• Peixoto Swimwear 2015 Fashion Frenzy

    Peixoto Swimwear, a Brand for Classy Fashionistas.

    Everyone is good and ready for summer, and Bikini Luxe is ready to offer you the best swimsuits around that are available in the newest fashions, colours, and patterns. Whether you are new to the bikini and swimsuit world or not, these suits will excite you and have you frantically filling up your cart with suit after suit just because they're all totally “you”. That is our job, to give you the perfect suit that is sure to make you happy all season long. With our many different styles we are pleased with how much variety we have, but we're also making sure that we offer suits for all different body types and styles. Therefore, we are very excited to bring you the newest line of suits from Peixoto Swimwear, a swimsuit company that is more on the conservative side of bathing suits without compromising feminine style or sex appeal. One of our fabulous Miami Swimwear brands will definitely catch your eye!


    The creator of Peixoto is Mauricio Esquenazi, a designer that is originally from Columbia and dedicated to bringing women a new line of suits that is bound to keep all ages happy. His goal is to create suits that are still sexy and feminine without going with the micro image – suits with a very small amount of fabric – so that something is left to the imagination. This particular combination ensures that women remain attractive to passersby after the first glance, and therefore making the impact of the suit (as well as that of the woman) much more effective. Making an impact is what the swimsuit is for after all, so we can see how this idea is a great one. The motto of his company says it all: “Peixoto™ stands for nostalgia and classic beauty. It is an ode to a time when women carried themselves in a way that captivated men in a subtle and delicate manner, leaving things up to the imagination. This sensual form of interaction is what Peixoto™ is all about. It seduces through mystery, sophistication and elegance, without giving it all away at first glance.”

    Though Mauricio Esquenazi was born in Colombia, as mentioned, he grew up traveling abroad and gained lots of perspective in different cultures that all influenced him in how he makes his suits. Traveling around the world gave him great research into what would later in life become his career; designing amazing and one of a kind bathing suits. He takes all of his business sense that he has learned and drives it into making sure his suits get the best advertising they can as well as making sure he gets his products out there by providing both online and in store retailers about the world. One of these is us, Bikini Luxe, and we are so happy to be helping out this wonderful company with excellent morals and a good head when it comes to dealing with every aspect of his one of a kind and inspiring business of selling bathing suits.

    There are many suits that we are excited to offer you at the low costs we always love to bring our loyal and new customers, we are sure that you will be able to find exactly the suit we are looking for in our extensive catalogue of Peixoto suits.
    Peixoto Swimwear is known for:
    • Unique Cutout Bikini Bottoms
    • Bandeau Bikini Tops
    • Wrap Bikini Tops
    • Modern One Piece Swimsuit
    • Deep V Cut Bikini Top
    • Halter Top Bikini
    • Brazilian Cut Bikini Bottom
    • HIgh Quality Bikinis
    • Miami Swimwear

    Sports Illustrated Model Kate Upton rocked the Flamingo in Pink!

    The first amazing suit that is sure to rock your world, is the Peixoto Flamingo One Piece that is available in neon pink. This one piece is far from being a granny suit, complete with all sorts of additions that will make it totally sexy and perfect for the more conservative wearer all at the same time. Does that seem impossible? Well, let's take a look so you can see exactly what we mean. This bright suit has a deep neckline that ends its 'v' just above the belly button. The suit covers the breasts but still alludes to the fact that they're there so that the woman feels like the beautiful creature she is. The waistline is accentuated with the tight fabric, but the suit is still loose enough to hide any unsightly bumps or scars that might be puckering from underneath the suit. Already we can see how this one piece is catering to the woman who wants to show herself in a practical but sexy way.


    Flamingo One Piece Swimsuit - Available in Neon Pink, Black, Red, and Neon Yellow. Starting at $89!

    The back of this one piece is where the fun comes into it. It is a very low back, mimicking the appearance of a bikini bottom that still leaves a little to the imagination, but alludes to the fact that, yes, there is a sexy woman underneath this pink suit. This is great for a day out on the beach so that you will be sure to be totally 100% comfortable, but still gorgeous and young. There is a strip of pink fabric that stretches from the halter top to the bottom that helps emphasize your slim back, as well as make the suit totally unique and easy on the eyes. This also helps make sure that the bottom doesn't ride down too far, or that the top slips down. This is why Peixoto's suits are so one of a kind. He takes into consideration these kinds of things.

    Women Everywhere Love Flowers, the Floral Print Tulip Dreams Set is a Must Have!

