• Exclusive Interview with Wanderlust Blogger May Pham

    May Pham is a fashion and travel blogger based in Los Angeles. Three minutes scrolling her Instagram feed and you will feel inspired. Discover more about Pham and her next adventures and destinations. 

    May Pham

    Tell us a little about yourself.

    I’m May, a girl who loves to wander and wonder! I’m originally from Vietnam, and currently based in Los Angeles. Travel, photography, picnic, home décor, event planning, and content creating are a few of my favorite things. I run a travel & lifestyle blog InaraByMay and my Instagram account @mayandtravel has about 200K followers.

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    What’s the first thing you do in the morning?
    I’m a creature of habits, and my morning routine pretty much always starts out the same. The first thing I do every day is that I make myself a very special drink: kale, green apple, seaweed, and Manuka honey. I have been drinking this “breakfast” for the past 2 years and I can’t start my day without it. 

    You’re gorgeous, what does your beauty routine look like?
    I believe that healthy lifestyle and healthy foods to eat are the two major pillars I need to build for my beauty routine. All my skincare, haircare, and makeup products are natural, plant-based, and organic. My daily beauty routine is simple: 


    • Start the day with my special drink (kale+green apple+seaweed+manuka honey)
    • Consume a healthy breakfast (cereal, grains, berries, acai,…)
    • Make some time for a morning exercise routine 
    • Try to eat plant-based food throughout my day
    • I only apply moisturizer and hydrating cream for my skincare routine. I don’t wear any makeup at all unless I have to go to parties or go out for photo shoots. 
    If you had to wear the same outfit for the rest of your life - what would it be?
    It would be dress, sandals, and straw bag. 

    We want to know, what’s in your bag?
    In all honesty, my handbags are not super clean or neat. I have to admit that my bags are usually stuffed with all kinds of random junk so I make it my mission to organize my handbag at least once a week, tossing out the cookie crumbs, coins, old receipts,…
    What I always have in my bag are wallet, keychain, portable phone charger, sanitizer, Laneige travel-sized cream and moisturizer, and pen. 

    We love your Instagram. What are your favorite apps to edit your photos?
    I always edit my pictures with Lightroom and Photoshop. My favorite app to add some effects is VSCO. 

    May and Travel
    If you could travel anywhere in the world - where would it be?
    I haven’t been to Africa nor South America. They are on my bucket list. 

    What's the fashion essential you can't live without?
    Straw bags. 

    Who are your favorite people to follow on Instagram?

    @wearetravelgirls / @sheisnotlost / @polkadotpassport / @darlingescapes / @ohhcouture / @tuulavintage and @doyoutravel

    What are your favorite trends for spring?
    Floral dress and straw bag. 

    What’s your favorite thing to do in your down time?
    Playing with my dogs and playing the piano. 

    May Pham
    They say you are what you eat, what are you?
    I’m blessed to get to know about Ohsawa macrobiotic diet about a year ago. And since then I have been trying to incorporate macrobiotic ways of eating in my daily meals. Nowadays my diet consists mostly of brown rice, seaweed, miso, vegetables, and grains. I also pay attention to seasonings that I use in my cooking. I substitute table salt with Himalayan salt, white sugar with brown rice syrup, and fish sauce with organic soy sauce. 

    What are your favorite looks from Bikini Luxe?
    My favorite look from Bikini Luxe is Soah Emma Lace Jumpsuit. Flowy and elegant. Perfect outfit for a casual brunch or beach days.

    Where do you get your sense of style from?
    I get my sense of style from other ladies in my life: my mom, my sister, my girlfriends,…

    What inspired you to start your own Blog?
    My blog is inspired by beautiful destinations, by color and nature, and by wonderful people that I’ve met on my journey. 

    Tell us about your dream collab, who is it and why?
    My dream collab would be with any brand that promotes organic, cruelty-free, vegan, and natural products. 

    Girls worldwide want to do what you’re doing, do you have any advice for them?
    Many girls on IG claim they quit 9-to-5 job and follow their dreams. I understand that most of you girls out there don't have that kind of freedom. Don’t be pressured and feel that you have to uproot to have that wanderlust life. Having a stable job and traveling, in my opinion, are just as ideal. I pride myself on having a full-time job and IG is just my hobby. My advice is simple: following your dreams but also being realistic. 
    May Pham
    Maxi Tan Dress
    What’s next for you?
    I’m planning to travel to Tulum and Havana this summer.

    *How can readers keep up with you?
    Twitter: @mayandtravel
    Instagram: @mayandtravel
    Facebook: mayandtravel
    Website: www.inarabymay.com
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  • The Italian Chiara Nasti

    Italian blogger Chiara Nasti launched her own blog in order to share her thoughts and feelings with the world. Her self-named blog is divided into sections for her personal style, works, personal life and beauty. In each section, Chiara is candid when it comes to sharing details of her world with her readers.

