• Hannah Weil: Life of an Editor

    Hannah Weil McKinley

    Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Benjamin Stone 

    Hannah Weil McKinley’s love/hate relationship

    Hannah Weil McKinley’s made her career in fashion, but that doesn’t mean her relationship with the field is all sunshine and roses. In a personal essay, she talks about her beginnings in the fashion world and how she’s felt about fashion as the years go by.

    This style influencer’s popular blog talks about all things fame and fashion, bringing readers deeper into the lives of some of their favorite stars and favorite trends. Let’s talk a bit about where the 30-something fashion editor started, and where she is now. Plus, find out where you can check her out online.

    Fashionating Beginnings 

    Hannah Weil McKinley                                              Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Benjamin Stone

    In the above-mentioned personal essay, Hannah talked at length about how her obsession with fashion started very young. She talked about coining the term ‘fashionating’ while watching her mother get ready for a night out, something she would do many times as a child.

    She talked about how this eventually led her to play dress up with her sister and share clothes, something that became less fun as she got older and her body began to change. The clothes that looked so great on the rack (or on others) just didn’t have the same look when she tried them on herself. For many girls, her included, this led to quite a few insecurities and a bad taste in her mouth for a field she once loved.

    She didn’t let that stop her, though.

    Rising Above

    Like almost anyone who is trying to figure out what they’ll do with their lives, Hannah had a choice to make as well. Despite her still somewhat misgivings about fashion and the body image issues that can arise, she chose to keep to her first love and eventually became a professional in the field.

    She currently writes a blog for PopSugar, where she serves as their Fashion Editor. The blog examines new trends, celebrity style, and other topics that range from tips for finding that perfect wedding dress to what it’s like to be behind the cameras at the Met Gala.

    The Secret to Her Success Hannah Weil McKinley

    Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Benjamin Stone

    As mentioned above, her blog isn’t all about the latest designs. There are sometimes more personal pieces that show one the person behind the words. In one particular post, she talked about how meditation has been such a big help in her life.

    Introduced to the practice by her father, she later decided to do it on her own and has utilized TM meditation regularly to keep balanced and calm during busy or trying times. She’s not the only one who has discovered the strees-relief benefits of meditation, other celebrities who meditate have had tons of results. She concludes the personal story by talking about the many other benefits, including weight loss and a younger appearance.

    Where to Find Her

    The place most likely to find Hannah (besides her blog, of course!) is Instagram, where she goes by the handle @hannahmck20. Join over a thousand followers who are treated to #OOTD posts, behind the scenes looks at fashion events, and more. On Twitter, you can find her at @HannahWMcKinley, where she’s followed by over 700 people.