Rachel Mortenson is no stranger to this site, but some might not know much about the face that’s shown off some of Sauvage Swimwear’s most intriguing designs, as featured on the site onmogul.com. She even participated in a special shoot showing off that brand and frankies before and impressed everyone involved in the shoot with her great attitude and professionalism. Wanna know more about this model and social media influencer? Read on for plenty more about this rising star in the modeling world.

Rachel Mortenson in Sauvage Swimwear for Bikini Luxe

Late Beginnings 

Rachel is proof that it’s never too late. According to a profile on rvslts.com, the now 31-year-old didn’t get started in the biz until she was well into her 20’s. That’s really rare for a profession where people’s careers start winding down around that age. It’s just proof that one has to chase their dreams, no matter what people might say.

Height 5'9"
Bust 34" C
Waist 25"
Dress 2-4 US
Hips 34"
Shoes 8.5

Birth Name: Rachel Marie Mortenson

Age: 33, born 1 January 1984

Born and residing in: United States


When she’s not modeling, she’s busy being a mom and taking care of her house. No diva trips here. She mentioned having to mow her lawn more than once in an interview with GQ magazine. In that same issue, she talked about growing up in a small town, her love of words, and what exotic local she’d love to visit. Several profiles on her have mentioned having to get into some very uncomfortable situations while modeling, like freezing water (kind of uncomfortable) and how she handles these situations with a cool head and a good attitude.

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Competitive Spirit

From her background info, you can probably tell this 5’9 social media personality is all chasing goals and taking her work seriously. She these principles to the test back in 2010 and 2011 when she competed in two Hooters Swimsuit Pageants. She even appeared in a TV special for the iconic eatery.

Accomplished Model

While she hasn’t been in the business very long, she’s racked up some impressive gigs. She represented GUESS in a 2016 campaign. Her profile with Next Models shows off several videos and shots from the campaign and some other shoots. She’s also listed as appearing in a Carl’s Jr. commercial, having two Playboy covers, and was also the face of Marciano, an upscale offshoot of GUESS. She also took part in their Peace Over Violence campaign, something she shared on her Instagram. The program helps victims of sexual violence.

Another brand she has represented is @meundies. She showed off her sense of humor and dedication to her home in the shout out, joking about how she’d need people to loan her some goats to avoid mowing the lawn.

Want to follow her?

So, where would you follow her to get updates on what she’s up to? The best place to go is Instagram, where she is known by the handle @rachel_mortenson. Over 100K people follow her as she shares her photoshoots, behind the scenes pics, personal moments, and more.

If you’re not into Instagram, you can follow her on Twitter along with 4K others. It’s not up-to-date, though. Her handle is @RachelMortenson there.

 Instagram: @rachel_mortenson

Twitter: @RachelMortenson

Rachel Mortenson in Frankie's Bikinis for Bikini Luxe