In 2009, a passionate artist, Katie Rodgers, created a website and blog called Paper Fashion. She lives and works in New York City, which serves as the inspiration for many of her art pieces.

Paper Fashion

Paper Fashion

When readers visit Paper Fashion they can see for themselves the passion that Katie has for what she does. The main page of her site often features her photos taken at places such as the Central Park Conservatory Garden and events such as the yearly Met Gala.

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The Artist Box section of her site is where Katie shows her readers the tools she uses to create her own artwork. This includes the paint, brushes and easels she chooses to use. In addition, fans of her work can purchase it through her website. This includes posters, wallpaper and electronics accessories such as cell phone cases. Each one features a unique design drawn by Katie.

Katie’s extensive portfolio can also be found on her website. She also shares many of the clients she has worked with in the past, including brands such as Cartier, Swarovski, Saks Fifth Avenue and Coach. She has also worked with big-name clients such as Alicia Keys and has partnered with magazines such as Glamour, Elle and Harper’s Bazaar.

Becoming a Freelance Artist

In 2012, Boston Magazine ran an article all about Katie. It reveals that she has had a talent and passion for art since she was a child. While she previously worked at Reebok, designing apparel, she quit to pursue her career as a freelance artist. She then went on to complete sketches for major retailers such as Target, Coach and Missoni.
Paper Fashion

The same year she allowed photos of her home to be posted on a website called The Glitter Guide. Her home décor shows how she put her artistic talent to work within her own four walls. She also gave the website an interview in which she stated that she used art as an escape from life while growing up the only girl of her parents’ four children.

Katie Rodgers

Katie has embraced social media to allow her fans instant updates on her life and her work. She can be found on Instagram @paperfashion, which has 667,000 followers. She can also be found on Twitter @paperfashion, where she has 20.7 thousand followers. The Facebook page for her website/blog can be found @paperfashion, which has 1,106,676 followers.
  • Age: 32 years old
  • Career: Fashion Illustrator
  • Born in: Atlanta, GS

With a passion for art and for life that is hard to find these days, Katie Rodgers has enjoyed a lot of successes in her life. Her talent is evident in everything that she does and her impressive resume speaks for itself. She has proven that a woman can be beautiful, smart and successful when she believes in herself and works to meet all of her professional goals. Katie’s desire to share her talent with the world is proof that she is passionate about what she does and that she will continue to succeed as an artist with fans worldwide.

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