Rihanna Street Style
There are so many stories of artists who have been forced into a box they felt wasn’t right for them. Known as a teen singer with an Island flavor, Rihanna decided that her many diverse influences needed to come into the forefront. She’s also been fearless in diversifying her career. If you’re unfamiliar with the singer, read on to learn why she’s become one of the biggest names in the business.

Rihanna Bio

Rihanna started out her career, as mentioned above, with a breezy, fun, and innocent image that evoked summer days and fun in the sun. Her first album, in fact, was called Music of the Sun. Once she caught the attention of some big names in the business, she famously wasn’t allowed to leave Def Jam’s offices until she’d signed a contract. They were afraid another label would steal her.

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She scored a number of hits with a fun, modern sound that was perfect for radio. That wasn’t ultimately where her heart was, and the now-29-year-old decided it was time for a change.

Rihanna's Fenty Beauty

Like Janet before her, the Barbados-born singer decided to assert herself as a woman and artist. In her third year in the business, she released her third album, Good Girl Gone Bad. The new music would see a departure in sound, and reflect some of her many influences. With each successive album, Rihanna has added something new and challenged herself vocally. She’s said to be working on a new release now, after having released her eighth album exclusively to a streaming service she has a stake in.

Fenty Beauty

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Besides that, Rihanna has shown she’s got a lot of creative energy to spare, being involved in starting her own label to release her work, releasing a line of fragrances/beauty products, and designing fashion. She’s also highly sought-after for endorsements, working with brands like Vita Coco. If that wasn’t enough, she also helps other artists trying to get into the business through her company, Fr8me, by helping them get their look just right. Her story just goes to show that you have to really work to make it big, and never be afraid to try new things.

  • Age: 29 years old
  • Full Name: Robyn Rihanna Fenty
  • Net Worth: $230 million
  • Boyfriend: Hassan Jameel

This attitude has definitely worked for her. She’s not only broken/tied some musical records, but she’s also become a popular musical collaborator and actress. Her next will be Ocean’s 8, coming on June 8th, 2018. She’ll also be hosting the 2018 Met Gala. Today, she’s worth over 200 Million thanks to all these varied projects.


Rihanna's Street Style

Rihanna has been known as a fashion icon and has influenced many trends on the red carpet and off the stage. She was awarded the Fashion Icon Award by the CFDA and she continues to be a role model for fashionistas. Rihanna is the queen of athleisure, where we've seen her pairing her sweatpants with stilettos. Rihanna is the queen of street style and is hard to copy. She serves as an inspiration for upcoming trends and her Fenty Beauty line is already creating a boom online. 

Rihanna Street Style

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She’s a huge draw online, drawing over 59 million to her @badgalriri account on Instagram. On Twitter, she goes by @rihanna, and is followed by over 85 million there, being one of the few who have a bigger following there than on Insta.

That’s not the only way she breaks the mold. In a world where people are very careful of their image, BuzzFeed pointed out in an article that she’s not afraid to give back as good as she gets online in between sharing her work and travel adventures, new Fenty Beauty products, and more.

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