• Camille Over the Rainbow

    Feeling a bit of overwhelm when you go on Instagram looking for style inspiration? Not sure who to follow with so many big accounts out there? Well, let’s take a look at another fashion influencer who’s made a niche for herself: Camille Charriere.

    Camille Charriere

    She’s the creative mind behind the site Camille Over the Rainbow. Sound like an interesting blog? Well, read on to learn more about her and what she’s all about. Plus, see what she does a little differently than some of the others you might have read about, and where you can follow her online.

    Camille Charriere

    Camille is half-French, half-English, a combination that sounds perfect for a fashion blogger. She’s 29 years old, and she once worked in Law. Quite a career change, huh? Well, according to Vouge, she also worked in the financial world, making this even more of a surprise to see where she’s at now.

    Camille Charriere

    In that same interview, she talked about growing up in a very cultured home in France, and how she had to adapt to a specific condition her mother had for making the move to another country. Despite her educational and professional background, she’d told the publication that a time came where she realized there was something else out there for her. This led to the blog that makes her a sought-after collaborator.

    Camille Over the Rainbow


    She started this bog, according to her back, back in 2010 after she had that epiphany about the corporate world. She describes the site’s mission as wanting to merge two different worlds in the fashion industry, and she has definitely gotten the fashion world’s attention. Her site proudly talks about working with iconic brands like H&M, to being featured in some of the biggest Fashion and Business publications in the world.
    Like many of the fashion blogs out there, it talks more than just clothes. She also discusses her travel destinations and shows off her wishlist. There’s also a place to shop on her site. Her travel adventures have taken her from New York to London and beyond. She has an easy drop-down menu on the site that allows readers to easily pick a location to read about.

    • Age: 30 years old
    • Nationality: French
    • Birthday: August 16th
    • Profession: Fashion Journalist 

    Fashion: No Filter

    Here’s where she differs a bit in how she presents fashion, as compared to a lot of her contemporaries. She has a podcast called Fashion: No Filter that she cohosts with fellow fashionista Monica Ainley. The podcast has been going since last December, and is available on iTunes monthly. There are only two months where there is no episode listed, and several reviews are loving it. They’ve done episodes on street style, Instagram, and what they’ve overheard at Haute Couture. The podcast is available on the platform for free.

    Camille Charriere

    The NEXT Management-represented influencer has the largest audience on Instagram, with over 500 thousand users checking her @CamilleCharriere account for some style inspiration. The 30-year-old also has a Twitter where over nine thousand followers are checking to see what she’s shared. She loves talking Love Island, by the way!  You can find her there at @camtyox. She’s also got a Facebook (Camille over the Rainbow) that is liked by more than 29 thousand users.

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