    Next on the list of fun suits that are sure to get people looking your way is the Peixoto Swimwear "Tulip Dreams" Bikini Set. This is a beautiful two piece ensemble that is sure to impress you girlfriends on the beach, as well as make you totally comfortable with the coverage that it gives. Part of the seduction, after all, is that you have to leave a little to the imagination. This bikini is sure to have that effect and make you feel like the beautiful woman that you are. The pattern on this bikini is a young and fun bleu background surrounded by brightly coloured tulips everywhere in an eye pleasing appearance. The pattern is bold for those who love colour and patterns on their suits, but also subtle enough so that those who love quieter patterns can still enjoy the suit as a whole. Other than the pattern, this suit as all sorts of benefits that will make you quickly fall in love with this festive, beach ready suit.


    Alda Bottom and Kalina Top in Tulip Dreams

    The top of this suit has more coverage than your typical bikini, and the women who prefer these kinds of styles will still find the top appealing due to the intriguing and appealing neckline of the top. As you may expect, the top ends just under the bust, but so that the chest is totally covered. Many tops these days don't go quite to the bottom of the breast, and this may make some women uncomfortable in the choices in typical stores. This is how Peixoto tries to make all women happy and comfortable. The neckline covers essentially everything, making it appear unappealing to the wearer, but still very much so for the passerby. This is great for those of us who don't entirely like showing our chest off for whatever reason. The little 'u' cut in the middle of the top gives the illusion of a peek inside, but the fabric is tight on the chest, so there is no fear that anything will slip out.

    The bottom of this is suit sports the same bright fabric as the top and offers a cute and fun little braid along the side of it, twining from the front to the back with two braids. These attract the eyes without giving them too much to stare at. This is great for those who, again, like to show their stuff without actually, you know, showing their stuff. What a genius design!

    Braided Bikini Bottoms are Trendy and Fun!

    To follow that suit up, is the Tito Limited Edition Royal Blue style that will be drawing eyes to your sexy but still comfortably covered bikini clad body. As we have seen in the above model, that idea is totally possible with the amazing skills of Mauricio Esquenazi. As the title states, this suit is only available for a limited time in the beautiful royal blue that is so eye catching.


    Tito Set in Royal Blue - Limited Edition

    This square top has a small “v” in it that allows the passersby to see that you have a body underneath that suit. This is great for gaining the right kind of attention. The straps are thin that tie it around the neck, so that is something to consider if you are the kind of person that prefers thicker straps on your shoulder. That being said, make sure you take into account the fact that this suit has uniquely thick straps in the back that are stretchy and will stay firm to your body as you move around. The braided bikini straps also have a lot of flair to them as they are twined with bright coral, white, and navy that will keep everything secure and fun all at the same time. This is a young style with a great option for coverage for those who want the fun without the cleavage.

    The bottom offers the same combination of modesty and fun and stays true to this theme by offering a full bottom with a tight, elasticized material that will keep you covered but comfortable as you move around. This is absolutely a great suit for those who want the fun style without the chaos of making sure everything stays exactly where it has to be to stay decent. For some, this is part of the bikini fun, but others want the reassurance that nothing will dislodge the top or bottom, so this suit makes to be a great fit for them.


    Bandeau Bikini Tops are a Girls Best Friend, the Options are Endless!

    A final wonderful piece to consider is the fun, decent and “convertible” Peixoto Bella Bandeau Top. This is available for a limited time in a brilliant white, and is a must have for those who live for bright colours with no patterns and lots of different ways to wear the suit. This versatile colour also makes it easy to match it to a bottom of your choice. In order to truly appreciate this one of a kind top, you must be familiar with all sorts of necklines and know which ones work for you and which ones don't. Since there are three ways to wear this, with two variations on the first way, make sure that you know what you love before you look at this top.


    Bella Bandeau Top - Available in Black, Teal, Neon Pink, Mandarin, and White

    The first way to wear it is by winding the loose strap around the waist to tie in the back. By doing this, you provide a little more coverage for yourself by having that extra layer of fabric. By looping it looser, you provide a little bit of skin showing while still staying covered. By having the loop tighter, you'll ensure that the top stays in place and doesn't sag. Hence, there is more than one way to wear this style.

    The second style of this top is have it tie around the neck like a make-shift halter top. Since they are individual laces, you can choose how tight or loose to make the bow, so the top is entirely customizable that way. This also means that the top will not slip or slide if you are running after a child or take a dive into the sand while playing beach volleyball. This is a great second way to wear it.

    Finally, the third way is a great girly option, which is to take the lace and loop it around the mid-drift, but so that it is in the front and ties a bow in between the breasts. This makes sure no one can untie it from the back, and it gives you a more feminine flair that is sure to make you feel young and conservative at the same time.

    Peixoto Swimwear, Bring a Little Miami Home to You!

