• See Why We Love Greta Rose Evans' Books

    Greta Rose Evans: Multi-talented social star

    Living in Hawaii, Greta Rose Evans has no shortage of beautiful landscapes and settings to share with her followers. The 21-year-old brand ambassador is also an author whose love for books has seen her working at Barnes and Noble. She’s also a photographer and regularly posts on Tumblr.

    Bookworm Turned Author

    Her love of words is obvious to anyone following her online. Her Instagram is filled with images talking about what she’s reading and why she loves books so much. This love quickly turned into an occupation. Not only has she listed herself as working at Barnes and Noble, but she’s an author as well.

    Her first release, The Infinite Summer, was published in 2013 when she was only 17 years old and was written when she was only 16. The book follows a young girl named Evelyn Williams, who leaves for a summer on the beach with two friends and the friend of her late brother that promises to be the most memorable one of her life.

    Her second book was published the following year. Described as a coffee table book, Eighteen is billed as a story that’s “not about a number. This is a story about everything that comes with it.” In an interview, she talked about how she wanted to chronicle a year of her life. She wanted to reflect and to show the side of herself that isn’t on display on social media.

    Greta recently announced that she has finished another novel on her Instagram. While very little has been said about the book other than it’s set in the jungle, she proudly showed the completed manuscript alongside some brief text talking about the long journey she took to getting it completed and how she still has a ways to go until it’s ready for release.

    Brand Ambassador

    While she has said on her Instagram that she is a creative person and far more interested in her work being known that her body, she’s a Brand Ambassador for San Lorenzo Bikinis. The Hawaii-based company has numerous locations throughout the state and also features clothing and accessories that reflect the style and spirit of the state with a South American touch.

    She’s also not shy about showing off some of her other favorites, like Powerbar, Birksun, and Under Water Hawaii.

    Using Social to Empower and Inspire

    While she has accounts on other platforms (@gretaroseevans on Twitter, which has over 400 following, and @GretaRoseEvansAuthor, which has over 300), her real online home is her Instagram account, @greta_rosee.

    Like many other influencers out there, she seems to focus mainly on Instagram with her other accounts not active in a while, with her Twitter being set to private. The attention shows, as over 57K people follow her on the platform.

    She uses the platform mostly for personal glimpses into her life and adventures in various locations, but there’s plenty of other content. From quotes from favorite authors, to plugging her latest reads, sharing her favorite foods, and more, she keeps her following engaged. Most of her pictures often are shared alongside inspirational musings about life, the world, and spirituality.

    Twitter: @gretaroseevans

    Alternate Twitter: @GretaRoseEvansAuthor

    Instgram: @greta_rosee

    Tumblr: http://gretaroseevans.tumblr.com