• Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Runway Show

    A movement has been spreading more and more with each year that has changed the modeling industry. Instagrammers, consumers, and models have come out to break the picture-perfect standards that usually dominate the covers at your local supermarket. This movement, which you can see posts about by searching the tag #effyourbeautystandards, emphasizes that women can be beautiful in various shapes and sizes. They can be quirky. They can be what you see when you walk down your street (or look in the mirror).

    Body Positive Blog

    One of those people, Instagram's Sonny Turner, challenged the industry to make suits for women of all sizes. She illustrated that with a post featured on mic.com of her wearing the largest suit available in the store she was in. This attracted over 20 thousand reactions and she’s continued being an advocate for changing body standards. She was even invited to speak at a Fashion summit by Facebook and Instagram to speak on the topic of diversity.


    Plus Size Swim


    Another instagrammer, Megan Jayne Crabbe, was featured on the FOX News website’s Lifestyle section talking about the topic as well. The author and bodyposipanda.com owner is a self-described anorexia conqueror and has been working hard to spread the message of being okay with your body as it is. The movement has gotten loud, and people are taking notice.

    Trendy Plus Size Bathing Suits

    According to a Today article, a recent study found that the average American woman is nowhere near the usual model size. So what happens when advertisers and companies are no longer aligning with most of the buying public? It opens a whole new market that enterprising creatives are rushing to be a part of.

    One brand, Swim Sexy by fashion blogger GabiFresh, launched back in 2015 and has continued to attract consumers with its wide variety of plus sizes that will help woman support their bodies and feel comfortable while out in the sun. It’s become so popular, GabiFresh has partnered with another brand, SwimSuitsForAll, to create a new line that includes both one-piece and-two-piece suits, as well as cover ups. The line and GabiFresh were featured on Seventeen.com’s site, which included a video showing off some of the designs.

    As mentioned above, there’s SwimSuitsForAll that has been pushing the size boundaries and opening up the modeling game. Because of these brands and their campaigns other brands are beginning to look outside the typical model box when planning a spread.

    Sports Illustrated Swim

    Now, let’s be realistic. Plus-size modeling isn’t exactly a brand-new thing. According to express.co.uk, iconic brand Yves Saint Laurnet helped to spark the movement back in 2000. The article also pointed out how the plus-size model opportunities have grown a lot, particular after 2009 when Crystal Renn came onto the scene. Only a couple of years later, and there were many new brands utilizing models of different sizes, even putting them on the runway. But there’s one big gig that opened up only this year that’s really changed the game.

    Sports Illustrated’s Swimsuit Issue is probably the most coveted gig in the industry, and Hunter McGrady has been making lots of headlines for having broken that barrier earlier this year with her feature in the issue. The magazine even had the first curvy woman to be featured on their cover (one of three that Refinery29 says the magazine put out to celebrate different types of models) this year.

    In fact, according to People, the entire issue was all about celebrating body diversity, something that McGrady was quoted as saying she really appreciated. The article goes on to talk about how the issue included different ages, and even had more athletes in it.

    Another article showed how landing the SI gig was an even bigger victory for McGrady: it highlighted an Instagram post where she talked about how hard it was for her to make it as a model because even when she was really skinny, the industry still considered her too big to work. Having landed such a coveted shoot, she likely doesn’t have to worry much about booking jobs anymore! And now, many other models who don’t fit the traditional box have more of a shot too.

    Body Positive Swimwear Brands

    Sports Illustrated

    Sports Illustrated debuted its swimsuit runway show during Miami Swim Week on Saturday July 22nd with women in all shapes and sizes. The show was a real hit, presenting the latest trends and designs with curvy, athletic and skinny models. The models showcased sexy swimwear while showing the audience that any woman can wear a sexy bikini no matter her size if she wears it with confidence. 

    One pieces, monokis, and bikinis in all colors and sizes were modeled by the industry top athletes and models. The audience was in shock once plus-sized model Tabria Majors walked the runway modeling a one piece bathing suit. She walked with confidence and a fun personality down the runway. I think the swimwear industry needs more of this type of woman. 

