• How Instagram Influencer Ines Silva Has Made the Unicorn Unique

    Are you ready to meet another Instagram influencer? This has become a big business these days, with popular accounts being able to command hundreds of dollars or more for each post they create for a brand. Companies find it an easy, cost-effective way to get their message in front of an audience, and the more followers one has, the more likely you are to get big bucks. Keep reading to learn more about her brand, her channel, and other information about her. You’ll also find out where to keep up with her online.


    International Passions

    To start with, Ines is a Portugal-based influencer, and that is her native language. She did a video on her YouTube channel where she answered some common questions her followers want to know. From that video, we know that she is a college graduate with a degree in fashion design. She just turned 25 late last year, according to Famous Birthdays, and is a lover of languages. She currently knows her native tongue and English well, although she also knows a little bit of Spanish, too. She’s also got a passion for Japanese culture, which has inspired her to learn that as well. She admits to the language being very difficult for her.
    Check that video out on her Ines Silva channel. To learn even more, keep your auto-play enabled because the very next one is a video giving fifty facts about herself. She shows off a lot of personality and gets very personal, talking about her broken finger and one of her big phobias. (No judging!)


    Online and Beyond

    Obviously, we’ve already mentioned she’s an online influencer. That means working with brands such as RowNYC Hotel, Tiger Mist, and Miss Guided to promote their brands. She also is the owner of a couple of fashion brands, the handles for which she links in her main Instagram bio. One is Neuher, which is described as a feminist brand whose focus is on creating things that are a great fit for a woman’s body. It mostly seems to be form-fitting jump and bodysuits, but she also has a red reversible dress on the site as well. Her other brand, RIP, seems to be geared more toward sweatsuits, hoodies, and things like that.
    She also is an active vlogger, sharing travel videos such as her trip to Japan. She also does videos reviewing different brands, gives glimpses into her routine, and makeup videos. Besides that, she adds more value to her audience by teaching them such of her Instagram secrets that led to her success on the site. She also has a couple of videos where she teaches viewers her native Portuguese.  


    Ines Silva IG

    You can find her YouTube Chanel at Ines Silva. As far as social media, her main account is her Instagram, @IrisLovesUnicorns, and you’ll definitely see her love of color on the account, as well as her fun side. There are a lot of shots of her favorite brands, but she also shares the occasional not so perfect shot to be real and show off something cool that was in the background. The account is followed by over 200K users. You can find her clothing brands by searching the handle @rip.apparel and @neuher_official.

     Ines Silva Wiki

    • Age: 25 years old 
    • Hair color: Black
    • Eye color: Brown
    • Nationality: Half-Portuguese and Half-Mozambican


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  • Fashion Tips by Bruna Vieira

    Bruna Vieira is a vibrant 23 year old beauty blogger with a passion for makeup. She launched her blog, Depois dos Quinze (which translates to “After 15” in English,) in 2008 and has been adding to it ever since then. Begun while she was still a high school student, After 15 provided a shy teenage girl with a way to communicate with her peers comfortably.

    Bruna Vieira

    Brazilian Fashion Blogger

    By writing the blog, Bruna began to come out of her shell and build her inner confidence, a key aspect of making any woman feel as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside. Her work on the blog led to her first published book, After 15.

    A post shared by Bruna Vieira 🌻 (@brunavieira) on

    While Bruna writes many of her own blog entries, she also has other writers that contribute to it, making it a valuable resource for women all over the world, regardless of their age or lifestyle. The blog now covers a wide variety of topics that include fashion, music, photography, shopping, technology, travel and even various recipes. The fashion section of her blog often features the styles of other bloggers that Bruna considers her peers. The music section includes interviews with international musicians that Bruna is a fan of or that she just finds to be inspiring.

    Bruna Vieira

    Bruna also uses her blog to share her own personal life adventures with her readers. One section of her blog is dedicated to trips to places such as Yosemite National Park.

    More than just blog entries, Bruna also posts videos of her travels to cities such as Orlando. Her readers can get a glimpse of a vacation she took to Disney World and Land with her mother, her boyfriend and his family.

    • Nationality: Brazilian
    • Lives: San Francisco
    • Age: 23 years old
    • Birthday: May 18th
    • YouTube subscribers: 1.3 million

    As a smart young woman, Bruna knows how important social media can be to bloggers. It is easy to follow her and/or her blog on all of the major social media sites. Her blog can be found on Instagram @depoisdosquinze, where it has 178,000 followers. It can also be found on Twitter @depoisdosquinze, where it has 175,000 followers. Bruna can be found on Facebook @Bruna Vieira, where she has 202,736 followers. She also has a YouTube channel @canaldepoisdosquinze, where she has 1.3 million subscribers following her.

