• Meet Mahina Alexander: Model and Moon Child

    Meet Mahina Alexander

    Her name means “moon”. It’s a fitting moniker for someone who is so in touch with the water and the natural world. This model is way more than the stunning photos she’s posed for. She’s a spiritual soul with a fun side that has captured the attention of her over 180k Instagram followers.

    The daughter of a well-known Hawaiian celebrity, surfer and actor Kala Alexander, she tried her hand at the LA life, but found that the tropical paradise that’s her home state was where she was meant to be. Let’s get to know a little more about her and what she does.

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    Independent Woman

    In a Q and A on Tumblr, Mahina talked a little bit about her family, describing a somewhat difficult childhood that forced the 21-year-old to grow up fast, taking on a lot of responsibility for her siblings. Even so, she seems to maintain a great relationship with her family and loves spending time with them.

    This upbringing is surely what’s allowed her to travel fearlessly and pursue her dreams with a confidence that one photographer marvel at during a photo shoot and feature for StabMag.com.

    Just some basics

    When you look up Mahina online, one of the most popular searches (besides Tumblr), is her age (21) and her measurements. Mahina’s height is listed between 5’9 and 5’11, with her weight listed at 38. Another thing people want to know is her measurements. They’re listed as 33-23-33, which she attributes her to family’s naturally quick metabolism. She has confessed to not watching what she eats, and having a love for carbs.

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    Social Impact

    Mahina’s attracted a lot of attention outside of her famous father. Her Instagram, @mahinaalexander, gets thousands of likes and comments on her content. Her social media shows a deep side to the model, expressing a lot of spiritual ideas. For example, she lists some of her favorite books as The Four Agreements, and A Discovery of Witches. She was inspired share a list of her favorites with followers after a friend asked her for some recommendations.

    Another post on her account is an reflection on the power and meaning of water, accompanied with an underwater shot of two figures swimming to the surface as light breaks through. She also talks about the importance of this planet on Earth Day, shares some great landscape shots, and lots of selfies. Her travels get documented through the account as well, giving fans a glimpse into other places and cultures. She’s especially in love with Cuba, and mentions several times how she wants to go back.

    That’s not the only place to connect with the model, though. Check out YouTube out at Mahina Alexander, where her over 200 subscribers were treated to several stunning videos of various locals, including one called Sacred Falls. These videos have been viewed over 10,000 times.

    One can also check out the fan blog, http://www.mahinabeams.tumblr.com where you’ll see more facts about her as well as some answers from Mahina herself to her fans’ questions.

     Instagram: @mahinaalexander

    YouTube: Mahina Alexander

    Fan Page: http://www.mahinabeams.tumblr.com

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