    As you have seen, all of these styles are fun and young without letting too much skin be exposed. If you are interested in more of these designs, check them all out on our user-friendly website. We want you to feel totally comfortable in your designer swimwear. Enjoy!
  • Where to Buy Brazilian Bikini Bottoms Online

    Brazilian Cut Bikini Choices

    There are many styles of swimwear with the growing expanse of online shopping. Our options are no longer limited to seasonal shopping options in stores that only offer restricted style options. There are some stores, that while they try to offer an expansive selection, are still limited in the styles. One style that was not seen up until recently in stores is the Brazilian style swimwear. However, this brand has been popular online for quite some time, including here at Bikini Luxe. There are several different variations on this style and how it can be worn, especially in the ever popular bikini option.

    Brazilian swimwear in general is popular due to its lack of material in the swimsuit. Even though bikinis are known for their lack of coverage (in a good way, of course), these ones are more advanced in that area. This means that while the the Brazilian bikinis remain stylish and sleek on the skin, they allow for the maximum amount of skim exposed for better tanning, sunbathing, or attracting attention from passers-by.

    Perfect for Minimal Tan Lines

    Styles that are found on Bikini Luxe are smooth to the touch and have little accents on them to make them unique to each customer. There are the options of pastel colors that are decorated with small, intricate braids for example, that trail from the front of the suit bottom to the back. These accent the slimness of the wearer and add a little flair to the fashionable suit. These tops of these spectacular pieces offer a sexy gap between the parts that cover the breast, allowing for the minimum tan lines. They also offer an accented band along the bottom which draws the eye to the breasts that are well supported in the top but showing their stuff to those who look.

    Other Brazilian bikinis have a wild flavor to them, being the preferred choice for those who just want to go crazy and have an equally careless and carefree attitude. This option allows for even more skin to be shown for the onlooker and is a popular choice for the teen on the lookout for a young, vibrant fashion option. On the bottom and top, the white lacing around the pattern accentuates the thinness of the wearer as well as making the pattern brighter and make the sun pick up the bright colors easier. This particular suit is not meant for the meek and mild wearer, it takes a fierce, confident person to pull off a suit this wild and carefree.


     (click picture for more)

    Choosing a Brazilian Bikini Bottom

    The brazilian bikini bottom is mostly twined laces that trail around the body in a hip-hugging fashionable belt. The fabric that does cover the pieces of the body that are essential, is tastefully applied so everything is covered, yet the maximum amount of skin is exposed. Though the laces would leave multiple tan lines on the skin, this particular suit would be great for a meander along the beach or a wade in the water. The bright colors will prevent the suit from being see-through, so it's great for a full on swim in the salty ocean if the need arises.

    Another excellent option that falls into the Brazilian cut bikini section would be the Brazilian bikini bottom with a more traditional tops. The bottoms would sport the bright, young patterns that are so popular in the younger wearers, and those same patterns would be seen in the various style tops that may offer more comfort for different shaped women. After all, some people prefer halter top to strapless, etc. For example, you are able to get tops that resemble a cropped tank top, or a sports bra. They offer coverage and comfort, but also sexiness in the amount of cleavage that is pushed up from tight, restrictive material of the top. Strings trail and cross-cross across the back to prevent the straps from slipping off the shoulders.

    The bottom in some of these suits is unique and also great for swimming in. A thick elastic band in the fabric keeps the bottom in place while allowing the fabric below to expose the skin and keep everything covered where it should be as well. This combination of practicality and sexiness is hard to find in some suits, but Brazilian bikinis do a great job at hitting these marks.


     (click picture for some examples)

    Advantages of Brazilian Bikini Swimwear

    Brazilian bikinis with halter top options make a great option for those who want to show off their chest. Halter tops are notorious for accentuating a woman's chest, and these Brazilian versions make this even stronger and more flattering. The strings are able to secure tightly at the nape of the neck and the string that holds both pieces of the top together is exaggerated, offering the maximum view on the chest in true Brazilian style. The bottom of these models also have the string looping from side to side and offering lots of exposed skin but also keeping everything securely in place. Basically, these particular types of swimsuits are popular for security and comfort. The only possible downfall would be that kids could easily untie the laces from behind, making the whole top fall off in one motion. So, a mom or sister may want to think twice about the halter top option if they have kids, or they will have to ensure that they tie the knots very tight!

    Key Points for Brazilian Swimwear

    • Accentuate more than Regular Swimwear
    • Less Coverage for a better tan
    • Very Comfortable
    • High Quality Brazilian Hand Made Material 

    Overall, Brazilian style swimsuits including bikini bottoms and the Brazilian bikini cuts, offer much to the modern woman of any age. They are flattering for many figures and many top and bottom options are available, and the option exists to find the right combination of top and bottom. This kind of personalization and variety of selections make the entire swimsuit buying process more fun, entertaining, and also allows a higher success rate to finding the exact right combination for your next extravaganza to the beach. From start to finish, shopping is an easier experience online, from the variety of options to the extensive combinations of tops and Brazilian bikini bottoms that often aren't seen in stores.

