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Negin Mirsalehi writes a self-titled blog about fashion, art and her travels. With beauty, fashion and lifestyle sections comprising the blog, the author is able to bring her own take on these subjects to her readers all over the world.

The fashion section of the blog covers industry events such as New York Fashion Week as well as Coachella. She’s pictured wearing and endorsing designers such as Michael Kors and Valentino. The beauty section of the blog is where Negin shares tips with her readers on makeup essentials and hair styling ideas and tutorials.

The lifestyle section of the blog is where Negin shares photos of her travels. It also includes an interview she gave to Marie Claire Magazine. She also gives her readers advice on shopping for loved ones for the holidays.


Why Social Media Is Loving Negin Mirsalehi

Negin Mirsalehi - Style Influencer To Watch

Currently located in Amsterdam, Netherlands, Negin Mirsalehi continues to grow her blog and travel the world connecting with her fans. Another way she connects with her fans is to keep up with them on social media.

  • Her Facebook page can be found @Negin.Mirsalehi.Official where she has over 168,000 followers
  • Her Twitter username is @NeginMirsalehi1, which she uses to keep up with the thousands of fans that follow her on the site
  • She can also be found on Instagram @negin_mirsalehi, where she has over three million followers
  • Thousands of subscribers follow her YouTube channel @Negin Mirsalehi.
  • In addition, she is on Pinterest @Negin Mirsalehi, where she has over 14,000 followers named Negin their Most Promising Blogger. She shared with the site some of her personal preferences when it comes to her own life. This stylish but casual fashionista names a pair of cozy flats as her favorite summer time shoe. Negin has expressed her admiration for others in the fashion industry, such as Olivia Palermo.


Building A Fashion Empire


Negin Mirsalehi Style Inspiration


Always one to work with others, Negin met with those behind while in Paris for Fashion Week. She showed off her wardrobe for the week, which consisted of designer handbags by Dolce & Gabbana and heels by Prada, proving that Negin remains stylish wherever she goes.


How Negin Mirsalehi Shakes the Fashion Industry


This 28-year-old force to be reckoned with in the fashion industry has shared that the reason she started her blog was to parlay the success she was already enjoying on Instagram. She often speaks about her passion for fashion and admits that the daily inspiration for her wardrobe comes through an analysis of her habits as well as the magazines she reads, which include Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar. She describes her personal fashion style as elegant and edgy. Negin often talks about the pride she feels when inspiring those who read her blog.


The Future Of This Popular Fashion Blogger

Style Inspiration Negin Mirsalehi

Negin’s future plans include more appearances at Fashion Weeks in Paris and New York as well as co-designing a new clothing collection in Paris. Every day, Negin makes it a point to do something to inspire women throughout the world. Her blog serves as a guide for her fans and readers to develop their own unique style of clothing and trendy accessories.