Pernille Teisbaek

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Looking for a more down-to-earth style inspiration, but don’t want to sift through tons of hashtags? Well, we’ve got the influencer for you. Her name is Pernille Teisbaek. She’s a champion of her native country’s laid-back style, and has won over a lot of fans with her Instagram pictures and advice.

Haven’t heard of her? Well, get ready to learn. You’ll hear about her first steps into the online world, her crazy year, and her book on Scandinavian style. You’ll also find out where you can keep up with her latest looks, and maybe find your new favorite piece.

Look De Pernille


She’s a 31-year-old Danish influencer who got her start in the fashion industry by working with several Danish publications before deciding it was time to start her own blog. She talks a little bit about that decision in an interview with Into the Gloss.

Eventually, she decided it was time to start her blog, which becomes a huge hit and got her a lot of social media attention, plus the opportunity to work with different brands. She’s recently married and has a son who was born in April of 2017.

Dress Scandinavian

Not content to stick to blogging, she decided it was time to make some big changes to her working life. According to her online bio, she has worked in television, as a stylist, and became the fashion director for “The You Way,” a position she spoke about in the above-mentioned interview. She’s worked with major brands to show off their products to the world and even wrote a book. Titled, “Dress Scandinavian,” it breaks down the secrets to a comfortable, simple style that can work in a lot of situations.

Blade Wrap Jacket

All of the work she’s done over the years has made her an in-demand expert. She spoke about secrets to Scandinavian style with Hunger TV to celebrate her book release, pregnancy style with Vogue, and her capsule collection with The Cut. 

Social Zoo

She spoke in an interview with about the crazy year she had, between getting married, having a child, continuing her platform, and remodeling. The ceremony was a huge style event, getting coverage in British Vogue and The Telegraph. 
Today, she’s focusing on helping others through a website called Social Zoo. It’s a site designed to help influencers connect, as well as creating campaigns. She talked about that and why she decided it was time to switch the focus to other people’s success with Into the Gloss.

Pernille Teisbaek

  • Age: 33 years old
  • Birthday: May 5
  • Birthplace: Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Spouse: Phillip Lotko

Like many of the big social stars, her focus is on Instagram, where she favors a lot of street style photography. Over 500 thousand people visit her @pernilleteisbaek account to see what she’ll wear next. She talks fashion week, her favorite brands, and gives people a look at the latest styles with shots straight from the runway. She also likes to show off her latest home finds, like the three-panel mirror she saw while waiting for a flight. The influencer also gives people a look in her home life by sharing pictures of her son.

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