• The Most Efficient Ways To Build Your Clothing Line

    When you are a beginner in the field of business, it can be challenging to figure out how to start. There's just a lot to prepare, and more often than not, it can overwhelm you. The amount of work to be done can discourage some people. But if you are someone who won't give up just because of the challenging process, then you are going to be one step closer to making your clothing line succeed. To make everything easier for you, here are some short guidelines that will help you start your clothing business.  


    start a clothing line

    Your Brand’s Name and Identity

    These days, people are getting more and more encouraged to start their brand. The businesses in the clothing industry are growing, and the competition is getting tougher. That's why before anything else, you need to think of a brand name and the identity that you want your business to have.

    The brand name is essential because this is one of the first things that people will remember to find and recommend your business. You have to think of a name that is unique, easy to remember, and will describe your business. It's even better if your brand name can tell the story of your business. It can be long, or it can be short, but remember that if it's too long, the customers might have a hard time remembering your name.

    Another thing that you need to think about is the niche and the identity of your business. What is your business’ purpose? Who are the people that you want to serve? What are the products and services that you want to offer? And what makes you different from your competitors? Answering these questions is vital for your business. Not knowing your identity while doing your business is not good because you won’t be able to focus on the things that would make your company grow.

    Having a solid identity would also allow your customers to see that you are different from other startups. You can introduce to them who you are and what you can offer. That is important to be remembered in the clothing industry. You can't just make any products for the sake of earning. When you know your identity, you know your purpose.

    Launch A Website

    Having your website is a must if you want your customers to notice you more. Everyone is online, and you can take advantage of this by bringing your brand online as well. Even if you are not going to have an online store, it's still vital for you to have a website where you can introduce your company, what you do, and how you can help people. You can put up pictures of your items on your site and even post articles that you can use to facilitate your readers.

    However, having a website is not enough. It should have a professional design so that your audience will be encouraged to see more of your page. Good website design will capture your visitors' attention and make them more interested in your brand, and your designs so make sure to invest in professional services provided by web designers as well. A good web designer will help you find a design that also matches the identity of your brand.


    make a bikini line

    Interact on Social Media

    Besides having a professional website,  social media presence will also help you get customers. Social media platforms give people new opportunities to connect, and it provides business owners like you a way of reaching out to more people from around the world.

    There are a lot of things that you can do using social media platforms. You can use your page to promote your events, sales, and promotions. You can also reply to customer inquiries using your page. Now, this is a friendlier way of giving customer service as well since most people today are on social media. It's going to be easier for them to reach you.

    Marketing clothing brands are easier using social media platforms because people will see pictures of your items even when they’re just scrolling through their feeds. Social media marketing doesn’t feel like marketing at all which is the best part about it.

    Prepare A Marketing Campaign

    There are various ways to market your brand. There are offline strategies and online techniques to choose from. You can do one of these methods, or you can also use both. Some examples of traditional marketing campaigns are giving away flyers, garments, and T.V. advertisements. Meanwhile, online marketing strategies can include social media marketing and Search Engine Optimization. Marketing professionals would be able to help you plan a marketing campaign that is suitable for your target market and business. But it's important to remember that overzealous marketing should be avoided.


    how to make my own clothing line

    Plan The Pricing And The Financial Goals

    Setting your prices is one of the most challenging tasks for a business owner. To arrive at the right price, you have to consider various factors like the production costs, the rates of your competitors and the amount that your target customers are willing to pay for your items. Startups are usually tempted to price their products low as a strategy to invite more customers. However, giving too low prices might not be able to provide you with the profit that you need to keep the business running. Thinking of your financial goals is also essential so don't compromise your price too much. The best thing to do is to find the perfect balance in price by considering these factors.

    Meeting With Manufacturers

    Once you are done planning these critical things about your business, it's now time to look for a manufacturer that you can partner with. Looking for the best manufacturing company is vital because they will be the one that you can trust to make the items that your customers will receive. Before signing a contract with your manufacturer, you can ask them if you can meet up first and talk about how garments are produced in their unit. Now, this would allow you to make sure that you are choosing the right people for your business.  

  • How Instagram Influencer Ines Silva Has Made the Unicorn Unique

    Are you ready to meet another Instagram influencer? This has become a big business these days, with popular accounts being able to command hundreds of dollars or more for each post they create for a brand. Companies find it an easy, cost-effective way to get their message in front of an audience, and the more followers one has, the more likely you are to get big bucks. Keep reading to learn more about her brand, her channel, and other information about her. You’ll also find out where to keep up with her online.


