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    If you're looking for an all-inclusive, professional blog about fashion, you don't have to look any further than Barefoot Blonde.

    This user-friendly online trend blog talks about all elements of the fashion world, branching out from clothing and shoes to incorporate accessories, hair tutorials, and make up brands. This is a great “one stop” blog for those that are fashion forward and is a must read for those who just can't get enough. The creator of this blog is Amber Fillerup.  Amber is a young mom who blogs about fashion and style everywhere she goes. Fearless in her posts and diverse in her tastes, she brings a fun and welcoming blog that we can enjoy every day.

    There are many pages on her blog, most of which are divided into specific genres so that quick reference is easy: fashion, beauty, hair and lifestyle. When each post goes online, they are tagged with certain keywords, so when navigating through the blog, you may see the same posts on multiple pages. This is a great organization system that really helps when you're in a rush or looking for something in particular.

    Fashion Blogger Numero Uno

    Amber explains in photos what she wears offering different angles and distances on the outfit so that we feel that we're involved in the post. The photos and accompanying posts tend to focus on a specific item that she is wearing, though she's quick to include links and information about the other pieces. She'll explain what she loves about it and where she got it. At the bottom of each post (which are short and very readable with smileys and modern abbreviations) there are several pictures of items that are similar to the one she is wearing. These are great for those who like a certain aspect of the outfit, but perhaps don't like others. The photos of the different variations may be a way for them to find the item that best reflects what they themselves like. This is a great insight on Amber's include this information.



    Beauty Blogger Extraordinaire

    She shares some of the best beauty products, tips and tricks, such as using a banana to whiten your teeth. These are accompanied with photos and video tutorials that are helpful and interesting to look at/watch. No two posts are the same and each varies in the way it is posted. Amber understands that readers don't want to see the same thing over and over again: photos, post, similar pieces. Her posts vary from number of photos, post length and topic, to ending pieces, whether they are similar pieces to look at, or comments from readers. This helps keep the blog diverse and interesting to flick through on your way to work or after a long day.

    The beauty page shares make up and health tips, most of which are cosmetic health selections such as a cucumber scrub, or a homemade remedy. This is a really helpful page for those readers on a budget who love to learn all sorts of alternative ways to get the beautiful skin, teeth, etc that they've always wanted. These tutorials and beauty tips are all done by Amber, too, so we can see that she isn't just blindly merchandizing ideas, but sharing her favourites with us and passing on ones that she likes for various reasons.



    Hair How To's

    Next up is her page on all topics hair-related. Every single post has a photo of how the hair style looks with Amber's beautiful long hair. She shares her favourites as well as new styles that she thinks are interesting and wants to share. These can include celebrity styles as well as ones she wears every day. On the same page are more formal styles such as options she tried for her wedding. She shares anything and everything hair related on this page, and there are many sorts of personal advice that she shares in an easy tone with readers that she cares about and is familiar with.

    On her “Lifestyle” page, Amber shares everything she knows on how she keeps healthy. This includes juices, food cleanses, targeted workouts, and her favourite work-out outfits. Lastly, she shares motivators like headphone brands for her music player and her favourite workout playlists. This page is all about sharing her healthy lifestyle with her readers and helping them join in on how she gets the modeling body she shares in her photos.

    Personal Space - Invaded

    Lastly, is the most personal page on her website, titled “Personal Life.” These are all photos of her and her family on vacation or other types that don't really fit anywhere else on her website. They seem random and disorganized, but her readers comment on them, asking her questions and oohing and awing about her life shared in photos. Amber is still expertly dressed in all of the photos and it's clear that fashion is a crucial part in her life. This page seems out of place at first glance but on closer inspection we can see how it is connected to her fashion life as she shows her readers and followers who she is and how she applies these tips to daily life. It's a window to her life that she deliberately allows her readers to connect to her with so that her messages, photos and fashion choices make more sense when she posts them. Amber is all about connecting with her readers and giving them what she loves, hoping they'll love it, too. It's inspiring to see how much she cares about them.


    By thanking her readers in every post and talking in language that brings everyone in the same space, Amber Fillerup Clark explains her love for fashion and shares it with her friends and readers. She makes an effort to reach out to those around her and share her secrets, furthering her connection. In sharing all of this she is a true role model in the fashion blogasphere. If you want a blog that shares stories on every option in the fashion world, this is the one to go to.

    The following are all included in her amazing blog, Barefoot Blonde:

    • Hair Tutorials
    • Beauty Tips
    • Travel Blog
    • Super Mom Diaries
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