• Mary Seng is Happily Grey, and it's Marvelous!


    Mary Seng, Happily Grey, has a stylish look that adds print and details to the Scandi style. Where swimwear is concerned, she prefers an off the shoulder, high-waisted bikini that features stripes.

    The Happily Grey Filter is Gold

    Never in her wildest dreams would Seng have imagined a day where she was attracting an audience of almost a million followers. Yet, that’s exactly what happened. Her blog is wildly popular, chronicling her personal style and daily Nashville life. What’s her style? It’s pretty Southern, with her penchant for spring dresses. It’s approachable, and laidback; it combines edge with vintage and boho chic. Her style is simple, chic, and unique.

    Her story isn’t the typical, she got her start in medicine. The Texas native initially studied nursing at Vanderbilt, and worked in a stressful cardiovascular unit at a Houston hospital.

    It was in 2012 that she started her blog, at that point it was just an outlet for her creativity. It provided her with a break from her intense working life. She had no knowledge or background in blogging, she was just interested in it. She invested time reading fashion blogs, and liked the idea of having her own space.

    Where did she come up with the name for her blog? Grey just happens to be her favorite color (for interior design and fashion), and as it’s often associated with sadness, she went with Happily. Contrary to the blog name, she wears much more than grey, loving a metallic touch in her look. She’s mastered the art of street style.

    She held two jobs for a year, one being the nursing unit and the other her passion project of night-time blogging). Eventually, she decided to drop nursing and take the plunge, dedicating herself to blogging full-time. She and her husband left Houston and headed to Tennessee, and Seng has been operating out of Nashville ever since. At no point could she have expected to leave nursing in order to blog full-time. Yet, that’s exactly what she did do.

    The advice she offers to others who are looking for a creative outlet is to be consistent and authentic. Readers and followers appreciate honesty, and can sense when someone isn’t being true to themselves. She’s also warned in multiple interviews about just how time consuming blogging is, so you may want to be prepared to lose sleep. If you want to know how she takes great photos? Her secret is an editing app, whether you opt for Snapseed, Afterlight, or VSCOcam, it’s all about composition and color.

    Seng has worked with Marc Jacobs, Gorjana, Urban Outfitters, and as the brand ambassador for Tommy Hilfiger. Her decision to leave nursing opened up a whole new world to her, and she has been able to travel the world. Who would have thought that girl next door would be rocking up to Fashion Week?

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