Iron N Salt is a lifestyle and beauty blog written by Daniela Moreno. It first started as a collaboration of two Colombian childhood friends and it has become very successful within a year. If you stumble around Daniela's blog, you will encounter beach lifestyle pictures and inspiration that will let you swoon for hours. Daniela knows the hidden gems of Miami and her background in fashion and public relations is the perfect mix that is reflected through her blog. 

Read below to get to know more about this latin beauty and her personal style. Miami Fashion Blogger

Miami Fashion Blogger

Where do you live? Miami, FL

How old are you? 26  

Tell us a little about yourself: My name is Daniela and I was born in Bogota, Colombia and have been living in the US since I was 9 years old. I began my blog, Iron N Salt as a way to share my passions which include: photography, writing, fashion and traveling.

What’s the first thing you do in the morning? Give my cat, Otto his food and cuddle him until he gets annoyed!

You’re gorgeous, what does your beauty routine look like? Aw thanks! I like to try my hardest to keep my skin clear so that my make-up can be as natural as possible. I get breakouts here and there so maintaining a good skincare routine is my number one! I cleanse my skin first with an oil, then a face wash and I end my routine with Sunday Riley’s Luna Oil & Good Genes serum!

If you had to wear the same outfit for the rest of your life - what would it be? Blue jeans, white shirt… just like the Lana Del Ray song! Haha

We want to know, what’s in your beauty bag? My all time favorite concealer, “NAKED SKIN”, Charlotte Tilbury’s Natural Glow Palette, L’oreal Telescopic Mascara, Anastasia Beverly Hills brow pencil & Burt Bee’s Honey Lip Balm!

What's your favorite place to hang out in Miami? I love so many places but I spend a lot of time in the Wynwood area!

If you could travel anywhere in the world - where would it be? My dream is to go to India with a great group of people. I think that would be a life-changing experience.

What’s your favorite thing to do in your down time? I like to go to my boyfriend’s house and binge watch Netflix!

They say you are what you eat, what are you? Ha! Well… I think I’m half a healthy bowl of organic goodies and half a bowl of ice cream! Everything in moderation right?

If your best friends could tell us something embarrassing about you, what would it be? That I’m too obsessed with my cat and I talk to him in a baby voice all day haha!

What are your favorite looks from Bikini Luxe? I love the white one-piece from Frankie’s Bikini’s.

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Where do you get your sense of style from? I think lately I’ve been inspired by the whole 90s trend that has kicked off this year and I’m starting to experiment with my style and wear things that I was too scared to wear before. I’m loving wearing a good trouser and I’ve opened up a Tumblr page again to get inspiration from old school style icons rather than just Instagram.

What inspired you to start your own Blog? I wanted to do something creative that I was in control of. I think everything that makes up a blog is all the things I love doing anyway. It was a natural thing for me and just made sense.

Tell us about your dream collab, who is it and why? There’s so many but I would love to someday work with a top fashion brand such as Celine, I think their latest collection was so incredible! I also love getting a chance to expose small brands that are really cool and people have not really heard much about.

Girls worldwide want to do what you’re doing, do you have any advice for them? I think my advice to young girls is to never ever compare yourself to anyone. We all put pictures on Instagram of the best moments of our lives and there’s so much more going on behind the scenes. I always like to let people know that what they see on my page is literally the same thing that says on my bio “curated moments.” I have really bad days and I suffer from anxiety at times in my life so I think just do you and keep going and don’t let what anyone else is doing affect your flow!

What’s next for you? I want to really get a good grip of my blog and turn it into something that I’m really proud of. I want to continue growing it and making it as authentic to me as possible without overbearing too much of my personal life either. Finding a balance in this industry is key to staying humble and in check.

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