You just got invited to a huge pool party. You know what that means tons of people, music, drinks, and bikinis. You go crazy looking for a bikini you haven’t been seen in before but it seems that you’ve worn them now what? It’s sinful to wear the bikini you wore in your last Instagram post because you know that this party is going to have a lot of photo opportunities. You need a bikini that you’ve never taken a picture in before, but it seems as though you're out of luck. You could run to the mall and try and find something but there’s a good chance you won't, you have a million other things to do to get ready, and it's  just  too stressful given the time constraints. There’s no need to worry any longer... we have a solution to your tragic problem.


Same day bikini delivery

2 Hour Bikini Delivery

We’ve all dreamed about same day bikini delivery, and now thanks to PostMates, it’s finally reality. Bikini Luxe has officially teamed up with PostMates to offer girls across Miami 2 hour bikini delivery service. This service is going to solve fashion emergencies all over Miami. No more stressful last minute bikini shopping, no more eagerly waiting for the bikini you ordered online, no more freaking out when you can’t find a bikini to wear. The best part is the selection of bikini’s on our website that are available for the same day delivery service is huge. You can pick from Frankie's Bikinis, Montce Swim, and Beach Bunny Swimwear, they are all waiting to be hand delivered to your doorstep.


Miami beach bikini delivery

All About Our Bikini Delivery Service

Our same day delivery service is super easy to use. When you find the Bikini you love from our website, add it to your cart just like you normally would, if the bikini is available for same day delivery, then you will see the PostMates Delivery option. This option is available on Monday through Friday from 10 am until 6 pm. The cost of the service varies depending on where the address being delivered to is, you’ll see the cost for your specific Miami address at checkout.  One thing to remember is that it is important that you are at the delivery address when PostMates is delivering your order, if you are not at the delivery address, PostMates can not successfully deliver your order and you will be charged…we don’t want that to happen! PostMates should complete your order within two hours of being placed. If there happens to be a delay, you will be contacted. To find out more about our same day delivery service check out the description on our Same Day Miami Bikini Delivery Collection. 


Miami Bikini Delivery

Same Day Bikini Delivery

Basically, your closet just got a lot bigger. With our new 2 hour bikini delivery service, you have tons of bikinis at your disposal. These bikinis are available to be delivered to you within two hours. Technology is the coolest thing and it just made your life one thousand times better. We all love online shopping but hate waiting for our orders, it’s basically a dream come true that we only have to wait two hours for our orders now. You no longer have to worry about processing times and tracking your online orders. PostMates is a reliable service, they will update you with any delays or problems immediately and you can even live track the PostMates delivery guy! Go ahead and see what all the hypes about, if you’re in Miami it’s time to get the bikini you’ve been dreaming about on the same day you order it!

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