    Depois Dos Quinze

    Despite her young age, Bruna has much to be proud of when it comes to her accomplishments. Her blog and social media followings prove how popular she is with women around the world. She is a refreshingly honest blogger that is not afraid to share details of her personal life with her readers and fans. The sheer size and reach of her blog shows how much knowledge and passion she has to share with the world. This will likely continue as she continues to travel the world, conquering everything she sets her mind to. Her fashion and beauty advice and insight is invaluable to her readers. With such a popular blog, it is easy to see why she has so many fans.

    Bruna Vieira has a very fresh and chic style. You will always see her with florals or a boho look on her travel adventures. Check out our favorite styles on the website:

  • Meet the Beauty with Brains Xenia Van Der Woodsen

    If you're not up to speed on popular style blogger Xenia Van Der Woodsen, you're welcome for the introduction. She’s ranked by famous birthdays as one of the most popular German authors, as well as one of the most popular authors of her age group. She’s a multi-talented influencer who has made a huge impact on Instagram.

    Xenia Overdose

    White Cover Up

    Read on to learn more about this lifestyle and fashion influencer who also bares her soul to her audience, and find out where to follow her.

    Shop her favorite looks here:


    Xenia Van Der Woodsen Blog

    Xenia is a 25-year-old German born blogger who runs XeniaOverdose. The fact she has turned her blog into a big business isn’t surprising, as she’s listed on famous birthdays as having a business degree. Yes, sometimes is takes a little more than a way with words and a good camera to make it in the competitive social media world. She’s an avid traveler as well.



    Reading her site, it’s become very clear why her audience has connected with her. Yeah, the fashion spreads are fun, and fashionistas would not get bored scrolling through her various looks. People who adore stocking up on the latest beauty products are also going to find a ton of stuff on her site to keep them busy (while possibly filling their shopping cart!) The travel photos are also something that is surely attracting web users who can’t get enough of stunning imagery. Still, in a cluttered field with tons of accounts to choose from, you need to offer something a little different.

    Her thoughts section of her website is where things go from fun, pretty products and locales to deeply personal. She speaks openly about depression and anxiety, and getting herself back on track when the anxiety is paralyzing. She talks about her host family and how the mother inspired her to get all the things done early in the day. Xenia also speaks openly about her reaction to terrorism and tragedy, and her struggle to understand. Adding some more value, she also gives readers tips that will help them to be more productive and reach their goals.

    In the fitness section, she has an interesting three-part series on Intuitive eating that encourages the reader to drop the traditional diet mindset and start honoring their body. She goes over each on her intuitive eating principles in detail, offering a great perspective on getting healthy.

    Xenia Van Der Woodsen Bikini

    Designer Swimwear

    Xenia Van Der Woodsen Youtube

    Xenia Van Der Woodsen is easy to find online. Her Instagram is @xeniaoverdose and is followed by more than 900 thousand users who are looking to see her next style choice, or see where she’s traveling next. Her account is filled with travel shots, fashion, food, and partner brands.

    On Facebook, she’s Xenia Van Der Woodsen. It’s easy to know it’s her, because she has a verified account, and has over 170 thousand likes.

    Finally, you can subscribe to her Xenia Van Der Woodsen YouTube channel, where her videos have attracted over 300 thousand views and fourteen thousand subscribers. Some of her videos are in her native German, while others are in English. She talks about her first Coachella, her competitive nature, and a Cannes road trip.

    alexis ren influencer

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  • Camille Over the Rainbow

    Feeling a bit of overwhelm when you go on Instagram looking for style inspiration? Not sure who to follow with so many big accounts out there? Well, let’s take a look at another fashion influencer who’s made a niche for herself: Camille Charriere.

    Camille Charriere

    She’s the creative mind behind the site Camille Over the Rainbow. Sound like an interesting blog? Well, read on to learn more about her and what she’s all about. Plus, see what she does a little differently than some of the others you might have read about, and where you can follow her online.

    Camille Charriere

    Camille is half-French, half-English, a combination that sounds perfect for a fashion blogger. She’s 29 years old, and she once worked in Law. Quite a career change, huh? Well, according to Vouge, she also worked in the financial world, making this even more of a surprise to see where she’s at now.

    Camille Charriere

    In that same interview, she talked about growing up in a very cultured home in France, and how she had to adapt to a specific condition her mother had for making the move to another country. Despite her educational and professional background, she’d told the publication that a time came where she realized there was something else out there for her. This led to the blog that makes her a sought-after collaborator.

