• Fall into Florals this Season with Bikini Luxe

    When you hear “floral”, you usually think spring. The classic style seems to be appropriate in a season where the flowers are just started to bloom after a long winter. The style is making a comeback in 2017. Harper’s Bazaar, Vouge, Glamour, and many more are reporting on the designers who are making use of floral patterns in their Fall/Winter collections, and it couldn’t make more sense! In a season where things can be a little dreary at times, why not add a little color in the world? Here are some suggestions for pieces that will brighten up the holiday season. 

    Floral Dress

    Floral Fall Dresses

    Asymmetrical Floral Dress - This unique cut will be a fun choice for something out of the Fall norm. Paired with a perfect pair of leggings, and it will also be good for the chillier temperatures the season brings. In warmer climates, of course, that’s not much of a worry.

    Baccio Couture – Ross Luxury Silk Dresses

    This time means a lot of parties, some of them formal. This is especially true around Christmas and New Year’s. For those special events, consider this elegant dress made of fine silk, which also adjusts according to your tastes for coverage. The drawstring belt also adjusts to slimming fit, or a more relaxed one. Who doesn’t like that second option during this time of year?

    Lace Black Dress

    Forget Me Not Black Lace Dress

    This lace dress features an open back and a more subtle floral design for those special dinners. The basic black look is great for a New Year’s party or a romantic night out.
    See Through Me Black Mesh Dress
    This one is similar to the above dress, but is a little more daring.

    Red Lace Dress

    Love More Red Lace Cocktail Dress

    Another option for romantic holiday dinners or New Year’s parties, this also offers a more subtle floral design. The red coloring adds excitement to the look. Special features include an open back.

    Designer floral dress

    Agua Bendita Floral Cut Out Dress – Dahlia

    If you’re looking for a dreamy, flirty look, consider this dress that features a high neck and an asymmetrical cut. It’s a long, flowing piece that can possibly be paired with the Boss Babe Light Denim Jacket for a more casual look that will also keep out the chill.

    Floral leggings

    Agua Bendinta Leggings – Azucena

    For a casual look during the holiday season (especially when out doing the holiday shopping) that will offer a little warmth as well, consider these bold and bright leggings. This limited edition piece is considered part one of the more exciting collections.
    Pair this with the Ibiza Bohemian Tunic. It’s a NY Fashion Week runway feature is lightweight, has a relaxed fit, and is easy to care for. The long sleeves add a bit more warmth and some fun.

    How to Wear Floral in the Fall

    • Keep it neutral 
    • Florals on sheer fabric
    • Add a leather jacket
    • Wear floral patches on denim

    Another option to pair the leggings with is the Short Sleeve Baby Doll – Bea Pink. It’s a comfortable piece that can be good for going from the warmer beach days to a day out during the holiday season. The color is also considered a hot thing this fall.

    Also, florals are trending in swimwear as well. Check our favorite floral swimwear collection below:

  • Style Like Bikini Model Vita Sidorkina

    Vita Sidorkina
    Luli Fama Deep V One Piece // Chloe Rose Pocket One Piece

    Russian fashion model Vita Sidorkina was born in Khabarovsk and lived there until she was 17 years old. At that young age, she relocated to New York City in 2011 to launch her modeling career.

    IMG Model

    Having just arrived in NYC, Vita go started modeling right away and appeared on the runway during the 2011 New York Fashion Week. She also walked the runway for Oyster as well as major brands such as Hermes, Tory Burch, Carmen Marc and Rebecca Minkof, among others.
    The same year, Vita even graced the cover of a magazine called French Revue des Modes.

    The next year she went on to appear on the covers of Elle and Alexis magazine. She also posed for L'officiel in Singapore. Following that, she appeared on the cover of Designare in 2013. Vita also appeared in a Creem magazine fashion editorial.

    Starting in 2014, Vita began posing for the Italian version of Vanity Fair. She also began to model the Pink line for Victoria's Secret, as well as the brand's other lines. The next year she went on to appear in the 2015 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. 2015 was a busy year for Vita, as she also appeared in fashion editorials for Telva, Teen Vogue, Dressed To Kill, Paper and the Spanish version of Marie Claire magazine. Since then she has also been spotted wearing Sauvage.

    Vita Sidorkina Wedding

    On a personal note, 23 year old Vita got engaged to her boyfriend at the end of 2016 and married him over the summer of 2017. The wedding was held on Italy's Amalfi Coast and Vita wore a dress by Zuhair Murad.

    She and her husband now live together in NYC and when Vita isn't working she is lending her support to the Voss Foundation, which she hosted a fundraiser for at East Hampton's Georgica.

    Sauvage SwimwearSauvage Side Lace One Piece

    Vita Sidorkina Instagram

    Vita uses social media to stay in touch with her fans. She can be found on Instagram @vitasidorkina, where she has 825,000 followers. In addition, her Facebook page can be found @vitasidorkina, where she has 405,958 followers.

