Since 2009, Martina Mercedes Corradetti has been running her blog, titled The Fashion Coffee, which are two of Martina's obsessions. The Italian fashion blogger currently lives and works in Rome.
Martina Corradetti

The Fashion Coffee

Fashion, lifestyle, beauty and travel are the four main topics that The Fashion Coffee covers. The fashion section looks at what celebrities like to wear and gives Martina a place to talk about her own sense of style and her personal fashion picks. She shows her fans the trendiest outfits to wear for every season. Martina also uses the blog to share with readers the shoes she has in her own closet.

The lifestyle section of the blog advises readers on the best gifts to give the women in their lives. It also contains helpful information on topics such as diet detox programs her readers can follow at home. The beauty section contains tips from Martina as well as product recommendations. She also shares some breathtaking hair styles with her readers. The travel section of the blog is where Martina shares pictures from the destinations she has been to. Martina provides her readers with travel tips for destinations such as London.

  • Nationality: Italian
  • Works at: Glamour Magazine
  • Blog: The Fashion Coffee
  • Instagram: @martinacorradetti
  • Twitter: @MartyCorradetti
  • Facebook: @thefashioncoffee 
  • YouTube channel @mercedes1990

Martina Corradetti Fashion

With a simple but popular blog, Martina has shown that she has universal appeal. Many women turn to her blog and social media for fashion and beauty tips. She is not shy about sharing personal aspectcs of her life with the public. In fact, when she was pregnant and traveling she posted pictures of travel maternity outfits she wore in various cities.

Martina has a refreshing attitude that helps her serve as a role model for young women. She is no afraid to open up to her fans and has always marched to the beat of her own drummer. However, this has not stopped her from being a successful blogger and vlogger.

Martina Corradetti

Through the use of her blog, Martina has been able to influence the fashion industry with her contributions to it. Since she is so well traveled she has been able to show her fans what to wear no matter where they go. Many fans take her advice on beauty, décor and more. She is a trusted blogger in a world where blogs are a dime a dozen. There is no doubt her blog will continue to thrive in the future as she travels the world. It has already been a huge with with her readers.