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    Leandra Medine Cohen

    This American blogger, humor writer, and author is famously known for her fashion and lifestyle website Man Repeller. What inspired the name? Well, good fashion is all about what women love, and what they want to wear, rather than about pleasing men. Thus, the website is about trends women love, thus men hate.

    Man Repeller

    Medine studied in Paris and initially started blogging about her time there, that was in 2009. Initially, it was Four Months in Paris, but later changed it to Boogers and Bagels. Another clever name, but where did this one come from? Well, she picked up a bagel and cream cheese from a local bagel shop and discovered a booger in her cream cheese. This blog featured feminist issues, fashion trends, personal stories, and humor (much like the name). She posted its final blog just after Men Repeller launched. Before she moved on, she had started to incorporate a lot of the terminology of Man Repelling in her posts.

    It started out as a hobby, yet just three days after the site launched (in 2010) they were featured in Refinery29, then Style.com, The Cut, Fashionista, and Gawker. It took off quicker than anyone had anticipated, and in no time, she was being invited to fashion week by designers Phillip Lim and Rebecca Minkoff.

    By 2012 she had hit the Top 30 under 30 list in Forbes and was one of 2012’s most influential trendsetters. Meanwhile, the website itself made Tim’s list of the 25 Best Blogs of the year. It was also voted the winner of Best Overall Blog at the Bloglovin awards. In the early years, she was all on her lonesome in her blogging, however, now she has five full-time employees to edit, write, and promote Man Repeller, and they have an office in Manhattan.

    By 2013, Leandra Medine was releasing her first book, the collection of essays was titled Man Repeller: Seeking Love, Finding Overalls.

    She has collaborated with Del Toro, Superga, Dannijo, PJK, Michael Kors, Saks Fifth Avenue, Maje, and BaubleBar.

    Additionally, her brother has a jewelry line, Khai Khai, and her mother does, too, The Laura Medine Collection.

    It Got Personal

    On a personal level, she announced her engagement in 2011. Her fiancé, Abie Cohen, was a financial advisor and the pair met she Medine was just 17. She couldn’t have predicted the response people would have to her impending nuptials. However, because she had never mentioned a significant other, she faced a backlash. While she could understand the why of the upset, she hadn’t expected to feel paralyzed by the ridicule. She wasn’t practicing what she was preaching, according to those who had responded negatively to the news.

    Thankfully, she was able to bounce back with her followers, and just under a year later she and Abie married. Despite her worries, she can have it all.

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