    Camille Over the Rainbow


    She started this bog, according to her back, back in 2010 after she had that epiphany about the corporate world. She describes the site’s mission as wanting to merge two different worlds in the fashion industry, and she has definitely gotten the fashion world’s attention. Her site proudly talks about working with iconic brands like H&M, to being featured in some of the biggest Fashion and Business publications in the world.
    Like many of the fashion blogs out there, it talks more than just clothes. She also discusses her travel destinations and shows off her wishlist. There’s also a place to shop on her site. Her travel adventures have taken her from New York to London and beyond. She has an easy drop-down menu on the site that allows readers to easily pick a location to read about.

    • Age: 30 years old
    • Nationality: French
    • Birthday: August 16th
    • Profession: Fashion Journalist 

    Fashion: No Filter

    Here’s where she differs a bit in how she presents fashion, as compared to a lot of her contemporaries. She has a podcast called Fashion: No Filter that she cohosts with fellow fashionista Monica Ainley. The podcast has been going since last December, and is available on iTunes monthly. There are only two months where there is no episode listed, and several reviews are loving it. They’ve done episodes on street style, Instagram, and what they’ve overheard at Haute Couture. The podcast is available on the platform for free.

    Camille Charriere

    The NEXT Management-represented influencer has the largest audience on Instagram, with over 500 thousand users checking her @CamilleCharriere account for some style inspiration. The 30-year-old also has a Twitter where over nine thousand followers are checking to see what she’s shared. She loves talking Love Island, by the way!  You can find her there at @camtyox. She’s also got a Facebook (Camille over the Rainbow) that is liked by more than 29 thousand users.

     For more style inspiration check Caroline Daur blog

  • Kristin Sundberg And Her Swimwear Line

    Kristin Sundberg, a Swedish-born blogger, has turned herself into a style icon and social media influencer. Like many people these days, she’s taken her passion and drive and turned it into a business. That passion? Fashion and interior design. Through her blog (which has content in both Swedish and English), she shares inspiration with her fellow fashionistas. If you’ve ever drooled over something on the store rack, or love browsing the home section of your local department store, this influencer is someone that should be on your radar.

    Kristin Sundberg

    So who exactly is Kristin Sundberg? Read on to find out more about her website-turned-business and learn where you can follow her.

    By Kiki 

    Kristin has started off talking mostly about fashion and interior decorating on her Damernas Varld blog. Her elegant, yet still casual style has resonated with viewers and led her to be named as a favorite fashion blogger by the Girl Who Writes blog. They cited the universal nature of her style as one of the reasons she was singled out.
    Glam Radar also took notice of the rising influencer, featuring her in a spread all about how to make your neutral outfits more stylish, showcasing a ton of her favorite looks. They also mentioned how her neutral style leaves a lot of room for creativity when putting together a look.


    Besides that, Romy Ashley listed her as one of their style inspirations. They showcased a lot of looks, going from gym wear to move stylish outfits for when you’re out and about back in 2013. They also pointed out how her blog is very versatile, covering a wide range of topics.

    Obviously, she’s mostly focused on her interior design ideas and clothing choices, but there is much more to her blog. She also focuses on her workouts, diet, and daily adventures. If studying some of these social media stars teaches anything, it’s the importance of showing one’s human side and letting people see what’s going on behind the scenes.

    Kristin Sundberg Swimwear

    Kristin may have risen to top influencer status mainly because of her style and carefully-curated content, but she’s shown she’s got a talent for more than just knowing good fashion: she’s making it, too. One of the highlights of the collection is her swimwear, which features sporty cuts, skimpy bottoms, and they come in both solid and patterned designs.

    Kini Swimwear

    There’s more to the collection than swimwear, though. Na-kd.com features elegant solid dresses in classic cuts that are perfect for a night out. In contrast, the line also features casual t-shirts, and jeans. Still not enough? There are also silk tops, denim skirts, and trumpet sleeve tops.

    • Career: Lifestyle blogger
    • Born: Sweden
    • Current City: Vancouver
    • Instagram : @KristinSundberg
    • Blog: ByKiki
    • Swimline: Kini Swimwear

    Kristin Sundberg Workout

    In a Q&A on her website, Kristin talked a bit about social media and how to attract people to your brand. She believes that putting out quality content is key (no out of focus pics just to say you posted something), and sticking with a theme. She says her strategy has sent a lot of traffic to her blog, so she seems to be doing something right! One look at her social tells you that she’s taking that seriously. Her account has a dreamy, nature-heavy vibe that also shows off her energy and passion for what she does. You can check it out for yourself by following @kristinsundberg with over 500 thousand other users.

    You can also check out her YouTube account (Kristin Sundberg) for workout challenges, travel vlogs, and a look at what she eats in a day. Her videos have generated over ninety thousand views and attracted over one thousand subscribers.

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