    International Passions

    To start with, Ines is a Portugal-based influencer, and that is her native language. She did a video on her YouTube channel where she answered some common questions her followers want to know. From that video, we know that she is a college graduate with a degree in fashion design. She just turned 25 late last year, according to Famous Birthdays, and is a lover of languages. She currently knows her native tongue and English well, although she also knows a little bit of Spanish, too. She’s also got a passion for Japanese culture, which has inspired her to learn that as well. She admits to the language being very difficult for her.
    Check that video out on her Ines Silva channel. To learn even more, keep your auto-play enabled because the very next one is a video giving fifty facts about herself. She shows off a lot of personality and gets very personal, talking about her broken finger and one of her big phobias. (No judging!)


    Online and Beyond

    Obviously, we’ve already mentioned she’s an online influencer. That means working with brands such as RowNYC Hotel, Tiger Mist, and Miss Guided to promote their brands. She also is the owner of a couple of fashion brands, the handles for which she links in her main Instagram bio. One is Neuher, which is described as a feminist brand whose focus is on creating things that are a great fit for a woman’s body. It mostly seems to be form-fitting jump and bodysuits, but she also has a red reversible dress on the site as well. Her other brand, RIP, seems to be geared more toward sweatsuits, hoodies, and things like that.
    She also is an active vlogger, sharing travel videos such as her trip to Japan. She also does videos reviewing different brands, gives glimpses into her routine, and makeup videos. Besides that, she adds more value to her audience by teaching them such of her Instagram secrets that led to her success on the site. She also has a couple of videos where she teaches viewers her native Portuguese.  


    Ines Silva IG

    You can find her YouTube Chanel at Ines Silva. As far as social media, her main account is her Instagram, @IrisLovesUnicorns, and you’ll definitely see her love of color on the account, as well as her fun side. There are a lot of shots of her favorite brands, but she also shares the occasional not so perfect shot to be real and show off something cool that was in the background. The account is followed by over 200K users. You can find her clothing brands by searching the handle @rip.apparel and @neuher_official.

     Ines Silva Wiki

    • Age: 25 years old 
    • Hair color: Black
    • Eye color: Brown
    • Nationality: Half-Portuguese and Half-Mozambican


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  • Find Out The Key to Instagram Influencer Alessandra Sironi's Success

    Alessandra Sironi’s Rules for #Winning

    This next influencer is someone that is similar, and yet different, from a lot of the successful Instagrammers who’ve made posting pictures their livelihood. If you haven’t met her yet, get ready to learn all about where she came from, why social media users are following her, and what she believes are keys to success in life.
    Like the many other accounts we’ve featured here, there are a lot of things to take away from what she does and how she handles her online presence. Some of them just might help inspire you to make a big move. First, let’s get into some of the basics details.



    Miami Model

    Alessandra, unlike some of the other Instagrammers out there, has a website where you can learn all about her and her background, even though most of her content is found on Instagram. Here are a few quick basics to get you going. For the rest, check out her website at sironialessandra.onuniverse.com.
    She’s a college graduate, having attended school in Miami, Florida to study Communications. Not a bad education base for someone who makes her living online. This shows that it’s important, whether you go to a formal school or study independently online, to learn as much as you can about what interests you. You never know what facts might end up serving you well later on.



    Another common rule of being a success: she’s diversified herself big-time. She talks on her website bio in length about not wanting to be labeled as anything other than a creative person, whatever form that takes. She lets that passion pull her behind and in front of the camera, as well as writing, photography and other artistic endeavors. She uses all of these talents to pay the bills through modeling, design gigs, and more. She’s also an investor, something she talks about on her social media, as well as a master of two languages.



    Alessandra Sironi IG

    If you want to find the Venezuelan-born influencer online, there are plenty of places to catch up with her and get some inspiration for your latest swimsuit acquisition or other products, as well as see some great travel locales.
    The main account is @sironialessandra, which has over 100,000 followers. This account mostly features colorful bathing suit and clothing shots that are accompanied by fun captions that are written in a mix of her native Spanish and English. She favors a versatile style that goes from fun and playful to classy elegance to skimpy beachwear.

    Here’s the cool thing about her social, and something that shows her attention to branding. Her other account, @alissmile, is done in pink tones that fit the dreamy, romantic feel of the account. She chooses to mix photography with inspirational memes that will give you plenty of motivation to kick the week off right.
    Finally, she has a third account that one must follow in order to see what’s on it. Her bio at @desaturatedale says she likes to be on focus. Based on the bio, this one seems to talk more about her creative side: editing, writing, dancing and acting. That one is followed by over 1300.


     Alessandra Sironi Wiki

    • Age: 25 years old 
    • Hair color: Brown
    • Eye color: Hazel 
    • Ethnicity: Hispanic
    • Facebook Page: facebook.com/sironialessandra
    • Twitter: https://twitter.com/sironiale


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  • Best Looks For a Summer You Won't Forget

    It’s time to send your style into overdrive as summer hits its peak heading into August. There’s no better time to gear up for exciting events and activities you’ll miss when you’re bundled up in cozy sweater reminiscing about your past season’s memories.

