Paula Echevarria has found fame as an actress and model in Spain as well as a fashion blogger. She began acting in 2000, appearing in a popular Spanish TV show and working as an on-air reporter for the local news. Since then Paula has gone on to shine in many more acting jobs.

Paula Echevarria

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Paula Echevarria Blog

In 2010, Paula began writing her fashion blog, which appeared in the Spanish version of Elle Magazine. The blog became a huge hit with the magazine’s readers and still enjoys as much popularity today. It covers topics such as fashion, beauty and style.

The fashion section of the blog includes tips from Paula as well as coverage of industry related events and more. She often talks about current fashion trends in Spain and around the rest of the world. Paula even gives fashion advice for men, making her blog ideal for both genders to read and follow. She is as focused on men's fashions as she is on womens'.

For the beauty section of her blog, Paula includes makeup tips and her own product recommendations. She also advises women on all the latest trendy hairstyles and tips for shopping for beauty products.

The style section of the blog is focused on upcoming and current trends in womens fashion. Paula is very in tune with women around the world and what they enjoy wearing.

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It is easy for Paula's fans to find her on social media. Her Instagram page is @pau_eche, where she has 1.8 million followers. She can also be found on Twitter @PauEchevarriaFC, where she has 32.6 thousand followers.

Breast-Waists-Hips: 34-25-35

Height: 5'5

Birthday: August 7th

Age: 39

Nationality: Spanish


Paula Echevarria and David Bustamante

Though very little is known about Paula's personal life, she has been married to husband David Bustamante since 2006. Two years later Paula gave birth to her and David's first child, a daughter they named Daniela.

Paula Echevarria as an Actress

Paula Echevarria

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Through her acting work Paula has been able to discover her passion in life. She is loved by Spanish audiences and acted in some well received TV shows. Paula  has shown that she is a beautiful and intelligent woman that other women can admire.

Never one to act like a stereotypical celebrity, Paula is a classy woman who has turned her talents and passion into a thriving career. Women all over Spain have followed her career and eagerly read her blog. As a result, Paula continues to enjoy much success and fame in her home country and beyond.

Many women admire Paula's sense of style and want to emulate it in their own wardrobes. Sharing her thoughts and opinions with her fans allow them to get a glimpse into what she is all about and who she is as a person. Paula continues to be popular among female fans in Spain as well as throughout the rest of the world. She has shown the world what an amazing woman she is.

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