    • Nationality: Russian
    • Height: 5'8" 
    • Age: 23 years old
    • Measurements: 30-22.5-33
    • Occupation: Model
    • Husband: Valerio Morabito

    As a young, successful model, Vita has used her career to raise awareness for the Voss Foundation, something she fully believes in. Her commitment to her career and to making contributions to the world is refreshing coming from such a young woman. Women of all ages can look up to Vita and model their own careers after hers.

    Frankies Bikinis
    Thong Bikini Bottoms // Bikini Top

    In a short time, Vita has had a budding modeling career and all signs point to it continuing full speed ahead. Vita poses for brands that make her feel beautiful and brands she believes can help make other women feel beautiful too. She is an inspiration to young people because she has shown how much one can accomplish if they make a commitment to doing so. Vita's career is likely to keep flourishing as she continues to make her mark on the world. She will continue to inspire women and show them that they can be as successful as she is.

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  • Blogger on the Rise: Andrea Marmolejo

    It’s no secret that people are turning their social media into an income source. These days, there are tons of people out there working with brands, producing engaging content that pays, or turning their fame into other business ventures. Everyone’s story is unique, though, and Andrea is one of the true inspirational stories on the network.

    Andrea Marmolejo

    She’s now not only a major Colombian influencer, but she’s also get some other things going on thanks to her decision to get online. Let’s learn more about this inspirational figure who is empowering her followers to work toward their dreams.

    Colombian Blogger

    Andrea didn’t set out to become a big time social influencer. She actually just enjoyed making videos with her friends, as she mentioned in an interview with Zoom Magazine. Her friends loved what she was doing, but it wasn’t until another friend suggested trying to make it her career that she decided to give social media stardom a try. Mostly, she says she did it out of a need for money, as she was new to Columbia and had no work.

    It was a big gamble, but it paid off for her. In less than two years, she’s attracted tons of followers and has generated a lot of opportunities for herself.

    YouTube Vlogger

    Andrea’s fun, frank style has appealed to her Instagram audience, who tune in to see her take on pretty much any topic you can think of. She speaks on relationships, music, travel, and a lot more. There are no slick production values and cutesy setups here. Her videos are the style almost anyone could do right from their own home, and she has an infectious, animated style that draws people in.

    Andrea Marmolejo

    This laid back style attracted enough people to get her noticed by big brands and more. While some of these endorsements are done in the same laid-back style, others are done with eye-catching photos that are worthy of almost any magazine.  She is a regular promoter of agua bendita, for one. Post after post on her Instagram shows off their various styles. She also has talked about favorite beauty products and places.

    One side effect of social media fame is the opportunities she’s been given as a reporter, writing columns for #RevistaNueva. One of these was talking about relationships and social media. There’s also been gigs with ESPN and being part of a Women’s Weekend conference where she discussed her story and empowering herself through social media.

    Andrea Marmolejo Instagram

    With over two hundred thousand people following her in Instagram, it’s clear that she’s discovered what works. Between her mix of casual videos and sophisticated photography, her @andreamarmolej followers are always looking for more.

    • Nationality: Colombian
    • Career: Journalist
    • YouTube: Andrea Marmolejo

    She’s taken the secrets she’s learned and turned it into an online Redes Famosas class that will teach how to use Instagram to build your business or get some social media fame to open doors for yourself. She teaches how to use ads, how to make create content, and finding your target audience.

    You can also see some more videos on her YouTube channel, Andrea Marmolejo, or check out her old Twitter account to see more about where she started. That’s @andreamarmolej.

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  • Eva Gutowski's Fashionable Life

    The times are changing fast, and entertainment is perhaps one of the fastest changing venues. Today, you don’t need the traditional television to get your entertainment fix. Sites like Hulu, Netflix, and YouTube have begun producing unique content that you can’t find on your cable subscription. Along with the new way of getting content to viewers comes a new way for people to get seen: Youtube accounts. This was the case with Eva Gutowski of My Life as Eva. As a successful YouTube star, Eva Gutowski has become the go-to girl for beauty tips and advice. At just 23 years old she has already established herself as an influencer in the industry.

    My Life as Eva

    She, like several other enterprising social influencers, created a Youtube channel as part of a college course and has seen it turn into her career in a short amount of time. Her unique videos centered around fashion, lifestyle, and comedy and quickly earned a huge audience. Read on to learn a little more about this California native and where her Youtube channel has taken her.

    My Life as Eva

    Eva is a real triumph over adversity story, having dealt with being the daughter of a poor family. According to a People magazine profile, her bedroom was once her family’s living room, something she had to share with a sister. There wasn’t much food to go around either, and Eva found herself feeling inadequate next to her better off peers. Eva was born and raised in California, where she grew up with her sister Maya. Her earliest career aspirations were of psychiatrist or actress. She started her career working as a cashier at a local pizza shop. As she moved onto college she realized she wanted to become a reporter/entertainment host which led to her majoring in journalism.