    Shop favorite looks here:

    brand ambassador sign up

    For the Pool Party …

    red one piece 

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    The California One Piece suit from Solkissed was made for the girl who lives to stand out. The 70s style cut bottom leaves your legs looking miles long, while the plunging, open back adds a dramatic touch. The unique hand-painted bull design makes you feel like you just walked out of Coachella and onto the rooftop pool. Most of all, the siren call color of red will set you apart and show you off like the star you are.


    For Swim and the Sand …

    yellow swimsuit

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    Let’s not forget one of the most important parts of summer: soaking up the sun. Whether you’re gunning for a goddess-like tan or simply a suit to swim in, Dbrie’s Daisy Set is the perfect match. The top’s sweetheart cut bandeau with adjustable shoulder ties coupled with the bottoms offered in a range of coverage lets you choose your style and comfort. The simplistic and flattering look is one that can’t be missed.


    For Brunch …

    pink romper

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    Cheers to bottomless mimosas and perfecting this feminine yet daring Sunday morning look. You’ll be even more excited for brunch when you can show off Lolli’s Flirty Romper. The adorable frill cap sleeves and bottom cut make this look cute, while the center cut and saucy neckline captivate. Being sexy and girly never looked so effortless.


    For the Outdoor Barbecue …

    red two piece set

    Shop this look here!


    Nothing says summer more than outdoor grilling with your favorite people on a warm summer evening. Keep cool (and chic) in Soah's Sunny Red Wrap Blouse (to be paired with Coco Red Culottes Pants). The soft silk/cotton blend material paired with the deep V neckline makes it a season staple. Better yet, throw it over your bikini and make it your go-to cover up!


    For the Gym …

    chic sports bra

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    It’s so much easier to motivate yourself to hit the treadmill if your outfit is as killer as your abs. Michi’s Le Mans Bra leaves you strapped in and ready for high impact action without sacrificing style. The deep colors make the even lightest or deepest summer tans pop while the modern bondage style cut provides high support but keeps the shape slim and streamlined. Two words: elegant yet edgy; the Bikini Luxe way.


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  • Meet Model and "Secrets" Video Star Hannah Donker

    A model hailing from Canada, Hannah Donker was chosen by Maxim as a breakout star in 2016. She caught Maxim’s attention by posing for Elle Canada and other high profile magazines. She also served as the face of one of Garnier’s larger ad campaigns.

    She has been modeling since 2014 after she caught the attention of a modeling scout who found her on Facebook. As a result, Hannah moved to New York City to pursue her career.


    Hannah Donker & Wilhelmina Models

    Hannah has made a career for herself by signing with Wilhelmina Models. She may be best known for her performance in the “Secrets” music video. The video stars the song’s artist, Abel Tesfaye, alongside Hannah, who plays the role of his girlfriend. The premise of the video is that she is talking in her sleep and is confessing her secrets: that she has been dating another man. The video features Hannah spread out on a bed tossing and turning in her sleep because she’s dreaming of someone else. Abel looks on, angry that she is dreaming of the man she is cheating on him with.



    Facial Yoga and More Beauty Secrets

    Aside from her modeling, Hannah is also known for practicing an unusual beauty routine. She engages in something known as facial yoga, which no doubt contributes to her good looks. Hannah has explained that the first step in the process is to use a hydrating cream to tone and cleanse the skin. She explains step two as pinching the skin on the face, moving from the forehead down to the bottom of the chin and both cheeks. Repeating this for 30 to 45 seconds finishes step two of facial yoga. Step three is to lock fingers from both hands together and use them to gently push and pull on the skin. The fourth step in the process is to use one’s fingertips to tap on the outer edges of the face. The fifth and final step is to use an additional skin hydrating product and massage it into the skin under the chin.

    Hannah confessed that she started giving herself facial yoga at home because she always gets a facial done from a professional while she is traveling to various locations for modeling shoots. 



    Hannah Donker IG

    Her Instagram page can be found @hannahdonker, where she has 23.7 thousand followers. Her Facebook page can be found @donker.hann, where she has a handful of loyal followers.

    Though Hannah isn’t as experienced as other models she has made her mark in other ways. In fact, Fashionista.com has named her among the social media influencers to keep an eye on in 2018. There is no doubt that she will continue to become even more popular as she continues to dive deeper into the modeling world. Her candid interviews with various websites and magazines have shown that she has a lot to offer. Fans that have already discovered her admire her beauty.

     Hannah Donker Wiki

    • Age: 27 years old 
    • Nationality: Half Jamaican, Half British
    • Hair Color: Brown 
    • Eye Color: Brown 
    • Height: 5'9"
    • Agency: Elite Model Management


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