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    Erika Boldrin

    Imagine having tons of photo-worthy adventures all around the world, or getting to try some of the best brands that are out there. Then, try to imagine that being your job. It might sound a little too good to be true, but it happens every day for passionate people who want to share what they love. Erika Boldrin is one of a rapidly-growing list of people who have ditched the old ways of making a living, and have enjoyed huge success by following those instincts. Let’s take a look at this Italian influencer and found out what has fashion lovers and brands flocking to her.

    Erika Boldrin's Blog

    Her website, MyFreeChoice.net, tells her own story in her own words. One of the more fascinating aspects of the About page is where she talks about her habit of not following through on things. She shares a list of childhood activities that she never stuck with, mostly sports and dance. Based on her site and online success, it looks like she just had to discover the right thing.

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    Her bio page reveals that her decision to write about fashion, beauty, and similar topics wasn’t a random whim. She’s loved clothes since practically before she even started school, and she made it known by being vocal about what she wanted to wear. She also reveals a ton of other interests on her page that have clearly helped to serve her well on her online ventures, photography being one of those. Can’t catch that perfect Instagram post without knowing the basics of what makes a great shot, right? You can visit the page on her website to learn even more about her.

    My Free Choice Blog

    The website is obviously fashion-heavy, but she has a lot of interests and she doesn’t want to limit herself, so you’ll see some interesting commentary and peeks into her life and travels. Believe me, there is a lot to see. Most of her posts are written in her native Italian, but she’s also included English versions on the page so others can enjoy what she has to say.

    Erika Boldrin

    Her blog and look has become so popular, that she has a press page filled with all the various magazines that have featured her. Some include Elle Japan, NY Magazine, Vouge ES, Grazia Italia, Cosmopolitan, and many more. In addition, she works with lots of brands, including Panteen, to provide sponsored content and ads for her followers on social media. In addition, CrossroadsTrading.com picked Erika as a style icon on the site, while Coveteur.com took readers on a tour of the 20-something fashionista’s closet.

    • Age: 29 years old
    • Nationality: Italian
    • Instagram: @erika_boldrin
    • Twitter: @erika_boldrin
    • Represented: NEXT Management

    Want to see the exotic locations and fun adventures of a fashionista? There are several options for you to connect with Erika. The NEXT Management-represented influencer has over 300 thousand followers on her @erika_boldrin account that you can join. She also has occasional deals shared for brands that she partners with.
    On Facebook, you can find her under My Free Choice by Erika Boldrin. She has over 22 thousand likes there.

    Erika Boldrin Style

    While the account is not as huge as some of the others, Erika’s @Erika_Boldrin Twitter account boasts over 13 thousand followers.
    You can also find her on YouTube as Erika Boldrin. It’s a newer account (there’s only one video up yet), but her “Why I Love Bali video has already attracted over three thousand viewers.

    Erika Boldrin is always at the beach in style. Shop her style and check out our favorite collection.