    Chiara Nasti

    Italian Fashion Blogger

    In the personal style selection of her blog, Chiara shares with her readers the newest outfits that she can’t get enough of. She also mentions any new collections of clothing she is impressed with. Chiara also shares that she enjoys online shopping and that she is addicted to jewelry. She addresses her readers in every one of her blog entries, showing that she is just as invested in them as they are in her. 

    Chiara Nasti

    In the “my” works section, Chiara talks about projects she is passionate about. This is also where she revealed to her readers that she now has her own line of swimsuits. She talks about how she was involved with every aspect of creating and launching the collection.

    Chiara Nasti Barbie Doll

    The personal “my life” section of the blog Chiara shares details of her personal travel experiences. In addition, this is the section of her site where she announced that she has a Barbie doll created to look just like her. This is, no doubt, exciting news for fans of Chiara’s who grew up playing with Barbie.

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    Chiara Nasti Blog

    The beauty section of her blog is where Chiara shares with her readers the products she recommends the most. She always gives her personal view of each product and encourages her readers to purchase them.

    Chiara Nasti Look

    • Nationality: Italian
    • Age: 19
    • Height: 5'6"
    • Birthday: January 22nd 

    Like most other bloggers, Chiara makes use of social media. She can be found on Instagram @nastilove, where she has 1.4 million followers. She also has a Twitter account @ChiaraNastii, where she has 21.9 thousand followers. Her Facebook page can be found @ChiaraNastiOfficial, where she has 384,493 followers. She also has thousands of subscribers to her self-named YouTube channel, where she posts updates on her life and career.

    Chiara is not afraid to stand up to those who troll her online. She handled it in her own unique style when she took every tweet a troll directed towards her and turned it into a roll of toilet paper. She even went so far as to show her Instagram users a shot of the toilet paper with the nasty tweets written on it.

    A blogger quite unlike any other, Chiara stands out in the crowd for her brilliance when it comes to expressing herself in various forms. The above mentioned social media story shows that Chiara is not intimidated or discouraged by those who don’t like her or don’t respect what she does. She is truly an inspiration for women everywhere and has shown them that they don’t have to roll over and placate the obstacles that life throws at them. Chiara will likely continue being a great role model for all women.

    Chiara definitely knows how to wear a bikini. Check our favorite selection from her personal style:

  • 5 Miami Bloggers You Need To Know

    Miаmi is uѕuаl bright аnd sunny wеаthеr iѕ thе vеrу rеаѕоn why tоuriѕtѕ аrе attracted tо thiѕ bеаutiful раrаdiѕе. But how dо реорlе hеrе uѕuаllу get rеаdу fоr the ѕummеr?

    It’ѕ оftеn diffiсult to decide whаt to wеаr аnd hоw tо wеаr it, еѕресiаllу in Miаmi’ѕ ѕсоrсhing mid-ѕummеr hеаt. Shоrtѕ аnd a tаnk top might сut it in other раrtѕ оf Flоridа, but Miаmi has a раlраblе passion for trend-setting style аnd beauty. Thаt said, finding уоur оwn lооk is оftеn mоrе diffiсult thаn it арреаrѕ. Hеrе are fivе Miаmi fashion blоggеrѕ that аrе summer rеаdу аnd nееd tо fоllоw in уоur quest fоr inѕрirаtiоn.

    Miami Bloggers 2017

    Maria Tettamanti

    Maria Tettamanti

    A nаtivе оf Nеw Jersey, Mаriа Tаttаmаnti was rаiѕеd bу hеr Grееk раrеntѕ, and whеn they decided to move thе fаmilу tо ѕunnу Coconut Grove in Miаmi, Mаriа began аttеnding Ransom Evеrglаdеѕ High Sсhооl and then moved on tо grаduаtе frоm thе Univеrѕitу оf Flоridа with a dеgrее in journalism. While dеlivеring expertly writtеn аrtiсlеѕ аbоut fаѕhiоn аnd style trеndѕ, Mаriа also has a uniԛuе style оf her own with whiсh ѕhе inspires fоllоwеrѕ оf hеr blоg, Thе Wоrdу Girl. Mаriа hаѕ gаinеd a glоbаl fаn bаѕе, аnd Thе Wоrdу Girl nоw сарtivаtеѕ rеаdеrѕ worldwide.