    A post shared by Eva Gutowski (@mylifeaseva) on

    The interview revealed that her father was actually the one who got Eva to start her Youtube channel as a way to help Eva deal with lingering sadness over not having the same college experience as her friends. That turned out to be a great move, as you’ll see later on.

    Eva Gutowski YouTube

    Eva’s videos were so popular that it led her to some unique opportunities. She soon starred in a somewhat scripted series on the platform called How to Survive High School that drew on real experiences. It’s all about helping teens cope with the transition.

    Another venture that she’s been a part of is the series Escape the Night. Eva played a Journalist in the first season. According to the Wiki page, the inspiration comes from a murder mystery episode of Lizzie McGuire and the classic movie, Clue. There is a second season about to start, but Eva isn’t in it, as the cast changes from season to season.

    My Life as Eva

    One of her biggest breaks is striking a deal with Youtube Red for her own show, Me and Grandma. Here, she gets to act alongside classic sitcom star Rhea Pearlman as the pair chase their acting dreams. The show’s first season features six episodes. Eva is also known for her work with brands that include Kohl’s, Macys, Luli Fama and Fanta. In addition, she toured the country in 2015 and 2016 in “Girl’s Night In,” and “Amplify.

    Besides all that, Eva has a book, My Life as Eva: The Struggle is Real with Simon and Shuster that tells her story. She’s also got her own blog talking lifestyle and more, and she shows off some serious modeling skills on her social networks.

    • Age: 23 years old
    • Height: 5'6" 
    • Nationality: American
    • Profession: YouTuber and Actress

    Like with many out there, 23-year-old Eva is mostly on Instagram. She’s showing support for Pride, showcasing her favorite looks, and giving people an inside look into the life of a Youtube star. Her fun, confident vibe has attracted over five million followers. She goes by @mylifeaseva there.

    Showing she knows how to brand right, Eva’s twitter is also @lifeaseva, keeping with the title of her Youtube channel. On Twitter, she’s attracted over three million followers, while her Youtube has an impressive eight million subscribers.

    Finally, she’s got a secret project that has its own account. Check out @itsallwild to see what she’s up to and learn more as it’s announced. It’s already got over twenty thousand followers.

    Check our favorite styles and trends inspired on Eva Gutowski:

  • Fashion Tips by Bruna Vieira

    Bruna Vieira is a vibrant 23 year old beauty blogger with a passion for makeup. She launched her blog, Depois dos Quinze (which translates to “After 15” in English,) in 2008 and has been adding to it ever since then. Begun while she was still a high school student, After 15 provided a shy teenage girl with a way to communicate with her peers comfortably.

    Bruna Vieira

    Brazilian Fashion Blogger

    By writing the blog, Bruna began to come out of her shell and build her inner confidence, a key aspect of making any woman feel as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside. Her work on the blog led to her first published book, After 15.

    A post shared by Bruna Vieira 🌻 (@brunavieira) on

    While Bruna writes many of her own blog entries, she also has other writers that contribute to it, making it a valuable resource for women all over the world, regardless of their age or lifestyle. The blog now covers a wide variety of topics that include fashion, music, photography, shopping, technology, travel and even various recipes. The fashion section of her blog often features the styles of other bloggers that Bruna considers her peers. The music section includes interviews with international musicians that Bruna is a fan of or that she just finds to be inspiring.

    Bruna Vieira

    Bruna also uses her blog to share her own personal life adventures with her readers. One section of her blog is dedicated to trips to places such as Yosemite National Park.

    More than just blog entries, Bruna also posts videos of her travels to cities such as Orlando. Her readers can get a glimpse of a vacation she took to Disney World and Land with her mother, her boyfriend and his family.

    • Nationality: Brazilian
    • Lives: San Francisco
    • Age: 23 years old
    • Birthday: May 18th
    • YouTube subscribers: 1.3 million

    As a smart young woman, Bruna knows how important social media can be to bloggers. It is easy to follow her and/or her blog on all of the major social media sites. Her blog can be found on Instagram @depoisdosquinze, where it has 178,000 followers. It can also be found on Twitter @depoisdosquinze, where it has 175,000 followers. Bruna can be found on Facebook @Bruna Vieira, where she has 202,736 followers. She also has a YouTube channel @canaldepoisdosquinze, where she has 1.3 million subscribers following her.

    Depois Dos Quinze

    Despite her young age, Bruna has much to be proud of when it comes to her accomplishments. Her blog and social media followings prove how popular she is with women around the world. She is a refreshingly honest blogger that is not afraid to share details of her personal life with her readers and fans. The sheer size and reach of her blog shows how much knowledge and passion she has to share with the world. This will likely continue as she continues to travel the world, conquering everything she sets her mind to. Her fashion and beauty advice and insight is invaluable to her readers. With such a popular blog, it is easy to see why she has so many fans.

    Bruna Vieira has a very fresh and chic style. You will always see her with florals or a boho look on her travel adventures. Check out our favorite styles on the website: