• Why Do Women Have to Settle For Fashion Over Function?

    The Bra Struggle is Real!

    This morning was a day like any other. Wake up, rush to get ready, half put on my makeup and throw whatever random product is in my drawers into my hair so that maybe it wont be so frizzy today. The Miami humidity is not my friend, rude.  I then realize the milk is out and I have to use soy milk for my coffee (which just doesn't taste the same). Trying to look presentable in a flash was never one of my strong points. I tried on three bras...yes three. I hate bras, they feel restricting, uncomfortable, and they never truly give me the look I am trying to achieve. I always end up wearing this one strapless lavender bra from Victoria's Secret, it's my go to because it's comfortable. 

    Why do I have twenty bras that I don't wear? Why do they all suck so bad, and why did I buy them thinking that they didn't suck? Honestly, they need to go. Haha. My go to is falling apart, despite me hardly washing it (they apparently recommend that you DO NOT wash it) but then they get gross from every day wear and tear. Perfect excuse to buy another one I am sure. What if there were a bra meant to be worn all the time, during a range of different exercises that didn't get ruined if you tossed it into the washing machine? 



    I just stumbled across this awesome Kickstarter campaign, which has performed well beyond it's own expectations. I personally like a little padding to you know... gimme a boost, so I will be waiting for the padded release. Check it out here, this might be the bra of the future. 

    As Bikini Luxe ventures into the active wear world, we have been learning a tremendous amount about what women want and expect out of their everyday exercise clothing. From unique looks to comfortable body flattering leggings, we want it all. Is this truly possible? I think as designer active wear continues to evolve we will have many more options. Fashionable yet functional styles to wear throughout the day and well through your toughest workouts are here, and will continue to be a staple in the women's active wear industry.

    An everyday bra that you can wear to Netflix and chill, go to work, head to the gym, take a dip in the ocean, wear on a date, etc. I don't think there is anything you cannot do in this active bra. Pretty neat if you ask me!