    During the show we saw popular trends like the high-waisted bikini, V neckline, mesh fabric, halter top, and minimal coverage. The show crossed boundaries no one ever expected. It was about time to have plus size models modeling bikinis. The models presented were competing for a spot in February's Issue of Sports Illustrated. 

    The models also showed a variety of resort wear such as jumpsuits and crop tops. Sarina Nowak modeled a beautiful two piece bathing suit in turquoise with laced details. She is an example that embracing your curves is the way to go. 

    Sports IllustratedSports IllustratedSports Illustrated

    Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Release Date

    Sports Illustrated swimsuit collection will bring a variety of designs including tropical prints, high-waisted bottoms, metallic one pieces, super high cut briefs, and tiny tops. The collection will be released in early 2018 with swimsuit styles up to size 20 with prices between $40 to $160. 

    At the end of the show models, Hailey Clauson and Samantha Hoopes jumped into the pool to celebrate women's body freedom. With a recent boom of curvy models in social media, designers are taking a new approach and serving those in need. Sport Illustrated will bring sexy back!

    Sports IllustratedSports IllustratedSports IllustratedSports Illustrated


    Sports Illustrated Models


    1.  Tabria Majors
    2. Hailey Clauson
    3. Samantha Hoopes
    4. Sarina Nowak
    5. Keyeriah Miles
    6. Kayla Fitz
    7. Olivia Jordan
    8. Kate de Paz
    9. Stefanie Rachel
    10. Iyonna F
    11. Michelle Vidal
    12. Steph Mi
    13. Camille Kostek
    14. Shelby Mclean
    15. Allie Ayers
    16. Haley Kalil
  • Lolli Swim 2018 Resort Collection

    Lolli Swim debuted their 2018 collection with cotton candy skies, California love and palm tree dreams. The collection was shown along with the brand's first ever lingerie and footwear line. Sofia Jamora also presented a capsule collaboration with the brand's Stay Golden inspired collection. 

    Shop her favorite looks here:

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    Lolli Swim

    Lolli Swim was founded in sunny state California by Vy Ngyuen in which she gets inspiration from sprinkly covered cupcakes, pink bows and bright colors. The designs are meant to be worn for the sweet girl next door. You will love their new cheeky bottoms in pastel colors, ruffles, criss cross tops, and sheer lingerie. The new lingerie shows a delicate sheer fabric and lace. Each guest left with one underwear from the collection, and of course it was "Pink".

    The collection brought the zeitgeist of the 1960's with it's bra-less designs and full expression of body freedom. Some models walked with pasties and a bikini bottom, holding two serves of ice cream. Sofia Jamora's collection also showed the California dream vibe in pink bikini sets, psychedelic prints and hair bandeaus that characterized the era.

    The invitees were received with glitter cotton candy, Lolli's exclusive sweaters and pool floats around the runway. The presentation had a fun and feminine vibe, with the models wearing soft curls, braided details, soft makeup with pastel hues and glitter. Lolli Swim Stay Golden collection is inspired in the beach babe and California girl. The collection has a bohemian vibe and will make you want to groove with it at your next pool party.

    The new 2018 resort collection featured vintage florals, soft velvet fabrics, feminine silhouettes, minimal coverage, embroidery, shades of pink and pastel hues. The models also walked the runway showing the brand's new footwear line were each guest went home with Lolli sandals. According to one Bikini Luxe's team, the sandals were really comfortable.

    Lolli Swim One Piece

    Lolli Swim One Piece

    The best part of the entire Lolli Swim collection is their one piece retro bathing suits. Lolli's swimwear comes with embroidery details and 1960s inspired prints. The Lolli Swim one pieces are steal revealing with their wide opne front. 

    Lolli Swim Bow Bottom

    Lolli Swim Bow Bottom

    The bow bottoms is a staple Lolli Swim continues to show during her runway shows. This trend will continue strong during 2018 and it's a classic. The bow bottoms have a cheeky coverage and it comes in pastel hues.  

