Double3xposure is a successful blog run by Reese Blutstein since 2015. She enjoys sharing her personal style choices with the world, and doing so on social media led to the creation of her blog. She has admitted that her daily inspirations for the outfits she chooses to wear are influenced by not only other fashion bloggers but also by people she encounters in her daily life. However, she considers herself a style blogger and differentiates herself from other fashion bloggers.

Reese Bulstein

Reese Blustein Bio

Reese is in a class of her own when it comes to fashion bloggers. She doesn’t believe in only wearing the latest and hottest styles to hit the runway. Instead, Reese believes in using one’s individual creativity to choose daily outfits. She prides herself on being able to put together stylish ones without the need to buy new clothes on a regular basis.

Though Reese lives and attends school in Atlanta, Georgia her blog mainly focuses on her visit to Paris. It shows the outfits that she wore while she was there made by designers she hadn’t previously heard of. Some of the little known labels Reese is a fan of include Collina Strada, Loq Footwear and Older brother. In addition, when she is at home she gravitates towards brands of beauty products that are known to be eco-friendly.


Much of Reese’s blog consists of a mood board. This is where she posts photos of shoes and clothes she loves, as well as photos of her home. It works to create a collage of images that are important to her in her daily life. She uses this collage to inspire her readers on a daily basis. It is important to Reese to show her fans and readers that they can wear the clothes they already have, while still putting an original spin on each outfit. Reese has stated that she cannot relate to bloggers that never wear the same piece of clothing twice.

Reese Blustein

Fans of Reese’s blog are encouraged to follow it on social media. The Instagram page can be found @double3xposure, and has 180,000 followers. The Twitter page, with thousands of followers as well, can be found @Double3xposure.

  • Twin sister: Molly
  • Hair color: red
  • Location: Atlanta

Reese, along with her twin sister Molly, maintains Doubl3xposure for the sake of her fans. Having studied art at Georgia State University her artistic flair is part of what makes her blog unique. Some large fashion outlets, such as Who What Wear and W Magazine have recognized Reese for her passions and talent.

A far cry from most fashion/style bloggers, Reese is focused on providing her readers with realistic ways to express their own personal style. She doesn’t have a huge wardrobe budget and recognizes that her readers don’t either. In this way, she strikes a chord with women who may be turned off by bloggers who recommend brands that most people can’t afford to wear. Reese’s approach to style is refreshing compared to many of her peers that also work in the fashion industry.

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