    Gingеr Hаrriѕ

    A post shared by Ginger Harris (@gingerharris) on


    Ginger Hаrriѕ iѕ thе tор Miаmi fаѕhiоn blоggеr bеhind Elесtriс Blogarella, contributing hеr perspectives оn fаѕhiоn, bеаutу, travel and уоgа tо the blоgоѕрhеrе. She hаѕ ѕреnt more than a dесаdе wоrking аѕ a jоurnаliѕt аnd еditоr for рubliсаtiоnѕ likе Viѕit Flоridа аѕ thе ѕtаtе’ѕ ѕhоррing inѕidеr, Z-Lifе Mаgаzinе (Zumba’s оffiсiаl mаgаzinе), Miami Magazine, Six Dеgrееѕ, Zink аnd thе Knight Artѕ Fоundаtiоn’ѕ blog. She hаѕ also bееn featured оn thе Tоdау show and Lifеtimе as wеll аѕ in Mаriе Claire аnd Sеlf mаgаzinеѕ as a blоggеr аnd fashionista. Bеtwееn ѕtriking poses аnd tурing аwау оn her laptop, Gingеr mаkеѕ timе fоr yoga аnd Pilates аnd tаkеѕ оn hеr most imроrtаnt roll: mоm to a ѕсеnе-ѕtеаling 9 year оld who rеgulаrlу арреаrѕ оn hеr blоg. 

    Jаnа Rоѕе Cаrrеrо

    Jana Rose Carrero

    Though ѕhе hаilѕ from San Juаn, Puerto Rico, Jаnа Rоѕе Cаrrеrо has hеr рulѕе on MIami’s fаѕhiоn ѕсеnе. She’s bееn in thе Sunѕhinе State fоr thе раѕt ѕеvеn уеаrѕ, the lаѕt thrее оf which ѕhе’ѕ bееn blogging for hеr site OJ and Cigs. Hеr сооl ѕtуlingѕ hаvе lаndеd hеr in thе likes of DISfunkѕhiоn Mаgаzinе, Diѕtrасtiоn Mаgаzinе, Sосiеtе Perrier, Glаm Lаtinа, Revista Egо Moda & Estilo, The Urbаn Realist аnd Miami Herald, аmоng оthеrѕ. Carrero's personal style, аѕ ѕhе describes it is “Heavily inspired bу island life, urbаn street аrt, city-sleek ѕtуlе аnd athleticwear.

    Anniе Vаzԛuеz

    The Fashion Poet

    Vоtеd Miаmi’ѕ Tор Fashion Blog bу thе Villаgе Voice, The Fаѕhiоn Pоеt is a ѕtуlе аnd trаvеl blоg writtеn by journalist and fаѕhiоn writer Anniе Vazquez. Fеаturеd in respectively Vogue, Pеорlе Mаgаzinе аnd Lаtinа, Anniе’ѕ blog is оnе уоu dоn’t wаnt tо miss оut. What mаkеѕ Anniе ѕо uniԛuе iѕ her versatility, dеdiсаtiоn, аnd uniԛuе аbilitу to lеаd аnd оrgаnizе Miami’s blоgging аnd fаѕhiоn соmmunitу. Anniе was rеѕроnѕiblе fоr сrеаting Miami’s firѕt Fаѕhiоn Blоggеrѕ Night Out, and ѕhе has аlѕо offered hеr timе аnd tаlеntѕ tо сhаritаblе efforts by оrgаnizing thе Fashion for a Cаuѕе Cаmраign to rаiѕе money fоr brеаѕt саnсеr rеѕеаrсh. Annie trulу has hеr fingеr on thе рulѕе оf Miаmi fаѕhiоn, making Thе Fаѕhiоn Poet a blоg nоt to be ignored.

    Stephanie Cоѕmороlitаn

    Stephanie Cosmopolitan

    Stephanie runs a Miami-based blog called Thе Lux Lоft, with her gоаl bеing to inspire оthеrѕ thrоugh сrеаtivitу and collaboration. Stерhаniе founded this fashion аnd bеаutу blоg in 2015 аnd реорlе are аlrеаdу singing hеr рrаiѕеѕ аѕ Thе Lux Lоft continues tо gain mоmеntum аnd followers frоm around thе world. Likе many оf hеr colleagues, Stерhаniе hаѕ worked with mаnу high-еnd соmраniеѕ аnd brаndѕ, including DELPOZO, Fеrrаgаmо, аnd Vоguе Mеxiсо.

    Top Miami Instagrammers

    • The Lux Loft: @stephaniecosmopolitan
    • Electric Blogarella: @gingerharris
    • The Fashion Poet: @thefashionpoet
    • OJ and Cigs: @ojandcigs
    • The Wordy Girl: @mariatettamanati

    Shop our bloggers favorite swimwear style HERE:

  • Gizele Oliveira Always on the Go

    Gizele Oliveira is a Brazilian model who has worked in cities all over the world. This includes Los Angeles, Milan, Munich, Barcelona, Gothenburg, New York, London Sao Paulo and Copenhagen. She has been modeling for several years and has appeared in fashion shows for Dolce & Gabbana, Polo Ralph Lauren, Tory Burch and M.A.C. She has also appeared in Maxim, when the site chose her to be one of the 15 models from Brazil to watch out for on Instagram.