    Sofia Jamora looked super cute and innocent while presenting a swimwear collaboration called SOF for Lolli inspired in vintage and hippie vibes. The models looked like hippies with their free spirited attitude and friendly personality. They all showed the designs with a smile and that girly vibe of "Girls Just Want to Have Fun".

    Lolli Swim Models

    Lolli Swim 2018

    1.  Sofia Jamora
    2. Liz Rankey
    3. Leah Rose
    4. Yovanna Ventura
    5. Fiona Barron
    6. Paige Watkins
    7. Tyrie Rudolph
    8. Sofia Jamora
    9. Sarah Elainne
    10. Amanda Li-Paige
    11. Lisianne Witt
    12. Placida Csapo
    13. Sarah kohan
    14. Olivia Brower
    15. Lina Shek
    16. Andrea cronberg
    17. Kelsi Kuhn
    18. Shannon Barker


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    1. Agua Bendita 2018 Resort Collection - Earth Story

      The sexy and feminine Colombian swimwear brand debuted its 2018 Resort collection at the Setai Miami Beach. The Setai courtyard was the perfect location and setting to feature the new collection with its Asian inspired space, dim light, centered pool and palm trees surrounding it. Agua Bendita is known for their luxury handmade pieces and unique prints. The new collection designed by Catalina Alvarez and Mariana Hinestroza was inspired by the colors and culture of Colombia. The concept of the designs were based in the previous models such as the one pieces, minimal coverage, bold and paisley prints, ruffles, tassels, boho inspired silhouettes, fringes, and floral prints. 

      Agua Bendita

      Agua Bendita was born in Colombia in 2003 and created by Catalina and Mariana. Both designers built and handcrafted unique pieces, with new textures, fabrics and silhouettes. Agua Bendita uses contemporary designs and mix of details to create swimwear for the fun and creative women.

      Agua Bendita Earth Story

      During the show, the models presented the designs with tropical fans, cotton rompers, flower crowns, fringed bottoms and jackets, and handmade bags. This collection resembles a jungle inspired runway show in which the models walked under a temple covered with hanging leaf garlands. The collection is inspired on the earth's tones, jungle environment, fairy tales, and magical creatures. Each design is made by Colombian artisans with handcrafted details.

      Agua Bendita

      If you have seen their latest Agua Bendita Gooseberries one piece, you will love their newest soft color daybreak bandana print. This collection also features a tropical vibe with tropical inspired print that represents the exotic wildlife of Colombia. You will see bikinis, monokinis and one pieces with hibiscus and parrot prints, high-waisted bottoms, and handmade detailing. Another popular print to come next season is the Rainforest print in dark tones. Each design is meant to be worn with confidence as Agua Bendita is meant for the exotic woman.

      Agua Bendita 2018 Resort

       The Agua Bendita 2018 Swimwear will feature the following collections:

      • The Python 
      • The Dunes
      • The Daybreak
      • The Tropic
      • The Sunrose
      • The Skyflower
      • The Desert
      • The Mist
      • The Appleblossom
      • The Rainforest
      • The Gemstones
      • The Savannah


      Agua Bendita

    2. Luli Fama 2018 Runway Collection - Viva Cuba

      On Saturday July 22nd, 2017 Luli Fama debuted their 2018 runway collection a "La Habana" style with a drum and afro-cuban dance presentation. The collection was called "Viva Cuba" which featured elements of the Caribbean, bold colors, and feminine silhouettes. 

      Luli Fama 2018 Resort

      The runway presentation started with tropical vibes and sounds from a trumpet player, in which the audience began moving to the rhythm of the music. The models walked down in colorful and bright prints that showed the Cuban roots and elements of the island. Imagine wearing this swimwear collection at your next cruise or girls trip to the Caribbean. Viva Cuba show was a homage to the Cuban culture, their people, art and fashion. 


