Red is a bold statement fashion-wise that is always sure to turn heads. The color of love and passion has many other meanings that vary depending on the person wearing it. It’s a color also associated with energy and power. That’s why there are several options available at Bikini Luxe to put this color to work the next time you’re out for some fun in the sun.

Red Swimwear

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All of the choices here are monochromatic, meaning that their solid colors will allow the full impact of the shade.

Monochromatic Red

Sometimes, we’re looking to show as little skin as possible while on the beach. Whether it makes one feel more comfortable, or they’re purposefully trying to keep it classy, there are variations on the style that can suit most tastes.

The Red Halter One Piece, for example, is a moderate-coverage suit that features a fun, unique scrunched top. There are also adjustable straps to make sure the suit is as comfortable as possible. It’s available in a variety of sizes as well.

 Red Sauvage Swimwear

Sauvage Side Lace One Piece is another great option for those who want to be a little more daring, while still being as covered as possible. It’s a throwback style piece that features an open back and adjustable lace sides to give as individualized a fit as possible. This piece also features a scoop neckline, and is available in four different sizes.

Red Bikini Styles

Sometimes you just want to be a little daring. There are several different bikinis available on Bikini Luxe that will satisfy your adventurous side and leaving you feeling confident and sexy.

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The most daring choice Red Sauvage Laser Cut Bikini. It’s a designer piece that comes in two different cuts. The two features a laser cut details that add a unique touch, while the bottom is available in either full coverage or Rio Cut. As with many of the suits on the site, this is also made with adjustable straps that will make it easy to get the perfect fit.

The Agua Bendita Carmesi Bikini Set offers a more classic bikini look, with a slightly more modest style. A unique feature of this one (besides the cute beading on the straps) is that the bottom is adjustable. It ties at the sides and offers Latin Fit coverage.

Red Swimwear Styles

Discover our Red Bikini Collection 

Finally, there’s the Agua Bendita Aloque Bikini Set. This one has a sportier lattice cut. The three shoulder straps offer a stylish and secure fit, with an American Fit bottom.

Sometimes, you need a little extra coverage while out of the beach. Cover-ups not only offer some extra protection from the sun, they’re also stylish and add some fun to your look. To keep a fiery look, there’s only one coverup you should be checking out on Bikini Luxe.

 Best Red Swimwear Styles

The Paradizia Jacket – Capadocia is a designer piece that is unique, daring, and versatile. One can use it as a coverup or add it to their outfit for the day. It’s a vibrant shade that can add a little variety of coloring while still sticking to all-red.

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