  • Bikini Fashion, Shapes and Styles to Compliment any Body

    The Best Swimwear Styles for Every Body Type

     Soah Ruffle Bikini Top

    While the bikini can be seen on most beaches and swimming pools around the globe, its history and how it came to be so popular is unknown by most. This bathing suit style dates back to ancient history in Rome where bikini-like garments first appeared during athletic competitions.

    More modern bikinis appeared in the 1940s but were frowned upon by more religions more conservative in nature and were considered to be scandalous and improper attire for women. This resulted in the bikini being banned from many places and events only regaining popularity in Western societies with the emancipation of women and the women’s rights movements. Since its shaky beginnings, the bikini has become the most popular swimwear type and has pawned the creation of other business services such as bikini waxing. This type of bikini waxing is also more commonly known as a "Brazilian bikini wax". This is the  removal of all of the hair in the pubic area. It was first made popular by actresses in adult movies but has since transcended the social gap and become more of a norm for the every day woman. Made even more popular by several articles in popular womens magazines such as Cosmopolitan and Vogue. 

    There are several different styles and types of bikinis and string bikinis, each of which offers its own set of appealing characteristics. Choice of the proper bikini for each body type can play up those curves you want and play down the ones you don’t leaving you feeling confident and sexy for your day on the beach.



    The String Bikini
    This is one of the smallest bikinis and tends to look best on women with a smaller bust or women with athletic figures. Unless your larger breasts defy gravity you should stay away from this style as the lack of support can cause your chest to look a little on the saggy side and don’t really offer up the best in the chest shape you end up with. This again really depends on the style of bikini top that you choose there are more than a few too choose from. The string bikini creation is credited to Rose de Primallio, who was said to have accidentally created it when she sewed some material on to her bikini for a photo shoot because of it having insufficient fabric. Talk about the start of a revolution!\

    Black bikini set

    The Tankini
    This bikini styles is made up of a smaller bikini bottom with a fuller coverage. This style suits any body type and is particularly flattering to women who are uncomfortable bearing their tummy area.

    Halter Top Bikini
    This particular style is great if you are planning to be active in your swimsuit. The cut, style, and fastening type of this bikini helps to provide some support and keeps your top firmly in place while you play beach volleyball or play with the kids.

    Halter Bikini Top

    Bandeau Top Bikini
    If you have a large chest this may be your bikini solution. This top type provides a minimizing effect and coverage for an ample bosom. If you are worry about it slipping down, choose a bandeau top which includes spaghetti straps to hold it in place.
    As for bikini bottoms, the types and styles available range from barely there to full coverage and have a shape and style for any would-be beach goer. What you will be doing while wearing your bikini and your comfort level with your body will help you determine which style you wish to go with.

    String Bikini Bottom
    Much like the string top, this bikini bottom provides ample skin exposure and is best for leaner or more athletic body types. Some of the more popular styles of bikini bottoms these days have double strings or even triple strings on the side. This adds to the allure and style at the same time.

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    Brazilian Bikini
    This option appears to be just a standard bikini bottom in front but has minimal coverage in the back and exposes significant portions of the buttocks. This option is for those with nicely shaped butts who are comfortable with showing them off. The Brazilian cut bikini first originated by most accounts in Ipanema beach in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. This style of Brazilian Bikini Swimwear quickly made its way to the beaches of Los Angeles and Miami Beach. Miami was first, having a large population of Brazilian visitors and tourists and being geographically closer to Brazil. Since then this style of swimwear has become popular the world round. That being said, in Europe full bottom coverage is still much more popular.


    This bottom is the one that most think of when they hear the word bikini. This bottom provides moderate coverage and is similar to the average underwear purchased in most stores.

    White Bikini
    This style sits low on the hips, often like your favorite pair of low-rise jeans, exposing as much of the abdomen as possible. This type is best worn on those with flatter or more toned belly areas. This type would not be good for anyone who is uncomfortable bearing their midsection and better options are available if you have a larger midsection.

    High Waist and Extra Coverage Swimwear

    This bottom style generally sits higher on the waistline and may even hit the belly button area. These designs often offer shapes which accentuate but balance sexy curves and are appropriate for those not comfortable with wearing skimpier bottom types. This style may have higher hip lines to still give a bit of a minimalist feel to the suit while covering the lower abdomen, or may appear as boy shorts or full coverage briefs and can often incorporate sassy little skirts or other elements to provide ample coverage, balance out your figure, and play up your assets to their best.

    Regardless of your shape, there is a bikini out there for every body type. Try on multiple styles with these coverage ideas in mind to help you find the bikini which has you both looking and feeling your best for your day at the beach or poolside.