As a fashion blogger from Britain, Susie Bubble has become influential in the industry's hottest circles and biggest cities. At the age of 35, she has already accomplished an amazing number of feats. This talented influencer has devoted her life to bringing fashion into the lives of each and every one of her readers.

Susie Bubble

Susie Style Bubble

Now among the most successful fashion blogs ever, Susie's Style Bubble blog has been going strong since she first launched it in 2006. With a background in writing and editing, starting her own blog was a natural step in her career. Much of the blog is a written record of Susie's thoughts, observations on and experiences with fashion. Susie also uses her blog to feature talented fashionistas who may never otherwise be heard from. Everything that is important to Susie is mentioned on her blog. In addition to its written content, the blog also includes various YouTube videos where her fans and followers can see and hear her talk about all things fashion related. The blog has become so popular that it is even followed by other fashion designers such as Nanette Lepore and Christopher Kane.  Susie later went on to show her appreciation for Kane by choosing one of his dresses to represent the 2013 Dress of the Year collection in The Fashion Museum, found in Somerset, England.

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British Fashion Blogger

For years after she launched her blog, it had reached tens of thousands of readers who would visit the site on a daily basis. This inspired Susie to quit her day job as a digital magazine editor. The very next year she started completing freelance writing assignments as a result of her blog's success. As a result, more than half her income was from working as a freelancer. Susie has also worked on special projects for major brands such as Armani and Gap. In an ad campaign for Gap, she modeling the brand's clothing and gave her opinion on style. Another claim to fame for Susie is her involvement in the launching of, a site used to give visitors personalized fashion recommendations.

Susie also remains active in the fashion industry by attending the yearly Fashion Week events. While attending the week's events, Susie kept a fashion diary. She confessed that though she keeps her outfits simple when she is at home, she goes all out for events such as this one. She has stated that she makes it a point to wear the outfits that she writes about own her blog.

  • Age: 35 years old
  • Real Name: Susanna Lau
  • Husband: Steve Salter


Susie Bubble
Fans can follow Susie on her social media pages. She can be found on Instagram @susiebubble, where she has 404,000 followers. She can also be found on Twitter @susiebubble, where she has 276,000 followers.

With so much success, Susie Bubble has carved out an impressive career for herself. As a fashion influencer, she is passionate about sharing her thoughts and feelings with the world. Susie is one of the most honest and open bloggers in the industry.

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