrive by December 24.

    Risks and challenges

    Hopefully the process of fulfilling orders does get overwhelming because I would love to be able to give a big fat check to the animal shelter. I suppose I'll just have to recruit some friends to help me fulfill and pay them with candy and high fives."


     Who is #BikiniLuxeBabe Angela Flatland?

    Angela Flatland

    A gorgeous, intelligent, talented, and cat obsessed woman with a good head on her shoulders and a gracious heart. She's currently living in Chicago, IL, is a Business Development Executive at Swiftiq, and previously studied Public Relations at the University of Florida.

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