      Luli Fama Show

      The models presented the new designs with a collection of Chinese Laundry footwear. Each Luli Fama collection was presented with a theme in representation of Cuban culture. The collections were named after common Cuban manifestations such as "Vamos Pa Cuba", "Amaneci en el Malecon", "Amor, Tabaco y Ron" among others. 

      The "Amor, Tabaco y Ron" collection will come with high neck bikini tops, Brazilian cut bottoms, halter dresses and rose gold prints.  

      Luli Fama was founded in 2003 by Lourdes "Luli" Hanimian and her brother-in-law Augusto Hanimian. Luli's inspiration comes from her Miami upbringings and Cuban roots. Her style is eclectic and her prints are custom made by artists who work along with her. Luli Fama is popular among celebrities such as Jennifer Aniston, Adriana Lima, Shakira, Beyonce Knowles, and Kate Hudson. Luli Fama

      During Miami Swim Week Luli brought new designs and elements such as marble one pieces, ocean inspired prints, V necklines, cut outs, pastel hues and mixed prints with sheer fabrics. During the final catwalk the models danced to Hispanic music while showcasing the entire collection. This collection will make you want to book your next flight to the Caribbean and fill your suit case with the new bathing suits.  

      Luli Fama

      Luli Fama brought the zeitgeist of Cuban culture with its vibes and Latin roots to the runway show. The new trends in swimwear coming in 2018 are rose gold bikinis, sailor inspired looks, multi-color prints, mesh cutout designs, off-the-shoulder ruffles and interlaced bathing suits. If you are a fan of Luli Fama, this collection will give you the travel bugs for sure. It was a show to remember in which the models turned the runway into a dance floor.

      Luli Fama 2018 Resort


      Luli Fama 2018 Swimwear

       The new Luli Fama 2018 resort collection will include the following:

      • Amor, Tabaco y Ron
      • Tropicana
      • Vamos Pa Cuba
      • Donde Crece La Palma
      • Mi Tierra


      Read all about the woman behind Luli Fama HERE.

    3. 2015 Miami Swim Week

      The Hottest Swimwear Event of the Year

      In its 11th exciting year, the 2016 Swim Week is being held in Miami. The buzz surrounding this week if events has reawakened the passion that women all over the world put into choosing just the right swimsuit for an unforgettable summer.

       However, swim week isn't just for women, as swimsuits for men and children are also included in this year's highlights. As swim week grows every year, designers from all over the world flock to Miami to participate in his high energy event packed week.

      For a Good Cause

      Attendees always have the opportunity to visit the ShopBazaar, a pop up shop where attendees can purchase the swimsuits and accessories featured in the week's fashion shows and in fashion magazines. Many of the items for sale can't be purchased anywhere else. When items are purchased on the Sunday of the event, 20% of the proceeds collected from those sales is given to needy underprivileged children. ShopBazaar is hosted by Style Saves, a non-profit organization based in Miami.



      MIAMI, FL – JULY 18: Models prepare backstage at Frankie's Bikinis show during Swim Week 2016 at the W Hotel.

      Hot New 2016 Bikini Styles

      Spring 2016 collections by fashion designers and brands such Mia Marcelle, Toxic Sadie Swimwear and Aguaclara and Aquarella swimwear will make their debut at the last day of Miami Swim Week. Closing out the show will be Minimale Animale, Liliana Montoya and Indah. 



      Hot New 2016 Bikini Styles

      Spring 2016 collections by fashion designers and brands such as Mia Marcelle, Toxic Sadie Swimwear and Aguaclara and Aquarella swimwear will make their debut at the last day of Miami Swim Week. Closing out the show will be Minimale Animale, Liliana Montoya and Indah.

       In addition to presentations by countless designers there is also an opportunity for aspiring swimsuit models to show that they have what it takes to be a participant in Miami Swim Week. Anyone 13 or older that is between 4'4” and 5'9” in height is welcome to submit an application for consideration as a swimsuit model.

      This year's Miami Swim Week is an action packed series of events that bring together both giants in the world of fashion and those aspiring to enter the field.