    Gizele Oliveira

    Gizele On The Go

    In addition to her modeling work, she also maintains a blog called Gizele On The Go. Before that she ran her own blog on a website called Things of Teens. She uses her current blog to share photos with her fans. Gizele has been maintaining the blog since 2013 and her readers can always go back and see every entry she has ever written.

    Vogue Magazine named Gizele as one of 2017’s “Brazilian Bombshells.” They pointed her out due to the fact that she is always on top of current fashion trends, despite the fact that it has been said that she can make wearing skimpy clothes look sexy.

     Many people are watching Gizele’s career develop and are keeping up with it by reading her blog and following her on social media. She can be found on Instagram @giizeleoliveira, where she has 389,000 followers. She also has thousands of followers on Twitter, where she can be found @gizeleoliveira. She has thousands of followers on Facebook and can be found @gizeeleoliveira.

    Gizele Oliveira Measurements

    • Career: Model
    • Age: 36 years old
    • Born: Brazil
    • Height: 5'9"
    • Measurements: 30"-24"-35"

    As a successful model and blogger, Gizele has been able to travel all over the world doing what she loves. She has traveled to many cities that are as beautiful as she is. Throughout her travels she has served as a role model for women all over the world who look up to her. All her fans have to do is read her blog to see where she has been recently and what she did while she was there.

    Keeping her blog updated is something that Gizele does as a gift to her readers. She wants to be able to share her personal style with them. Wherever Gizele goes she is photographed wearing the latest outfits from the hottest designers in fashion. No matter what outfit she wears she looks stylish and amazing.

    Gizele On The Go

    Gizele is always enthusiastic about her career and takes every opportunity she gets to expand on it. She has a passion for modeling and blogging that few others in the industry can match. Gizele has turned her passions into a career that she can be proud of. As a role model for young women she constantly shows them what they can accomplish if they really want to.

    Her attitude towards those who helped make her so popular in the modeling and blogging industries is refreshing. She appreciates her fans and followers that have helped her to make her own dreams come true. She is likely to continue to serve as an inspiration for women around the world.

  • Valentina Ferragni's Style

    Valentina Ferragni

    At the tender age of 24, Valentina Ferragni has already made a name for herself as a bikini designer. This gorgeous blonde was born in Italy and exudes a passion for life that few other people could ever hope to match.

    Valentina Ferragni Style

    Valentina Ferragni Style

    One of three daughters, Valentina is the sister of Chiara Ferragni, a fashion designer and blogger much revered and respected in the industry. However, as much as she has a passion for fashion and beauty, interior design is also a personal passion of hers. More than just a pretty face, Valentina holds a college degree in advertising and communication.

    Valentina Ferragni Bikini Line

    Bikini Valentina Ferragni

    As Valentina pursued her passion for the industry, she has partnered up with many high end brands to create new fashion pieces such as the bikini line she helped design. Valentina has worked with brands such as Pomellato, Levis and Guess.

    Valentina is a frequent subject of sister Chiara’s fashion blog, The Blonde Salad. The blog covered Valentina’s attendance at the 2017 Miami Fashion Week. The blonde beauty herself wrote a blog post sharing her impressions of the event. By giving her own personal view on the details of the event, Valentina demonstrated how knowledgeable she is about the fashion industry.

    When Valentina launched her bikini line, a Blonde Salad writer published a post sharing all the coveted details about the line of swimsuits. The bright and bold swimsuits include a choice of four bold prints only Valentina could have inspired. These customizable bikinis make it easy to choose from a triangle or bandeau bikini top. The choices in bottoms are ideal for women of all shapes and sizes, and include string and non string styles.


    Shop her favorite looks here:

    brand ambassador sign up

    Breasts-Waist-Hips: 34-25-35 inches

    Bra Size: 34

    Height: 5’7

    Weight: 123 lbs


    Valentina owes much of her popularity to her Instagram page, which is where she first began to be noticed by discerning eyes all over the world. She can be found @valentinaferragni, where she has 1.3 million followers. Other social media sites she uses include Twitter, where she can be found @Valeferragni, entertaining the thousands of Twitter members who follow her. Her Facebook page can be found under her name, where she has over 25,000 followers.

    Valentina Ferragni

    It is fair to say that Valentina Ferragni is not being overshadowed by her equally beautiful sister, Chiara, but is holding her own in an industry her older sister is extremely popular in. Since it is obvious talent runs in the family, it’s not surprising that the Ferragni sisters have taken the world by storm.

    As Valentina continues to pursue her passions, her fans benefit from it as much as she does. Her views on fashion and beauty are inspirational to women all over the world. She is living proof that being beautiful on the inside is just as powerful as being beautiful on the outside.

    Shop her Bikini Looks Now!