Meet The Young Influencer Behind
"Friend of a Friend"


While her site might still be relatively young, Olivia Perez is no stranger to the publishing world. Since her high school years, Olivia has been interning at some of the most high-profile publications in various departments, including Teen Vogue. That internship led her to a mentor that is still in close contact with her to this day.

Olivia Perez's Experience Helped Create Her Site

Since that first step into publications, Olivia has worked in PR and was part of Ryan Seacrest’s website for a time. All this experience led her to dream of her own home in cyberspace. A place where she could bring people together and offer real advice, rather than celeb gossip. That site came to be known as “Friend of a Friend.”



The site is a lifestyle endeavor that offers the best in music, fashion, and much more. Users can log in and get recommendations, learn about the latest tunes, or find out about that new beauty breakthrough. The site came out of the idea of trusting personal recommendations, and wanting to give people a chance to share their favorites and experiences with others.

Olivia's Creativity Lands Her Huge Partnerships

Olivia likes finding some of the more little-known spots and products, and has people from all over the country sharing their insights. Her influence is definitely being noticed, as she’s landed partnerships with companies like SmartWater and the Spring fashion line.

A major draw to her site is the famous friends who take over as editor for the month. Gigi Hadid, Sofia Ritchie are just two of the names that have lent their expertise to the site. The project has become so successful that Olivia has partnered with different brands, taken over the social media accounts of Forbes and was invited to be a moderator for Galore’s “Girl Cult Festival.” She also appears at Fashion events like the Victoria’s Secret show and recently had an exhibit made up of signs from the recent women’s march in Washington.


Keep Up With Olivia Perez On Social Media

To learn more about this influencer, check out her Instagram. Not only does she give followers a look at some of her favorite products, she also gives them a look into her fashion adventures and more. You can also get some great advice and recs through Friend of a Friend, as well as hearing directly from some of your other favorite influencers there.

About Olivia Perez

  • Current Location: New York City
  • University: Recent Graduate of New York University’s Gallatin Program
  • Brands/Influencers She's Collaborated With: From Gigi Hadid to Rumi Neely and brands like Topshop, SmartWater, and Chanel
  • Age: 23 Years Old
  • Birthday: February 6, 1994