A movement has been spreading more and more with each year that has changed the modeling industry. Instagrammers, consumers, and models have come out to break the picture-perfect standards that usually dominate the covers at your local supermarket. This movement, which you can see posts about by searching the tag #effyourbeautystandards, emphasizes that women can be beautiful in various shapes and sizes. They can be quirky. They can be what you see when you walk down your street (or look in the mirror).

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One of those people, Instagram's Sonny Turner, challenged the industry to make suits for women of all sizes. She illustrated that with a post featured on mic.com of her wearing the largest suit available in the store she was in. This attracted over 20 thousand reactions and she’s continued being an advocate for changing body standards. She was even invited to speak at a Fashion summit by Facebook and Instagram to speak on the topic of diversity.


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Another instagrammer, Megan Jayne Crabbe, was featured on the FOX News website’s Lifestyle section talking about the topic as well. The author and bodyposipanda.com owner is a self-described anorexia conqueror and has been working hard to spread the message of being okay with your body as it is. The movement has gotten loud, and people are taking notice.

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According to a Today article, a recent study found that the average American woman is nowhere near the usual model size. So what happens when advertisers and companies are no longer aligning with most of the buying public? It opens a whole new market that enterprising creatives are rushing to be a part of.

One brand, Swim Sexy by fashion blogger GabiFresh, launched back in 2015 and has continued to attract consumers with its wide variety of plus sizes that will help woman support their bodies and feel comfortable while out in the sun. It’s become so popular, GabiFresh has partnered with another brand, SwimSuitsForAll, to create a new line that includes both one-piece and-two-piece suits, as well as cover ups. The line and GabiFresh were featured on Seventeen.com’s site, which included a video showing off some of the designs.

As mentioned above, there’s SwimSuitsForAll that has been pushing the size boundaries and opening up the modeling game. Because of these brands and their campaigns other brands are beginning to look outside the typical model box when planning a spread.

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Now, let’s be realistic. Plus-size modeling isn’t exactly a brand-new thing. According to express.co.uk, iconic brand Yves Saint Laurnet helped to spark the movement back in 2000. The article also pointed out how the plus-size model opportunities have grown a lot, particular after 2009 when Crystal Renn came onto the scene. Only a couple of years later, and there were many new brands utilizing models of different sizes, even putting them on the runway. But there’s one big gig that opened up only this year that’s really changed the game.

Sports Illustrated’s Swimsuit Issue is probably the most coveted gig in the industry, and Hunter McGrady has been making lots of headlines for having broken that barrier earlier this year with her feature in the issue. The magazine even had the first curvy woman to be featured on their cover (one of three that Refinery29 says the magazine put out to celebrate different types of models) this year.

In fact, according to People, the entire issue was all about celebrating body diversity, something that McGrady was quoted as saying she really appreciated. The article goes on to talk about how the issue included different ages, and even had more athletes in it.

Another article showed how landing the SI gig was an even bigger victory for McGrady: it highlighted an Instagram post where she talked about how hard it was for her to make it as a model because even when she was really skinny, the industry still considered her too big to work. Having landed such a coveted shoot, she likely doesn’t have to worry much about booking jobs anymore! And now, many other models who don’t fit the traditional box have more of a shot too.

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Sports Illustrated

Sports Illustrated debuted its swimsuit runway show during Miami Swim Week on Saturday July 22nd with women in all shapes and sizes. The show was a real hit, presenting the latest trends and designs with curvy, athletic and skinny models. The models showcased sexy swimwear while showing the audience that any woman can wear a sexy bikini no matter her size if she wears it with confidence. 

One pieces, monokis, and bikinis in all colors and sizes were modeled by the industry top athletes and models. The audience was in shock once plus-sized model Tabria Majors walked the runway modeling a one piece bathing suit. She walked with confidence and a fun personality down the runway. I think the swimwear industry needs more of this type of woman. 

During the show we saw popular trends like the high-waisted bikini, V neckline, mesh fabric, halter top, and minimal coverage. The show crossed boundaries no one ever expected. It was about time to have plus size models modeling bikinis. The models presented were competing for a spot in February's Issue of Sports Illustrated. 

The models also showed a variety of resort wear such as jumpsuits and crop tops. Sarina Nowak modeled a beautiful two piece bathing suit in turquoise with laced details. She is an example that embracing your curves is the way to go. 

Sports IllustratedSports IllustratedSports Illustrated

Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Release Date

Sports Illustrated swimsuit collection will bring a variety of designs including tropical prints, high-waisted bottoms, metallic one pieces, super high cut briefs, and tiny tops. The collection will be released in early 2018 with swimsuit styles up to size 20 with prices between $40 to $160. 

At the end of the show models, Hailey Clauson and Samantha Hoopes jumped into the pool to celebrate women's body freedom. With a recent boom of curvy models in social media, designers are taking a new approach and serving those in need. Sport Illustrated will bring sexy back!

Sports IllustratedSports IllustratedSports IllustratedSports Illustrated


Sports Illustrated Models


  1.  Tabria Majors
  2. Hailey Clauson
  3. Samantha Hoopes
  4. Sarina Nowak
  5. Keyeriah Miles
  6. Kayla Fitz
  7. Olivia Jordan
  8. Kate de Paz
  9. Stefanie Rachel
  10. Iyonna F
  11. Michelle Vidal
  12. Steph Mi
  13. Camille Kostek
  14. Shelby Mclean
  15. Allie Ayers
  16. Haley Kalil