Sylvia Haghjoo

Thought you’ve seen all the Instagram influencers out there? You might not want to think so fast. There are a ton of them out there, making their name in their specific niches by being authentic and passionate about their chosen niche. Sylvia is no exception. According to famous birthdays, a stay in a city known for its influence on fashion and theater, she was inspired to start blogging about her love of clothing and anything else style.

Keep reading to learn more about Sylvia and where you can find her online.

German Fashion Blogger

This German-born influencer didn’t always rule her online space. According to her famous birthdays profile, she used to work in retail store. She’s also worked in design in the industry as well. The blog began in 2010, and has steadily grown with each passing year.
Another tidbit from the site? It’s apparently a family thing, as the 28-year-old has a sibling in the business too.

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An interview with sheds a little extra light on the start of her blog and who encouraged her to do it. In the same interview, she said her love for fashion began almost as soon as she started school. Sounds like a familiar story, and a great lesson: follow that passion. She also spoke about her belief about what fashion is, some favorite designers, and more.

Hug-You Blog

The title of her blog brings a lot of positive energy that is captured in her posts and photography. She has a clear love that is put into the work. The blog is divided into a bunch of categories, including art/photography, video, travel, beauty, and more.
The fashion section (as of this writing) immediately shows off an editorial she did for that showed off the best of Hamburg, Germany. She carefully chose the best places, food, and more to share with the site in a project she described as a lengthy endeavor.

Sylvia Haghjoo

In the interior section, she describes decorating her home with Desenio posters that she called “dreamy.” It’s a unique look that can actually apply to her posts as well. You’ll see what I mean when you check out her Instagram. The beauty section is filled with recs for brands such as STURM, Chanel, and Pantene, among others. She even has a step-by-step guide to achieving a great braid.

Check out the travel section to see all of the incredible locations she’s visited as part of her work, and maybe get some travel inspiration of your own. She includes some fashion week talk, launch party fun, and summer vacation must-haves.

  • Age: 28 years old
  • Birthday: May 14th
  • Nationality: German
  • Style: Timeless & elegant


Sylvia Haghjoo
If you’re looking for other platforms, you can check her out as @sylviahaghjoo, where over one thousand people are checking her updates. She also has a Facebook page (hug-you by Sylvia haghjoo) that is liked by over 21 thousand people.Does she sound like a fashionista you need to know? Well, there are several ways to connect with her online. Obviously, she has the blog listed earlier, but she also has multiple social accounts. Her Instagram (@sylviahaghjoo) has over 160 thousand followers are can’t get enough of her stunning, simple shots that favor muted tones. She talks art, partner brands, travel, and much more there.

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